Shot 8…
The Episode starts with Yuvi handling Myra who started crying again due to hunger …

Aleeeyy aleeyyyy mela Myra baby wait wait papa is bringing your feeder baby Yuvi tried to console the little bear …but she was in no mood of listening her chachu …

Areeeeeeee kunjjjjj kaha hai bhaiiiii Yuvi shouted from the hall again ..

Aaa aaa Raha hu Yuvi handle her for 2 minutes Kunj said shouting from inside while the milk was boiled he put the stove off and pour the milk in feeder …

Areeeeeeee yaar twinkle what’s the need to go 😏 he cursed standing there …and ran outside quickly ..

Myra was still crying ….while Yuvi was walking taking her in his arms ..
Aleeeyy aleeyyyy Myra seee your milk is here Kunj said …and passed the bottle to Yuvi ..

Areyy you idiot Yuvi said while Kunj was confused …
What happened ????? Kunj asked ..

This is too warm her mouth will burn if she will drink this Yuvi said ..
What I have to do now ? Kunj asked while Myra started crying more n more ..areeeeeeee Myra come to me come to papa Kunj said while she showed her hands and Kunj took her from Yuvi …

Wait I’ll do something Yuvi said he ran inside and brought a utensil with chilled water and ice cubes …

Are you going to make any juice ? Kunj asked Yuvi ..

Shut up Kunj he said and pour the ice cubes in water while Kunj was watching him while Myra was crying still ..

Yuvi hold the bottle in chilled water so that the milk can be cooled …while Kunj understood …
Smart he commented ..

Bachpan se Yuvi replied smirking while Myra voice broke their smirks back ..

2 minutes more Myra 2 minutes more seee chachu is cooling your milk Kunj said …

While they checked the milk it was normal and they started feeding Myra while she was getting calmed ..
I never realised that having kid will be this much difficult yaar Yuvi said wiping the sweat of his forehead ..
This is just the start aage aage dekho hota hai kya Kunj said staring at Myra while the both of them smiled seeing Myra she was done with her milk her tummy was full ..

Now done baby Kunj said and he made her burp and was walking from here and there I am really missing twinkle he said while Yuvi chuckled ..

Selfish πŸ˜‚ ek din to apni beti Sambhal πŸ˜‚he said while Kunj passed him death glare ..
They started playing with Myra while she was too having a good time with them ..

Are I wanted to meet Avni yaar Yuvi groaned in frustration as she was not even picking his calls ..

Go and meet her na Kunj suggested ..

I need a reason to meet her or she will say that I didn’t cared for her when she was here now caring Yuvi said while Kunj nodded ..

Hmm so leave nothing can happen now ..Kunj said ..he got twinkle call he gave Myra to Yuvi and went in side ..

Hello Kunj …??? Twinkle spoke from the other side ..
Haan say Mrs sarna Kunj replied ..

How’s my baby ? What’s Myra doing ? Twinkle asked ..

She is missing her Mumma and even her papa too Kunj replied making her blush ..
Ha…ha ..ha twinkle said’s her nap time she didn’t slept ???

Nah all in her playing mood Kunj said ..
Ohhhh twinkle replied giggling enjoy Haan she added ..

When are you coming back ? Kunj asked ..
It will …take a h…ell lot of time here twinkle said ..

Why ? And why your voice is stuttering ? He asked ..
Are it’s too cold outside twinkle spoke ..
Okay Kunj said ..

Han take care don’t take Myra out or don’t even take her in balcony too and even you too don’t goΒ  twinkle said ..

Yeah you too take care and come back soon love you Kunj said ..

Love you too twinkle replied ..while both smiled and ended the call ..
Kunj went inside and sees Yuvi who was talking with Myra ..

Kunj Myra told something to me Yuvi said ..
What ? Kunj asked …

She wants to meet her Nani hai na myru Yuvi said while Kunj looks at him weirdly ..

Do I look like a monkey ? Kunj asked ..
Yeah only exception is that they had a tail Yuvi said giggling ..
Huh 😏we are not going out you can go and meet your wife give my baby back Kunj said ..

Are don’t get angry pls agree na Yuvi said after a lot of insisting Kunj agreed ..

But twinkle asked me not to take Myra out that the reason she didn’t took her with her to Gurudwara too Kunj said ..

Are we will cover her fully waise b we are going in car so just chill Yuvi said ..

They both went in Kunj room and
. changed Myra dressing while she was also having fun with them ..

Looking perfect Kunj said kissing her cheeks ..while Yuvi and Kunj too get dressed looking hot and left ..

As soon as they step in they see fog everywhere was 12 in the afternoon still the sun was nowhere to be seen ..

I’ll drive you sit with Myra Kunj said ..
Wait ? Why ? Yuvi asked ..

