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Many many many many happy returns of the day to the Amazing girl I have ever met my Simran ???…
I wish you all the success,love, a healthy an amazing life full of treasures …I wish you all all the deserved happiness ?????
Enjoyyyyy your day baby with a countless memories ..
This small ?story from my side for you hope you like it even if you don’t like ?that’s will be your case okay ?
Enough of my bak bak …
Happy bday again …let’s start

Shot 1 ..
The shot starts with the Amazing view of Amritsar a couple was shown bowing their heads praying ….for each other praying for their family praying for their upcoming bundle of joy …

The man stands up and looks after the food for Langer and he was busy serving and helping there while the woman was done praying she looks on fir the man beside her but didn’t find him ..she smiled as she knew where she can find him ..

Soon she got up tied a thread on the wall there and went behind the Gurudwara she smiled seeing her husband ..and was admiring him …

I am so lucky to have him in my life after what happened he supported me stood for me there is something I always felt about him but I don’t know why …baby you are so lucky to have him as your Papa she said keeping a hand on her tummy …

While the man was done with the serving and moved towards his wife and snaps a finger before her ..

Chaleyy ? He asked while she nodded in yes I am so late my meeting he murmured while the woman chuckled ..
I told you to go but you only insisted to accompany me she said while the man pouted ..

That’s because i can’t leave you alone he said with his ever charming smile …
May you both happily stays with each other in this and the rest 7 births they heard someone saying and turned to find one priest …they greeted him while he blessed him ..

Stay happily and long live puttar he smiled …and left while they both went and sat in their car and quickly left for somewhere while they stopped near a beautiful mansion ..which was named as Taneja mansion …

The man comes out of the car and opened the door side of woman’s while she smiled …
You are not coming inside ? She pouted while he smiled ..

I have work na he said making same expression as of her …
Okay she said ..

Take care of yourself as well as my princess he said keeping a hand on her tummy while she smiled ..
Hey it’s my prince she said ..

We will see that after 6 months he retorted back and they smiled he pecked her forehead and left for his work while she went inside her house …

Twinkleeeeeeee her mother screamed spotting her near door while the woman smiled and hugged her mom Leela back .
You are here today such a Amazing suprised Leela added while twinkle smiled ..

Haan maa your son in law is busy nowadays plus mummy ji and bebe too went to their relative home with papaji so your damad decided to leave me here so that anyone can keep a eye on me he thinks me as trouble maker twinkle complained making Leela laugh ..

But my son is right you are a trouble maker Leela said ..
Maa you always takes his side twinkle complained again making Leela ..

Acha naa now stop complaining about my son in law atleast meet me first her dad raminder Taneja aka rt spoke while twinkle went inside and hugged her father …

How are you ? He asked ?
Fit and fine Papa ..
And how’s my granddaughter he asked teasingly ..

Why you all want she only twinkle said ..
Because daughters are the loveliest if you find it wrong see yourself in mirror rt spoke while twinkle agreed ..and couldn’t reply more making Leela and rt laughed at her pouting face ..the trio sat …

Leela and rt were happy seeing her in their house after so many days they always asked her to come often but she being a good daughter in law and wife gives her more time to her in law’s …

Leela and rt were pampering twinkle making her eat her favourite aloo paratha and the other things while twinkle was full ..

Bas maa I can’t eat more twinkle said ..
Are twinkle some more beta Leela said but twinkle nodded in no …

Okay Leela enough twinkle now go to your room and take rest me and Leela had to go for some work we will be back soon rt said ..

Okay Papa twinklee nodded and went to her room while lert left for somewhere ..
Twinkle went to her room and saw it she smiled seeing her and her husband’s pic near her bed ..

