Shot 3 ….
The Episode starts with Kunj reaching hospital with twinkle in his arms who has fainted by the pain ..he was hell worried while yuvni too came with them ..

Kunj immediately called twinkle gynac dr Anjali while she was taken to the ward …

Kunj you don’t worry nothing will happen Yuvi said while Kunj was hell worried …

Soon after few minutes dr Anjali came out and asked Kunj too meet her in cabin …

He looked at twinkle who was unconscious Lying in the ward while Yuvi and Avni assures him to go and meet Dr Anjali..

You go Kunj I and avni is here we will see twinkle you go and talk to her Yuvi said while Avni nodded ..Kunj went towards her cabin and knocked on the door ..

Come mr sarna dr Anjali said while Kunj went inside ..
What happen to her doctor is she fine ? And our baby ???? Why she fainted so suddenly ???? Kunj asked panicked …

Nothing to worry Kunj she just fainted due to pain and it’s common during this time …Anjali said while Kunj sighed in relief ..

But why so sudden ???? Kunj asked ..
Is she taking her diet and medicine’s as planned ??? Dr Anjali asked ..

Yeah doctor she was taking I am myself giving her Kunj said ..
Ohhhh than it will be good or else I need to change her diet as I already told you both about her complications …she said …

Okay …when I can take her home back ?? Kunj asked ..

She is probably sleeping due to medicines effect she will wake in few hours then you can take her home back till then I’ll changed her meds and diet plan you need to take care of her alott Kunj she said ..

Yeah doctor I’ll not leave her for a second now Kunj said …
Soon he came outside and went inside twinklee normal ward and sees her sleeping and Yuvi and Avni beside her on the chairs ….yuvni sees him and asked him what happen ..

Nothing to worry just due to pain she fainted Kunj said ..
Oh Yuvi replied ..

I’ll inform everyone they are calling me since the time we came Avni said ..while kuvi nodded and she left to make a call ..
You both go I’ll come back home with twinkle Kunj said ..

But we will stay here Yuvi said ..
Nahi bhai you go Everyone else is also worried at home Kunj assured while Yuvi asked him to take care and hugged him …

He left with Avni back for their home while Kunj sat their waiting for twinkle to wake up …
@ sarna mansion ::
Everyone was praying for twinkle and her baby while Leela and Usha was hell worried …

Don’t worry Avni called and told twinkle is fine bebe said ..
When they are coming back ? Leela asked ..Yuvi and Avni on the way Kunj will come back with twinkle Manohar said ..

While yuvni enters and told them Kunj and dr Anjali convo while Avni went to make something for everyone and Yuvi too helped her …
@ hospital :::
Twinkle slowly opens her eyes and find kunj slept in sitting position waiting for her she caressed his hairs while due to touch he woke up …and looked at her ..
You are awake Kunj said ..

Yeah twinklee replied he looked at her and pecked her forehead ..
You scared me alott today Kunj said frowning ..

I am so sorry twinkle made a pouting face …soon dr Anjali enters ..
Oh twinkle you are awake it’s good she said ..

Hows my baby ? Twinkle asked ..
Fit now but you have to take care of yourself alott ..and yeah you are having your medicines on time na ? Anjali asked ..while bite her inner cheek ..while Kunj and Anjali looked on suspiciously ..

I forgot to take in morning ..twinkle murmured slowly …
Hell Kunj shouted ..

Calm down Kunj it happens Anjali said ..waise I have prepared your new chart you have to follow it by hook or by crook understand or else I’ll marry your Kunj Anjali said ..

Nooooooo twinkle screamed with frown ..
Why you will marry Kunj ? She ended ..
Because see he is such a loving husband and a caring father if you lose a chance then it will be my victory she said ..

No I’ll follow my diet and also take my medicines regularly twinkle added while Anjali laughed ..

Ohhhh I was just teasing and yeah you can go back home now Anjali said leaving from there ..

While Kunj sat there with frown and twinkle looked on here and there finding a way to escape from him ..she sat on bed straight …

No don’t you dare try to run Kunj said ..
I am sorry na I forgot twinkle said ..

But you know about your condition twinkle Kunj said ..
Hah I forgot na I was with bebe and kept meds in her room only she said with a puppy smile …

Huh Kunj said he bent down and pecked her tummy ..
Baby you know your Mumma is such a idiot she troubled you alott na Kunj said .
Huh 😏 no baby your Mumma is amazing twinkle said ..
I am sorry baby I’ll take care of your now more than double triple okay twinkle said keeping a hand on her tummy ..

Haan she have to 😏 or else Papa will marry dr Anjali such a sweet lady she is na Kunj said while twinkle pulled him closer by pulling his t-shirt collar ..

Tell him baby not to even think of it or else Mumma will never let him touch twinkle said ..
Ohooooo is it ? Kunj said wrapping him arm around her slowly ..

Yes twinkle said ..
We will see that Kunj replied ..let’s go home you scared everyone I’ll ask everyone to beat you 😏 Kunj said ..

