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Shot 11…
The Episode Starts with Kunj thinking about twinkle and Myra he was missing them alottt and was upset which sarna family could see they all tried to change his mood …

Where’s is Pihu ??? Usha asked ..
She is playing with Yuvi mummy ji Avni said ..

Are call him for dinner Usha said while Avni too nodded ..

She went inside their room and sees it all messed up with Pihu toys and Yuvi was playing with her by lifting in her air …which she was giggling enjoying with her …

Avni smiled seeing them but soon she gets angry ..

Ahhhh Yuvi what’s this Haan she said ..
What Yuvi asked while Pihu again took her thumb in her mouth looking cute …

Are Avni why are you getting angry Yuvi asked her ..

Seee what you both did to my room ?I am running behind her since morning I am tired now Avni said while Pihu giggled ..

Are why toh worry kaki will clean this room let’s go for dinner Yuvi said sidehugging her ..
Huhuh Avni said ..

Come on Avni now don’t be more angry na baby pls Yuvi said while she melted and went with them ..they joined everyone else on the dinning table while Pihu was still teasing Avni to the core everyone enjoying her state and Kunj missing myra and twinkle like anything ..

Soon Pihu went in Kunj arms while he took her happily and went out on a walk while Avni and Yuvi was busy spending their time together ..

Awwww mera Pihu baby is so cute Kunj said kissing her chubby cheeks …while she smiled …

Cha…(chachu) she spoke cutely ..
Bolo meri cutie pie Kunj said …

Cho…cy she spoke again cutely ..
You and your sister both are same to same ufff no same ??Kunj said ..he went inside with her and take the chocolate from the refrigerator ..

If you mom see this then she will hang me Kunj said while Pihu giggled clapping soon Yuvi too joined them …

Are Kunj no don’t give her Yuvi said ..
Shut up she wants hai na Pihu Kunj said she nodded in yes ..

Cutie no no Mumma will scold us Yuvi said while Kunj already put it in her mouth and she smiled ..

Huhuh kunjjjjj Yuvi said ..
Shut up now tit for tat you used to do same with meri doll now it’s my turn to spoil my niece Kunj said smirking ..

You are such a bas….Yuvi started to say ..
Have some shame your daughter is here Kunj said putting his palms on her ears ..

Yuviiii pihuuuu they heard Avni voice coming Kunj put the chocolates in Yuvi hands and escaped from there while Avni comes and sees them ..

Who gave her chocolate Avni said seeing her lips on which the chocolate was smeared ..

Pihuuuu smiles at Yuvi …while Avni gets angry will not improve na she said while Kunj giggled standing behind Yuvi in the staircase ..

Avni left taking pihu while Yuvi was chasing her ..
Baby baby he said and ran behind her while Kunj smirks ..

NOW THE REAL FUN BEGINS ??he spoke and went inside his room and took his phone …they were so many messages ..

Huhuh I won’t open them ? Kunj said and took his laptop and indulge himself in working…
Next morning :::
A beautiful morning in sarna mansion while everyone woke up the elders were having their tea while pihu was sleeping Avni was busy waking up Yuvi and Kunj was sleeping as well …

Soon the alarm rings and Kunj wakes up unwillingly …he went to his balcony ..I am missing you so much yaar come back now Kunj said …
Screen shifts to the airport where twinkle was seen coming out with her luggage …. finally I am back she said and gave her beautiful smile …

Kunj went inside washroom to get freshen up while the others were on breakfast table …soon he went out and joined others …Kunj was still on the call ..

Haan Sid see schedule of all the meetings I don’t want to waste my day at all he said while Manohar looks at him Usha frowns at Manohar …bebe Avni and Yuvi smiled seeing them ..

Kunj ended the call and looked at him there is so much of silence here where is our choota Bheem (pihu) Kunj ask ..

She Is sleeping ?she was awake whole night Yuvi said giggling seeing Avni yawning ..while Kunj too giggled ..