I thought that was the worst day of the life but no it was the best day of my life you came as as blessing for me I am so lucky to have you …twinkle said kissing the pic …she hugged it to her chest and went down the memory lane of a year back …

Hah my lifeee I was the twinkle anyone would have ever imagined the responsible caring loving twinkle today was once a stubborn possessive and care free once …

My life was amazing I was the only kid of my parents and hence I was loved by both of them equally my maa and Papa used to pamper they never let any off my wishes go unfulfilled ..I always got what I ever wanted ..either by hook or by crook .
And one of my wish was to marry him …my stubbornness …my desperation …for mr Yuvraj sarna the handsome due of my college my super senior who was everyone’s crush …

though I have always admired him …but never had the guts to speak to him ..hence my graduation completed in my silence …I joined my Papa business ..there I met Kunj sarna his younger brother he was totally opposite to Yuvraj …shy but a slayer …we had a formal met and worked as professionals …

It was few days and maa called me home back urgently when I reached she asked me to wear something traditional I didn’t knew why ..and I got ready in white and pink colour churidaar and was looking damn pretty …

Twinkle you are ready ??? Maa asked me and I nodded ..
She looked at me with tears in her eyes and I couldn’t understand why ? ..

What happen I asked and she told me someone is coming to see me I was unhappy …but still I love my parents alot and their wish was command …

I went downstairs to find sarnas there bebe my mil(Usha) and fil(Manohar) there ..I greeted and touched their feets while they blessed me ..

Stay happy puttar … They blessed me and I sat beside them …
Where are the sarna brother’s bhai ? Monu ?? Papa asked ..

I am here uncle the voice spoke I turned to find Yuvraj there …he smiled and met my parents ..
Where is Kunj ? Manohar uncle aka my fil asked ..

Papa your son went for another meeting Yuvi said ..
My Kunj is like this only bebe said …

They all settled down and Papa was talking to Yuvi where as Usha maa was talking to me ..
I think we should let Yuvi and twinkle talk too bebe spoke while the rest agreed ..

We were sent outside so that we can have a conversation thy wanted us to get married ..
I was nervous as hell while Yuvi was as usual in care free mode ..

You are really beautiful twinkle Yuvi commented and I smiled …liking the way he initiated the conversation ..
Thank you I replied ..

So as you saw our parents wants us to get married Yuvi said ..
Hmm I replied ..
So what do you think about me ? Yuvi asked me ..

You are nice I said and he smiled ..
We should first start with friendship he said and I agreed soon we became friends we went and told the same to our parents that we wanted some time …and they agreed …

The days passed me and Yuvi used to hang out alott .. had fun sometimes Kunj used to join us too …we trio became very good friends ..

Me and Kunj used to work together so I used to share everything with him how I always admired Yuvi how I always wanted to talk to him and how this turned into happiness getting his alliance ..Kunj was an amazing friend he was happy for me …

The day finally came when we told our families that we are ready to get married they were hell happy and the mahurat came out after 2 weeks ..

Everyone started preparing for the wedding started going on shopping there was happiness all around but Yuvi was stressed he used to be busy he was not concentrating on anything …I used to talk to him to know what’s going around but he never told me anything ..

Finally we all left for our destination wedding which was held somewhere in Jaipur …the guest arrived and everything happened well ..

It was going to be haldi ceremony first everyone was ready and we went downstairs but there were no traces of Yuvi everyone tried to find him but he was no where and we got his note ..

I am sorry maa Papa I couldn’t do this wedding I have to leave I can’t tell the reason I know you may be angry with me but please understand me once trust me say my sorry to twinkle but I can’t ruin her life it stated everyone were shock with his sudden departure …

Me Papa maa Usha maa bebe Manohar Papa and Kunj was the ones who read the note ..
I was damn shocked with the way Yuvi rejected me I felt bad …I couldn’t understand why he had done this ..
everyone was angry …

Leela tell everyone that no wedding will take place now papa spoke angrily …
Ram listen to me Manohar Papa tried to spoke ..

What ???? Is there to listen now our reputation is ruined today Papa spoke ..
I have an idea we should get twinkle and Kunj ?? Married Usha maa said ..

I and Kunj looked at each other ..
But wedding is not a game Papa and maa said ..
Yes Kunj replied ..

But we had this option bebe too added ..
I wanted to talk twinkle once before everyone comes to any decision Kunj said sternly and all agreed ..