I can’t trust you in driving you will be in your wifey dream and I am still young and had many things to explore and my baby is nearly 4 months old 😏 Kunj said ..while Yuvi looked at him …
Huh whatever he said Kunj sat on driver seat while Yuvi beside him with Myra they drove off to Taneja Mansion soon they reached …
Taneja Mansion ::
Avni and Leela was sitting in hall while rt went out for some work …Avni has put her phn on charging so she didn’t checked her phone ….

Look who’s here Kunj and Yuvi came inside while screaming while Avni got happy too see them Leela too ..

Kunj Yuvi Leela said meri bachi Myra she said ..while they moved inside ..and greeted her ..

Leela took Myra in her arms while Yuvi stood beside Avni and side hugged her ..
Awwww where is twinkle ? Leela asked looking at the door while yuvi and Kunj looked at each other ..

Wo maa she went out with mummy and bebe to Gurudwara for Pooja and donation Kunj explained ..

Ohhhh and you both here so suddenly ? Avni asked ..

Wo Myra was missing you na so we came Avni Yuvi said while Kunj mumbled liar ..

Acha you both sit I’ll make something for you Leela said ..
Are no maa we just came to meet you Kunj said ..

Avni and Yuvi went from there while Leela and Kunj sat along with Myra soon rt too joined them ..

Are Kunj putttar rt said ..
Namastey papa Kunj said and touched his feet too taking his blessings ..

Twinkle also came ? Rt asked while Leela narrated him ..

You all complains right that I didn’t let Myra go away from home so I brought her today Kunj said while they laughed and played with Myra ..
Leela went and made parathas for Kunj and Yuvi …
While at Yuvni room …Yuvi asked her about her health and hugged her tightly ..

I am fine Yuvi Avni said ..while he broke the hug and pecked her forehead ..
Huhuh Avni you are so cruel Yuvi said with frustration ..

What why ? Avni asked ..
You didn’t even called me after coming her neither picked up my calls Yuvi said .
Are I am sorry na I didn’t realise I was so busy with aunty and uncle they are so good I feel like I am with my own parents being with them she said while Yuvi smiled ..

Still yaar 😏acha leave this when you are coming back home ? He asked pulling her closer ..

Are I just came yesterday Avni replied ..
Huhuh 😏Yuvi said they continued talking while Leela called them and they came outside ..

While Leela served them parathas Kunj Yuvi rt sat while Myra slept by now Avni and Leela too sat all missing twinkle still having fun ..
Haan Kunj Yuvi come often like this give us this good surprises Leela said ..
Ji maa Kunj replied ..

How’s you bhabhi ? Kunj assked Avni
Fine she said while Yuvi chuckled ..soon the had the lunch at Taneja Mansion …

Myra woke up after sometime again Leela rt and Avni played with her alottt …

Kunj was checking the time he decided to call twinkle and asked about her whereabouts ..

Avni and Yuvi was still taking while he was making her have the kada prepared by Leela …

Are it’s too sour Avni said ..
Drink you will be fine πŸ˜‚ it’s good remedy for you he said while Avni hits him ..
Huh 😏 she said ..

Kunj called twinkle and watched Myra playing with Lert and smiled ..

Hey missing me this much Kunj twinkle asked as soon as she picked up the call..
Yeah hell alot waise where are you ? He asked ..

Done with everything here probably leaving from here with in sometime she said ..

Acha okay bye Kunj said and cut the call before she could hear Leela voice ..

Kunj sees Yuvni and made faces ..he called Yuvi ..
Chalo bhai let’s leave he said ..while Yuvi asked ..

So soon ? He said ..
If you want you stay i am leaving with Myra if twinkle found out I took her out she will kill me Kunj said..

Oh okay okay wait I’ll just say bye to Avni he said ..
Make it quick he replied…and went to Lert. .

Acha maa we will leave now it’s too late Kunj said while they nodded and kissed Myra cheeks ..

Come soon again with your Mumma Leela said …

Chalo Avni bye 😘 call me whenever you wish to come back I’ll come and pick you up Yuvi said and pecked her lips while she nodded ..they too went towards Lert …

Yuvi Myra and Kunj left while this time Yuvi was driving and Kunj was sitting with Myra who started shivering due to car windows open ..Yuvi closed them ..while Kunj covered Myra in his blazer ….

We will be at home in 5 minutes twinkle won’t know anything πŸ˜‚ Yuvi said ..and by the time she knows everything will be fine see Myra is also fine Yuvi said ..

Yeah Kunj replied they heard someone sneeze ..
Who sneezed ? Kunj asked ..

Yuvi stop the car with jerk and they looked at Myra …who was rubbing her nose cutely which turned red she again sneezed ..

Siyappa both Yuvi and Kunj said together
I am going to die today Kunj declared ..