Chalo bye I am getting late Kunj said ..
Haan I’ll join you soon Yuvi replied ..

Kunj was going on when he gets Sid call again who was updating him about his daily schedule Kunj forgot his phone he was going inside to take it still talking on the phone ..When he heard a sugary sweet voice ….

Papaaaaa the voice Echos in their lawn Kunj stopped in his tracks he turned smiling and sat down on his knees …

When a cuteeee toddler comes running and jumps in Kunj arms while he cuddles her tightly ..

Papaaaaa she said again Kunj kissed her cheeks and pecked her forehead ..
Mera baby meri doll Kunj said he looked at her face and kissed her nose ..I missed you soooooo much Myra ..he said rubbing their nose together ..

I misshhh youuu too pappa Myra said while Kunj smiled I seeing any dream he said …

No he heard twinkle voice and sees her standing with the luggage ..
Myra papa just missed Myra not Mumma Haan twinkle said while Kunj frowns ..

No papa just missed his doll huh Kunj said he called the servants and asked them to take twinkle and Myra luggage inside …

Get angry with me later first hug me twinkle said ..while Kunj nodded in no ..
Why you left me Haan he said ..

Are I told you to accompany me but you didn’t twinkle replied ..
I told you not to go but you didn’t listen Kunj said ..

Huh ?why you also goes to your business trips on that time did I said anything ??? Twinkle asked ..

Whatever why you came back now you were going to come after more 10 days na Haan Kunj assked…

Huhuh what do you since I day I went you didn’t talked to me properly neither replied to my messages twinkle said ..

Ofooooooooooo shhhtop itch….Myra said while twinj looked at her who was in Kunj arms ..

How much you will fight I’ll complain to dadi she warned them ..
Nahi baby we were not fighting hai na Kunj twinklee said gritting her teeths ..

Haan doll it’s just our way of loving each other Kunj said ..
Let’s go inside I want to meet dadi dadu chachu chachi bebe Myra count on her fingers …

And pihu ???? Twinkle asked ..
Huhuh ?that little chick is there too Myra said ..

Hehe Myra don’t say like this she is your cute sister na bacha Kunj said ..
Yeah I love my pihu Myra said ..Kunj
kissed her again and they went inside still twinj angry with each other …

Dadiiiiiiiiiii Myra shouted and got down from Kunj arms while everyone smiled and was surprised seeing twinkle and Myra back ..

Myraaaaa Usha said and hugged him while everyone else smiled twinkle met bebe and Manohar who hugged her ..

Enjoyed your trip beta ? Manohar asked
Very much papa ji twinkle said looking at Kunj who frowns and turns his face towards other side while Yuvni giggled .
Leela ji and rt also came back ? You were going to come after 10 days na Manohar asked ..

Haan no papaji they are still there I came back because I was missing you all twinkle said ..while Kunj looked on ..

Acha huaa twinkle beta you came back Kunj was missing you alottt Usha said while Kunj coughed …

I was missing my doll maa ?Kunj said ..
Haan and we all know who is your doll Yuvi added while everyone else giggled ..

Myra and twinkle met with everyone and Twinkle was talking about her trip while Myra quickly escaped to yuvni room she sees pihu sleeping and climbed on bed …missed you rat she said and pulled her cheeks harshly to which pihu woke up and started crying …she sees Myra and started crying more …

While everyone else hear pihu crying voice
This is pihu’s voice bebe said ..

Haan where is Myra Avni and Yuvi looked at here and there ..
Now the rivalry begins again ?Manohar said ..

soon the voice was doubled …the duo Myra and pihu was crying …they ran in yuvni room and sees them both crying

{Note : Myra is 2 years and few months old while pihu is 1 year and few months old } …

Myraaaaa twinkle said ..
Pihu Avni added ..
Avni took pihu while Kunj lifted Myra ..