I and Kunj went ..I wanted to cry my heart out I was feeling dejected ..
Twinkle I know what Yuvi bhai did Is really bad and what else everyone saying about our wedding I don’t want you to take any decision in hurry ..Kunj said and I looked at him ..

But kunj ? Now how I willl live you know my feelings for him then how can we get married I spoke ..

I’ll never judge you for anything twinkle I just want your happiness first then comes the rest family reputation n all …

Think well about it I’ll be a good husband though he tired to lighten the environment …we talked for sometime …

I decided to leave this all things aside I was successful in deleting chapter Yuvi from my life as in any case I don’t want to betray Kunj …

We went and told our decision as scheduled every ritual takes place the only change was ? replacement of groom and you all won’t believe I daily thank babaji and Yuvi for leaving me at the right time if he wouldn’t have done that I would never got Kunj the best thing the best person in my life …

The rituals went on and soon our wedding takes place in grand way though they were lots of rumours but Kunj stood always beside me ..Papa and maa too liked him …

Me and Kunj were sent to a ravishing honeymoon suite while the rest left back for Amritsar …

I promised myself that I’ll be loyal to Kunj always though he knew my feeling for Yuvi but he didn’t told me anything in these few days ..I waited for him by sitting in the middle of bed like a traditional Indian bride and there he came he was looking amazing why I didn’t notice him before …

We talked for sometime and was ready to take our relationships to a next level we wanted to consider it as an arrange marraige where everything goes on with the flow ..and that’s it.. it was the blissful and the beautiful night of my life …

The very next day we were left for Amritsar talking about all the things ..about our wedding about our future …

Kunj was going to join office soon and he asked me to join too soon but I denied saying I wanted to be at home for few days so that I can spend time with maa and bebe he agreed ..

We were good friends and now husband and wife ..

He used to understand me in every way though he never told that he loves me nor I told anything like that to him …it was totally an arrange one where love was  conveyed just by saying I love you rather than it was feeled …

Kunj stood up as a support for me everytime I need no matter if the situation is burning something in kitchen to getting scolded for it I created a Lott of troubles but he was always there ..

We started hanging out knowing each other more and more and I realised Kunj is something no one understands unless n until someone is close to him ..

Though he is shy is infront of everyone but once he gets comfortable then to no one can stop him

He always balanced the family relations though there got a crack between Papa and Manohar Papa after Yuvi left but Kunj managed to get their friendship back …

Soon the days were passing by and me and Kunj were knowning each other alott and now’s its the time when we couldn’t stay without each other more than a day …

Hah life is really strange for me I always wanted love marraige but the situation turned out complicated and I ended up marrying Kunj and that was blessing for me and the next thing was expecting a child …

It was 8 months to our wedding we were happy I was throwing up often feeling nausea blurting out on Kunj everytime he asks me anything I was like a wild cat I still remember how I used to be irritated and Kunj poor hubby he used to bear my tantrums ..

Twinkle what happen to you ??? You haven’t ate anything but throwing up since 2 days Kunj said ..

Soooooo what I can do Haan is it my mistake I said angrily ..
Cool down angel why are you so angry he asked me ..

Huh I am not an angel I screamed ..
Okay you are a wild cat he replied and I threw cushion at him ..

Jungliiii Billi he said and ran out of our room and i laid ..
After sometime I went down and saw Kunj discussing something with maa ..they looked at me ..

Ohhhh jungli Billi is here Kunj spoke and maa and bebe giggled slightly ..
Kunj take twinkle to hospital bebe spoke .
Why I said

For routine check up twinkle Usha maa said ..I agreed and went with him ..soon we reached hospital and came we went and met our family doctor who did few tests ..

When the reports will come ? Kunj asked ..
Till night you can collect Kunj

Is there anything serious she is fine na ? Kunj asked worried ..
Yeah nothing to worry doctor uncle said and we left after thanking him ..

We went back to our car and was on the way to home ..
Hey jungli Billi Kunj said ..and I frowned ..
Dare you call me that again ..I said ..

Haha he laughed ..
What to have anything ? Ice cream ? Pani Puri sandwich burger anything ? Kunj asked me and I nodded in no ..