As if they will twinkle faked a laugh ..
Soon twinkle was discharged and Kunj and twinkle went from the hospital ..after sometime they reached sarna mansion ….

It was night and everyone was waiting for them as soon as they sees twinj entering all stood up and went towards them ..
Twinkle puttar you are fine na ? Leela asked while twinkle nodded in ..

Yes maa we are fine twinklee said keeping a hand on her tummy while.usha hugged her …

Take care of yourself puttar bebe said caressing her hairs while twinkle nodded mumbling a sorry to them ..
Chaloooooo now everyone will us please take the honour of having dinner 😝😂 Avni asked while all smiled ..

Yeah my wife prepared so much and this twinkle is taking over footage Yuvi added ..
Oye you shut up twinkle said ..

Huh whatever Yuvi replied ..
They went all sat on the dinning table while Usha and Leela sat on the either sides of twinkle Kunj frowned looking at them while Yuvi laughed at his condition ..

You know you are such a bad brother Kunj said ..
And you know ? Yuvi said ..

What ? Kunj asked not at all interested ..
I know it baby I am a monster brother Yuvi said pecking his cheek ..
Eww Kunj said ..I doubt on you bhai he added ..

Even I my butter sarna Yuvi said touching his cheek …
Huhu mr ghatiya ..sarna I have proof that I am straight Kunj said arching his eye brow towards twinkle ..

Yeah whatever 😏Yuvi said ..
What you both are talking ? Avni asked ..
See your jealous wifey Kunj said ..

Acha then what’s yours is drama queen Haan ? Yuvi asked while both of them giggled …

Nahi nahi Siyappa queen Kunj said while he and Yuvi hifi …Manohar coughed to gain their attention while they both sheepishly smiled and sat on the dinning table …

It was like on head chair Manohar was sitting his right side bebe Leela twinkle and Usha was sitting and on left rt Kunj Yuvi and Avni was sitting ..

They all started having their food while praising Avni for her cooking and Usha and Leela was busy pampering twinkle Kunj was cursing seeing her enjoying while Yuvi and Avni were busy in their little romance …

After sometime they all were done with their meals and went towards the hall where Tanejas were ready to bid them bye ..

Maa Papa you are going so early twinkle said being sad ..
Are so what Leela said ..we have been here since morning na puttar Leela added ..

Uhuuu please stay for some more time na twinkle said ..
You come with us rt said ..

Noooooo Papa Kunj immediately screamed ..
Despo Avni murmured 😏

Whatever Kunj said while Yuvi suppressed his laugh …
Haan it will be good take her with you ram waise bhi she didn’t went from so many days Manohar said while Kunj palmed his face ..

Yeah twinkle puttar you go for somedays Usha also added ..
Kaise in laws hai yaar ye Kunj murmured while Yuvi consoled him ..

Haan it will be good come with us Leela said ..Kunj we are taking her Leela ended ..

Jaise aapki iccha the sanskari son in law spoke while all were suppressing their laughs …
Don’t worry Kunj we were joking rt said finally making him happy ..

You are the bestest father in law Kunj said hugging him ..

Dekh Rahi hai Usha Rahi tera shy Kunj bebe said while all laughed and twinkle smirked looking at Kunj ..
Soon lert left from there while the others retorted back to their rooms ..
@ twinj room ::
From tomorrow your diet is going to start no more carelessness or else you know I have another option Kunj said ..
Huh 😏 twinkle replied ..Kunj pecked her cheek ..

Na I have you that’s enough I was joking janeman janejaaaa Kunj said making her laugh ..

Its time for my baby to sleep I am bringing milk in 2 minutes wait for me Kunj said ..while twinkle made faces it became their daily routine ..
@yuvni room ::
Yuvi was seeing off the presentation when Avni came to their room with two mugs of hot chocolate ..

Take it mr Yuvraj sarna she said forwarding his cup ..
Thank youwww very much Mrs Yuvraj sarna Yuvi said taking the cup and pecking her at the corner of her lips ..

What are you doing Yuvi ? Avni asked sitting beside him ..
Just checking out some mails Tomorrow is again Monday yaar Yuvi said ..

Haha Avni replied have become so responsible since we came here she said naughtily ..

I was responsible before also but used to be scared to leave you alone at home so was working from home but now whole family is there maa bebe that drama queen Yuvi said ..

Hah you and your brother totally useless Avni said ..
Why are you behind him he asked ..
closing his laptop ..

He called me moti yesterday Avni said while Yuvi laughed ..n thinks I call you moti infront of him many times so it just skipped from his mouth yesterday 😂waise bhi he also calls twinkle as Siyappa queen ..

Hey where are you lost ? Avni asked snapping a finger infront of him ..
Kahi nahi …waise Avni I am planning we should go for vacation Yuvi said pulling her on his lap

But we just had na before coming here Avni said encircling her arms around his neck ..
You are such a unromantic wife Yuvi added while she giggled seeing him …he lifted her in bridal style Landing them both comfortably on their bed …

I’ll see now how you escapes Yuvi said pecking her lips while she smirked …
Achaaa she said while he nodded smirking soon they both engage in their own world …
Back to twinj room ..
There was cold war going on between twinj having milk glass in between ..
Kunj ? This baby is ours na ? Twinkle asked innocently ..