Papa this pihu has bited me Myra said crying and show Kunj her hand where there was two teeth marks …

Mommmaa pihu said crying hugging Avni …
Yuvi and twinkle were having hard time in controlling their laugh ??

Achaaa Myra why you came here ? Kunj asked…
I came to meet pihu she was sleeping so I just woke her up she said cutely ..

And how you woke hed up twinkle asked ..
I pulled her cheeks Myra said pouting
And she bited her hand Yuvi replied giggling …

Both of them are Same to same bebe said ..
She is not like me Myra said crying ..while Usha pats her forehead ..

I told na don’t compare them she will get angry Usha said ..?
Achaaa na leave it Kunj said ..

Now I won’t talk to you Myra said crying Mumma she said and went in twinkle arms and they left the room ..
Huhuh she is ba..d pihu said …

Now the daily world wars starts ??bebe Usha and Manohar giggled and left the room Kunj too went out …
He got a call from Sid …

Kunj your meeting is going to start in half n hour …Sid said from other side ..
Cancel everything I won’t be able to come Kunj said ..

But …Sid started to say ..
I said na cancel it Kunj said ..while Yuvi giggled and Manohar looked on ..

Dare you send him forcefully now let him be with twinkle and Myra today Usha said ..
Are I didn’t said anything manohar added ..

Better you don’t Usha said while bebe and Yuvi chuckled ..??..
Firstly you didn’t let her go with twinkle and Myra Usha said ..

Flashback 1 month before :::
Yuvi and Avni along with Myra went to Avni maternal place for her mother’s death anniversary and also to have a family vacation while twinj and sarnas was still in Amritsar when Leela and rt invited them all to join in Kerela for a family vacation thinking about 1 month Manohar refuse to go and asked them to take twinkle and Myra …

Twinkle told Kunj to accompany him but as he was working for a big project and though Yuvi was also out Manohar didn’t have him permission to go …

Twinkle couldn’t refuse Leela and rt as it had been long time too they asked her something ..

Twinkle yar please don’t go na Kunj said while she was packing her stuff ..
Kunjjj I can’t deny papa now I also want to go somewhere ? you went London 2 months back and didn’t took us twinkle said ..

Are there was so much cold also I was on business trip na yaar I can’t take you and Myra with me Kunj said ..

I don’t know I want to go on this trip do anything come with us na twinklee said cupping his face ..
Papa is not allowing me yaar Kunj said..
Kunjjj please twinkle said ..

I promise we will go somewhere for sure when this project will end but please don’t go na Kunj asked ..

I am sorry like you can’t deny papa I also can’t Kunj let me to twinkle said ..

Fine go ? but Myra will stay with me Kunj said smirking n thought now you will refuse to go Mrs sarna ..

Huhh I’ll take Myra with me twinkle said ..
No you won’t okay fine let’s ask Myra only Kunj said ..

Myra baby come here twinkle called she left her toys and came towards her parents ..

Doll you want to go with nanu Nani Mumma or stay here with me dadu and dadi ??? Kunj asked ..

Mainnnn …she asked pointing finger towards herself ..
Haan baby say Kunj said ..

Mummaaa she spoke after alottt thinking and hugged twinkle making her smirk ..
I love you sooo much doll twinkle said and kissed her cheeks ..she went to ply again …

Twinkle yaar Kunj said …
Now it’s final me and Myra are going you stay here enjoy hubby twinkle said while Kunj frowns ..
Flashback ends ::

Kunj went towards their rooms and looks at twinkle and Myra..
Myra was sitting in twinkle lap while she was wiping her cheeks …

Bas dont cry na she said and sprinkled powder on her hand ..
Mumma I won’t talk to her Myra said ..
You also pulled her cheeks na baby it’s so bad twinkle said ..