Am I seeing dream the bukkhad twinkle Taneja doesn’t want anything he said dramatically ..
Huhuh I want to go home and it’s twinkle Kunj sarna by the way ..I said ..

Okay meri maa Kunj replied ..and we were back home ..
You stay with me na I don’t want you to go anywhere I told him he smiled and we went he was with me whole day irritating me but making me satisfied ..

Twinkle I have a meeting in half n hour I’ll go and attain it he said and I nodded in no …
No today it’s my day I said tightly hugging him and he smiled ..

Please for an hour just he said …and I agreed after sometime ..
Bring ice cream for me while coming back I shouted and he chuckled ..

Okayyy he shouted and went while I was busy with maa preparing dinner ..

The hour passed soon everyone was sitting at dinning table waiting for Kunj soon he joined us he looked hell happy ..
Everyone asked him but he said but he will after dinner we all had dinner he called me in our room ..

As soon as i entered and called him he hugged me tightly ..he was very much happy ..
What happen Kunj ? I asked break-ing the hug ..

Twinkle you are ….he said ..
What ? I asked ..
Sorry we are expecting he Broke the news I was beyond shock

What ? I asked him while he forwarded me the reports ..I was hell happy ..
I looked at him and hugged him we broke the hug .

Why didn’t you told me downstairs ? I asked ..
I wanted to share with you first he said ..let’s go and tell everyone else he added I nodded I was happy that feeling was amazing ..

We broke the news infront of my and his parents and oh my god the last 3 months were damn he had tolerated each n everything my anger issues my mood swings my ill behaviour my midnight craving he never leaves me for a day ..

Today maa Papa and bebe had to go for a wedding Kunj didn’t wanted me to stay alone at home so he dropped me here ..

He daily visits Gurudwara with me and prays for me and our baby doctor told there are few complications he never lets me do any single work ..always looks after my needs always makes me happy …

Twinkle thoughts were broken when Leela called her she looked at her mother ..
You didn’t slept ? Leela asked ..

No maa I was thinking how my life changed because of Kunj I said and she smiled ..
Yeah whatever happens ..happens for good sometimes we fails to understand maa said ..

Yeah I wish our happiness stays like this forever twinkle said ..
Yeah it will come see what your Papa brought Leela said and they went downstairs to see so many shopping bags …twinkle checks and find her clothes toys and some of baby clothes ..

Wow Papa this is so cute twinkle said while rt smiled ..
Yes I can’t wait for my granddaughter he said ..

Ahh okay fine ?twinkle said ..
They spend the time while twinkle got call from Kunj ..
Heyyyy Kunj twinkle said ..

How are you ? Kunj asked ..
Fine she replied ..
Had anything or escaped ? He asked ..
Huhuh your father in law didn’t let me escape twinkle added

good tell him I love him Kunj said making both of them laugh..
So are you coming to pick me ? Twinkle ask ..

Umhmm nah you stay for few days waise bhi you complains often that I don’t let you stay at TM so stay now Kunj said ..I’ll also enjoy like bachelor Kunj ended
So mean Kunj twinklee replied …

Hahaha ?bye take care of yourself spend time with maa Papa after that I won’t let you go there again for few months atleast Kunj said ..

Sadu bye twinkle said ..
Bye Kunj replied they ended the call ..Kunj reached sarna mansion ..

Don’t know why maa asked me to let twinkle stay there ? but no worries she also wants to stay there ..

He rang the bell and was waiting for anyone to open the door ..he opened the door and was shocked to see Yuvi standing ..
Kunjjjj Yuvi said and hugged him ..

Yuvi bhaiiii Kunj replied …
Chal yaha kya khada hai Yuvi said taking him inside he went and saw his parents and bebe standing ..

I am so happy to be back and I am really sorry Papa for disappearing but I am happy you forgave me Yuvi said happily ..
Kunj looked at his parents who didn’t glanced at him once ..

Now bas Yuvi we had to forgive you after all you are our son Usha said caressing his face ..
Haan bebe replied ..

Let’s go have dinner Manohar said ..
I don’t want I am full Kunj said and went to his room before anyone said anything ..