Shut up Kunj be positive Yuvi replied and started driving back while Myra slept in Kunj arms ….soon they reached ..and made their way inside their home ..

Myra was sleeping when Kunj put her in cradle and they remove their blazers and sat on the couch there ..

It’s good that she slept Kunj said …
Yeah Yuvi replied ..

Take her in room and rest πŸ˜‚Yuvi added laughing ..

Huhhh Kunj said and went in his room with Myra …he laid beside her admiring her sleeping making cute faces still ..he also went in nap and woke up to twinkle voice ..

I am back home she said entering their room while he sees twinkle and got up ..

Aww so madam is sleeping she may had fun whole day hai na she asked while Kunj nodded in yes ..

Huhuh mela baby I missed her so much twinklee said and kissed her cheeks missed you baby she said ..while Kunj smiled …she lifted Myra in her arms ..

Hey ? Where are you taking her ? Kunj asked ..

Wow bebe asked me to bring her downstairs ..twinkle said ..they went downstairs ..and sat with bebe and Usha who narrated them what all they did the whole day …

Soon Myra woke up and was being pampered by bebe and Usha after twinkle has fed her …

I’ll make dinner twinkle said while they nodded ..she was going to kitchen when again Myra sneezed ..
Twinkle stopped in her tracks ..while Kunj was shocked he looked at twinkle ..
Who sneezed ! She asked ..

None Kunj replied and pulled her with him even he too caught cold ..
You are so bad twinkle atleast stay with me Kunj said and nuzzled his face in her neck trying to distract her …

Kunjjj she moaned when he bited her ..and pushed him aside while he smiled twinkle went to kitchen and started preparing dinner while Yuvi and Kunj was sitting with bebe Usha and Myra who was sneezing and sneezing ..

Why she is sneezing so much twinkle who came to ask some recipe from Usha sees her ..

Are it’s cold na may be bebe said while she again went back to kitchen…Avni called her and talked ..
Are twinklee you know today Kunj and Yuvi came with Myra I was so happy seeing them even Leela aunty and rt uncle too she said ..

What ? When they came ? Twinkle asked while Avni narrated …

That’s how she caught cold twinkle gritted her teeths and cut the call …she went outside…

Kunj and Myra was sneezing while bebe was seeing them ..
You all went somewhere ? How did you both caught cold ? She asked ..

Haan bebe thy went na to Taneja Mansion twinklee Said while Yuvi and Kunj gulped in ..
When ? Bebe asked ..

Woh bebe Myra was missing her Nani na so Yuvi said ..
Huhuh Kunj I asked you not to take her out you know na she is sensitive like you twinkle said ..while Usha was on call with Manohar ..he too heard everything ..

Are ye khotey kabhi nahi sudhrengay bebe said ..while Usha too nodded ..
Yuvi went from there while Kunj went behind an angry twinkle ..

I am sorry na yar listen to me wo Yuvi wanted to meet Avni so Kunj said ..
Huhuh Kunj still twinkle said ..she pinched his red nose ..

Like father like daughter she said while he apologized to her cutely ..
Sorry I overreacted twinkle said ..

I love it when you are over protective about my baby and me Kunj said rubbing his nose on her cheek …

I’ll be back in sometime Kunj said and went outside while twinkle was with Myra…

Twinkle was patting on myra back trying to make her sleep who was rubbing her nose pouting at twinkle while bebe and Usha giggling seeing her teasing twinkle more and more ..
Soon Manohar Yuvi and Kunj returned back together having shopping bags in their hands ….

What’s this ???? Usha asked ..
The trio Manohar Kunj and Yuvi looks at each other ..

It’s warm clothes for Myra the trio said ..
What ? Twinkle asked ..
You all brought Usha added chuckling
Yeah the trio said ..

Show us bebe stated while Manohar was the first one to Oppen his bag ..they all sees it and smiled even Myra too liked her ..

It’s so cute papa ji twinklee said ..
See Myra let’s get you changed she said and changed Myra clothes she was looking very much cute ..

While bebe asked Yuvi and Kunj to show it too Yuvi opened his bag and showed the clothes all smiled ..

Chalo Yuvi is learning basics of having a kid Usha said with bebe nodded too ..

Kunj you twinkle said while he nodded and opened his bag all smiled seeing him…

Wah Wah Myra see dadu chachu and papa the trio brought clothes for you baby you are so lucky I am hell jealous twinkle stated while all laughed hearing her and Myra too laughed seeing everyone laughed making them more happy …
To be continued 😘
So how’s the episode ?
Hope you all like it ..
Thanks to all who commented on the last ..
And cheenu so happy to see your comment 😘😘😘😘..
Thanks again guys ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz πŸ’• πŸ’•πŸ’•

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