Huhuh Myra said ..
Bas now be my good bacha twinkle said while she nodded … drinking water by twinkle hands …

I am really happy that nothing bad happen that day or else I would have lost them forever Kunj thought and went in flashback …

Twinkle was unconscious while everyone was still searching Myra they got to know that no one left taking any baby while twinkle woke up after half n hour Nd looked at Kunj who hugged her ..

Let’s go down Kunj we have to search Myra twinkle said crying
Acha come Kunj said he helped her they were going down when they heard someone crying ..

This is myraaaaa voice twinkle said ..
It’s coming from Terres Mayank said they all ran upstairs and sees Myra in aakansha(Mayank sister) arms who was crying uncontrollably ..

Akansha di Kunj said ..
Maa dekho I got my baby she said showing them Myra …(Akansha was Kunj cousin who lost her baby in an accident from then she lost her mental balance)
Di pls give my baby back twinkle said ..

No this is my baby she said hugging Myra ..
Akansha see she is getting scared beta give her back her mom spoke ..

No Mumma I won’t let her go now Akansha said walking backwards …

Twinkle was crying seeing Myra crying while Kunj held her from shoulder while everyone was busy asking Akansha to leave Myra Yuvi and Samar quickly escaped back and Yuvi took Myra from Akansha while Samar held Akansha who fainted in his arms ..

Yuvi have back the baby myra to twinkle who hugged her immediately ..

Thank God you are fine twinkle said hugging her tightly while Kunj hugged them both ..
Flashback ends :::

Twinkle sees Kunj looked at them and smiled seeing him while he looked at her didn’t smiled back ..

Sadu she murmured ..
Myra looked at Kunj and smiled Kunj went towards her …

You know papa I did so much Masti there Myra said and started narrating Kunj about everything what all she did with Leela rt twinkle and her cousins kids while Kunj was listening to her non stop blunterrr..

I go down she said while Kunj nodded she ran downstairs..
Be careful he said while she giggled and went ..

Ufff finally they are back I am so happy babaji Kunj said… twinkle came out of washroom Nd looked at Kunj ..while he was going out she held his wrist and pinned him to the wall …

Twinkk…..Kunj started to say while she put her finger on his lips…
Shhhh sadu sarna till how much time you are going to give me this angry glares she said ..

Huh Kunj replied ..
I missed you alot Kunj she spoke ..
I didn’t Kunj replied ..

Really twinkle asked while he nodded in yes ..
You didn’t even seen my messages once Kunj twinkle said

You did the same thing when I went to London Kunj said twinkle bite her lip ..
Ohooo tit for tat ? Twinkle said while Kunj nodded in yes maintaining his frown ..both looks at each other with Tashan ..

Fine I was mad to come back early because I was missing you na but why you will care if you don’t care then I’ll not also twinkle said and left him ..she looked at him angrily with tears in her eyes …and went from their room leaving Kunj baffled …

Yeh acha hai bhai aurat hai ya aaafat bhav mujhe khana tha khud kha kar chale gayi ? now Kunj sarna you have made another Siyappa …

Mission pacifying Siyappa queen shuru huh ??? Kunj said he too went downstairs …

Yuvi was playing with Myra and pihu while Kunj was looking for twinkle ..she was in kitchen with Avni …

Finally you are back yaar I was missing you so much Avni said ..
Hehe why ??twinkle asked ..

Hawwwww can’t I miss you she beat twinkle with the spoon ..
You are going somewhere ? Avni ?? Twinkle asked ..

Yeah with bebe and maa to Gurudwara so was just filling pihu feeder Avni said and why are you here ? She added ..

To make cake for sadu sarna yaar he is angry with me twinkle said ..and started her cake preparation

Haan he should be he missed you so much ?he didn’t came home too in these day bebe was saying my son’s became fully of their wife’s Avni said ..both of them giggled ..

Kunj was searching for twinkle then he thought to check in kitchen ..
Papa come na Myra said Kunj nodded and took her in his lap while they were making building of blocks …

No no this one Myra said ..
Idiot Kunj Yuvi added ..
You idiot Kunj said ?