What happen to him Yuvi asked ?
Nothing you sit I’ll talk to him bebe said and went to his room ..
Kunj can I come in bebe asked and he nodded ..

What happen ? Bebe asked ..
I am thinking about twinkle bebe how she will react seeing Yuvi we all know what she felt when he left her kunj said ..

Yeah Kunj but we can’t deny he Is your brother bebe said ..
I understand bebe but I am twinkle husband too he replied ..

Acha leave it have dinner bebe said ..
No you have I’ll have it later Kunj replied ..bebe left ..
Kunj was walking around the room I don’t know how will twinkle react after seeing Yuvi ? Does she still have feelings for him ? Everything was going so good why he came back …I don’t know what will be twinkle reaction what will be her parents reaction .. everything is so messed up ..I don’t want twinkle to have any kind of stress firstly there were many complications in her pregnancy babaji please help me to make everything fine ..
Kunj prayed ..

It was late night and everyone went to sleep ..Kunj was in thoughts over twinkle-yuuvi face off standing near his room window when he felt someone back hug he turned to find twinkle ..

Twinkle ? Kunj said ..
Suprise twinkle smiled ..

But you here? Kunj asked ..
You were expecting someone else Haan Kunj so bad see baby Papa forgot me in a day twinkle say ..

Papa never forgets Mumma tell it to your Mumma baby Kunj said keeping a hand on her tummy while he smiled ..

But how did you came inside ? And with whom ??? And why ? Kunj asked ..

Huh how many questions you will ask .. I was not getting sleep without irritating you that’s why I came back ..twinkle said smiling and secondly Papa dropped me safely here so no need to worry sadu and thirdly the door was locked so I called Ramu kaka and he opened it slowly twinkle said ..

You are mad Kunj said ..
I know twinkle replied ..
Why you didn’t slept till now ? Twinkle asked ..

Nothing just Kunj said ..
I want to have something twinkle said ..
What Kunj asked ?
Hmm noodles twinkle said ..

Uff no Kunj replied ..
Pls na Kunj your baby wants twinkle said ..

Ahh twinkle not again last time you made me cook it and then slept without having Kunj said ..

No I’ll have this time pakka twinkle said ..
Acha okay you rest I’ll cook Kunj said ..
I’ll help na ..twinkle said ..

No need you won’t step out of room kunj said ..
Pls she pleaded …

Why can’t I deny you ever Kunj murmured
Because I am so cute and so superb and very much amazing twinkle said ..

And extra over dramatic too Kunj added while they looked at each other and laughed ..

Come now Kunj said everything was dark they went inside kitchen soon kunj chopped veges and was preparing noodles while twinkle was sitting on kitchen slab and was having ice cream ..

I am gonna gain 4 times more weight compared to normal ladies twinkle said ..
Huh ? eat eat pandaaaaa Kunj said ..
Hah I am full let’s sleep Kunj twinkle said ..

I’ll beat you if you don’t have this noodles Kunj said
Who asked you to eat ice cream Haan ? He ended ..

I was craving na that’s why twinkle said ..and what you will beat me Haan I’ll see than how you enters our room twinkle said ..

Shut up ..let’s go noodles is ready your are going to have this Kunj said ..while twinkle nodded in no smirking they went back to room ..

Kunj closed the door behind and they sat on bed ..
What ? Kunj asked ..

You didn’t had anything na twinkle said ..
Wait how you know ? Kunj asked ..
I just guessed twinkle replied taking the spoon and feeding him while Kunj smiled and feed her back ..

They smiled having their noodles ..soon they ended ..
You missed me today ? Kunj asked ..

Yes alott ? who will bear my tantrums twinkle said ..
Yeah Siyappa queen Kunj said ..

You sleep I’ll keep it downstairs Kunj said ..
Come soon twinkle replied ..

Yeah ? I know still your daily dose of irritating me didn’t ended Kunj said while twinkle chucked ..
Yeah yeah patidev come soon twinkle replied soon he went downstairs .
Yuvi sees Kunj and taps on his shoulder..
Ohhhh you Kunj said ..
Haan you expected anyone else ? Yuvi asked ..