Not ours it’s mine only she is mine princess Kunj said with a smile …
Then you only drink this milk 😏why are you forcing me Haan twinkle screamed .
Ohoo you are showing attitude to me ? To Kunj sarna ? Kunj asked raising his eye brow while twinkle nodded firmly maintaining her tough looks ..

So you are not going to drink this milk ? Hah ?? Kunj asked while she looked on ..
Yes I won’t drink this do anything twinkle said …

Do anything ? Woahhhh Kunj said ..moving close to her while her breathe hitched seeing him just inches apart …

Move back ..twinkle said ..
No I’ll not Kunj replied before she could say anything he sealed their lips in a passionate lip lock while she was shocked Kunj deepens the kiss while Helding her gently so it doesn’t harms her after sometime he parted and looked at her ..

Drinking or not ? Kunj asked again ..
Not twinklee replied ..
Aaj toh lagta hai mera hi din hai Kunj said excitedly moving closer while she kept a hand on her lips Kunj ignored her and nuzzled his face in her neck …

Ahhh Kunj stop this I won’t tease you more twinkle said not able to cope up with his intense sensation while Kunj smiled Victoriously ..

You know you are damn cute but sometimes irritating too I won’t lie Kunj said pecking her lips again ..

And you know I wish to murder you sometimes but then I realise who will change my baby nappy then I drops the idea even I won’t lie twinkle said ..

Ha ha ha ha …not so funny your sense of humour is really worse Kunj said ..
I know mere pati par meshwar twinkle said joining her hands infront of him…

Enough take this Kunj said while she took the glass and drank making faces ..while Kunj smiled seeing ..

I am so lucky to have her in my life babaji please keep her and my little soul safe always Kunj silently prayed in his mind ..

Twinkle was done she kept the glass aside and give Kunj a victorious smile see I finished she said ..

Superb meri Jaan Kunj said pecking her forehead soon they slept ..
One week later :::
It has been a week and it was again going to be Sunday Kunj and Yuvi were busy with the meetings but Manohar and Yuvi handled it so that Kunj can spend time with twinkle ..even Avni was with twinkle whole time they both experienced their childhood lonely as both were single kids of their parents but here Avni and twinklee got someone to do all the things which a siblings does ..

Teasing each other fighting with each other sharing their secret’s to Sharing their clothes they became best of best buddies ..

It been one year to twinj wedding and it’s going to be their first anniversary from the day where they both started their journey together as everyone remembers they all were excited to celebrate it with full love twinkle and Kunj planned suprises for each other in which Avni and Yuvi helped them alott …

Twinkle was waiting for Kunj impatiently while she asked her too meet him in their house lawn where he planned her suprise ..

Twinkle went there carefully reminding herself that she is kunj’s Siyappa queen from the past one year and giggling to herself she reached and saw the lawn covered with the neonical bulbs she smiled and called for Kunj when he backhugged her ..

Happiest anniversary to the woman who changed me to the woman who have me an amazing reason to love her more and more Kunj said kissing her cheek from the back ..

Twinkle turned and wrapped her arms around his neck happiest anniversary to my man for completing my world for giving me every happiness she said kissing his nose tip while Kunj smiled and kissed her forehead ..

Soon the crackers burned and twinkle quickly hugged Kunj scared while he calmed her by caressing her hairs ..see twinkle it’s nothing Kunj said ..

While the rest family members joined them … shouting ..
Happy anniversary guys all said ..
clapping and hooting for twinj while they smiled ..and everyone hugged them wishing them togetherness for a life time ..

Twinj smiled with everyone their family was their everything ..Kunj thanked Yuvi and Avni for helping him with the decorations while they teased him …..

Twinkle brought the cake which she baked herself as per Kunj choice while he smiled ..

The duo stand with their family and lit the candles praying for their family for their baby and them for themselves a long life a healthy baby and happy times ahead ..

Soon twinj cut the cake together and fed the family members followed by feeding each other ….

I am so happy twinkle said ..she was the type of girl who gets really very happy in small gestures only ..

Wait wait Kunj said he brought the Chinese lamps and they gave to all of them all lit them flying in air and hugged their respective partners ..

Kunj sees twinklee smiling wholeheartedly and looking way more beautiful he pecked her forehead while she looks into his eyes Loving ..

Though they still didn’t confessed that they love each other but their actions speaks louder than their words 💖💖
To be continued 😍😍
Hah done with another shot 💖💖💖
Thanks to all who commented on the last 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ignore errors no proof read …
I won’t post Anything till 23 as from Monday my mid terms are commencing 😛…if I can I’ll post tere fitoor before it ..
So comment guys did you like the Episode ???? …
Share your views ..

And it’s my 480th 😛 article on twinj 💖
Bye Allahafiz 😇😇😘

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