These both are only teaching their daughters to fight bebe said ..
She will never spare us ?both Yuvi and Kunj murmured while pihu and Myra giggled seeing them ..

Yuviiii you also didn’t went Manohar said coming out while he nodded in no…
Haan family see na after so many days we all are together ?Yuvi said ..

Huh ?send him now papa I am not at office na Kunj said ..
Kunjjj ..
Yuvi ?

Both of them said ..
Yuvi you come with me to office waise bhi your maa bebe and wife going to Gurudwara Manohar smirked ..

Huhuh okay papa Yuvi said and left with Manohar ..while Avni came out bebe and Usha was ready to go ..
I’ll come too Myra said ..

Acha baby come Usha added Helding her hand ..
Acha hai Kunj murmured

Pihu Myra along with Avni Usha and bebe left for Gurudwara leaving twinj alone ..
He went inside the kitchen and sees twinklee preparing cake ..

Ho ho so preparation started for pacifying your husband haan Kunj said ..

Huh who said I am making for him I am making for my babies twinkle said ..
Achaww ? you husband is such a sadu hai na Kunj said ..

Yes he is no doubt twinkle added ..
Huhuh ? if he is not here let me romance you for sometime Kunj said smirking twinkle pushed him aside ..

But you are angry with me na she said .
You are also angry na he added ..
You made me angry ? twinkle said …

Acha I am sorry na Kunj asked pulling her closer by her waist and pecked her cheek ..

I missed you alottt you don’t even have any idea how I stayed without you Kunj said with a pout ..

Twinkle pecked his pout even I missed you so much but that is the other thing I had alottt of fun ?she said ..
Huh Kunj said ..

Now let me cook cake for my husband twinkle said ..
Ho ho acha ? but I want something else na he said cutely with a smirk ..

What ? She asked ..while he pulled her closer by waist without giving any second he joined the lips in a passionate lip-lock while she looked at him wide eyes ..
To be continued ???
Hehe ??how’s the twist see Myra is fine and twinj are together as well ?
It was just to try something different ? I loveddd last episode comment sorry shocking comments ..
Thanks to all who commented on the last …?????
Love you all ..
Share your views ???
Ignore errors no proof read
Bye ????????

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  1. Awwwwwwww what a mind boggling twist here I was thinking that Myra was kidnapped or something but see the shocker has given us the most sweetest shock of the century loved Sam Di how can u always mange to shock us kya khati kya ho app waise I am very very very very sorry ki itne din baad yeh begairat insan apke samne Aya hai but exam the kya kratw but an Maine sare episode padh liye Maza aagaya loved it aur wait Kar rhi hoo ki kab app apna next episode post karoge so excited ?❤️ love u take care

  2. Vibhu

    Ohh god .. and here i thought Myra got missing & that’s why twinj hot seperated !!!
    Lol ???
    But this was amazing
    Smallcute track!
    Glad that everything is fine
    Pihu & Myra are so cute?
    Loved the update

  3. Wow amazing twist yr ???
    I thought twinj got separated
    But happy that thy r still together
    Myra nd pihu r adorable ??
    Awesome episode ….☺️
    Post soon

  4. Trivisha Choudhary

    Fantastic Episode dear waiting for next part please post soon

  5. Siddha tomar

    Omg twinj are together that’s really shocking and please don’t end this FF please

  6. Muhammad Murtajiz


  7. Lovely epi
    Post sooon

  8. It was amazing…..????
    I knew it …..everything is fine between them….???
    Myra & pihu ….super cute & their fights….luved it???????
    Miffed kunj was lovely….???
    Luved it ….???
    Luv u ????

  9. Awesome Episode dear post soon

  10. Nice Episode dear post soon

  11. Trivisha Choudhary

    Amazing post next part soon

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  14. Amazing awesome.
    Shukar h that Myra is fine.

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