Yeah Siyappa queen Kunj murmured .
What ? Yuvi asked ..
Nothing Kunj said didn’t slept ? He ended ..

Yeah I was not getting sleep Yuvi said didn’t talked to me since I came gussa hai kya bhai ? Yuvi asked …

Hmm nah bhai had some work so that’s why Kunj said …we will talk tomorrow Kunj replied ..good night he said and went to his room ..

What happen to him Yuvi thought and went back to his room ..
Kunj entered to find twinkle sleeping he smiled and went beside her and pecked her forehead ..covered them with blanket and slept wishing for another good day in his life ..
To be continued ???
Hope you all like it …
Again a very very happy birthday ?
Wish you another best blessed 365 days ?…
Do share your views guys ..
I am thinking to Penn it from long time now got the perfect time to post it …
Will be back soon
Bye Allahafiz ??


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  1. Vibhu

    Sameera …. It’s a great story.
    Eager to read twinkle’s reaction after seeing Yuvi.
    Loved the plot dear

  2. Kiya1234

    Firstly thanks ♥️♥️?sameera my bday gift always precious from your side. Thanks again for writing this amazing story ???♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I really like the story concept it’s really simple but unique the situation was amazing pyaar hai but lafzo me bayan nahi hua ????? Love kunj character as well twinkle naughty head uff Yuvi come what will be twinkle reaction but no worry kunj is here for her.. they understand and take their life with flow that’s superb hardly
    Seeing this ???in stories . Again thanks for making my day special❤️❤️❤️???. Always making my day best
    Filled with joy and happiness ?????bye love you babes Kamini my raj.. post soon next..

  3. I love it…. I might have not told you but I love your stories.. Please post soooonest

  4. Fantastic Episode dear please post soon

  5. Fantastic Episode dear please post soon

  6. It was super amazing ..?????.yaa i think i should say thanks to kiya …because of her bday ..i got a new story to read by u ..???
    Yaa kiya said right was simple concept but u had done a tremendous work …& made this concept amazing ..?????
    Luved it…?????
    Let c what will be twinkle reaction after knowing about yuvi ..???
    But twinj will handle this situation because they lyv each other..???
    Luv u ????

  7. Tashfia

    Superb ??mind blowing star??t..story line bohot acha ha …post sooon

  8. Waise birthday ??? Kiya appi Ka h but unke sath sath gifts hm logo bhi mil rha h ???????ye Acha h ?????
    Waise apki har stories concept bhut Acha air unique rhta h ????? but ye wli to aur bhi Achi lagi …
    Twinj scene’s ???? are just awesome….
    Amazing episode ??????? now ab jaldi jaldi post krna appi ???????? please please post soon ????? this FF

  9. Meharin

    Awesome di!Loved it.Post soon di plz!

  10. Trivisha Choudhary

    Fantastic Episode dear please post soon

  11. Fantastic Episode dear please post soon

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    Amazing start

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  15. Aamu

    Loook whoooooooooo is hereee….

    Someone whose exms r going on(pre boards)..
    Shammmmmuuuu.. How the hell r u behen???

    Yaad hu?
    Me? Ek insaan… Maasum one… ??
    Kaha hai tu.. Kesi hai… I misss u so much.. I was so bored learning toh socha aaj TU jaati hu aur dekhoo..
    This seema interesting as hell.. Like ssly… Too good..

    N 473 ARTICLES.. u gotta gimme a party.. Aflaaas behen..

    I miss u.. Hows deebu? ??
    My boards ends on 19th march btw.. See u then… N loveeeee love n dher saara pyaarr…

    Chal bye

    1. Sameera

      Ohhhh my god am I dreaming .

      No I haven’t slept still ..
      Miss busy person ????the 200% aflaasi is here ..
      Missed you ????
      And missed your comment too behen ..
      I am fine and deebu too ..??
      Hah … finally more 2 months to go ?
      Come back soon ..
      Rock your exms phaad daal ???
      Love you ???

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  20. SSK

    Amazing, a new fiction.
    I loved the concept.
    I actually love all of your stories.
    Seriously fabulous dear 🙂

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