Humrahi ( segment 14 )

his point of view –
I was calling out to her since long .. but there was no reply she was staring blankly at me or the at the tree behind me m not sure … so I decided to shake her n ask soon as I tapped her shoulder she came back to normal life and snapped at me as to why was I disturbing her when she was busy waiting for her Tarzan … Tarzan . did she just say that .
omg I couldnt control my laughter.. like really Tarzan..that means she had kept that left over sandwhich on the rock for tarzan..omg I could control my laughter and she shot me an angry look..
soon I composed my self and told her that it was just fiction and nothing else

her point of view –
he said all that was fiction and not real.. I had to give him an intelligent answer as I could not let him get past ..u noe m that kind who believe in having the upper hand…he was laughin on me .. n no one ever dared to do I said that fiction are inspired from reality ans I thought…but he was ineed smarter than me he replied that
they had some part of reality but the larger part was fiction … I had lost the battle and that too first time in my life .. but I dint feel anything neither anger nor did I feel upset .. irony being I was happy that finally I had found someone who could defeat me..impressive..
suddenly I remembered my boyfriend as to what he would have done in this situation ..he would have gotten angry as how could I think of any other guy except of him ..and then I realised that I was with this nightmare guy and my boyfriend dint noe about it… he would be furious… n I will have to face the brunt of his anger.. but then agaain.. it was his birthday and a small trek would not hurt much …
will it..??

his point view –
I don’t know wad is happening to her today.. she seemed to be worried about something …I tried asking her but she just said nothing and asked me to proceed…soon we were moving forward .. and then we reached a small bridge over the river that went to the other side of the river…n there at that moment i felt as if my heart hade made a said
that it will be our secret place I don’t know y but I thought I shared a small world with her..which was here … in front of me now .

her point of view –
I put aside the thoughts of my boyfriend and followed him..soon we reached a small bridge..n I saw his eyes sparkle I had never seen anyone eyes sparkle before … I din’t know what it meant .. but I definitely knew that It meant something sweet .. I looked at him n then the bridge and instantly fell in love with the scenery n the idea of us on the bridge in his arms …weird ideas
soon we were on the bridge .. and he asked me for a dance … I jumped in joy from within .. I was longing for his touch since so long and now when he asked I could not help but accept the offer…
I slowly got up … and took his outstretched hand and we headed on to the center of the bridge …
Mann hoya bawra re from monsoon was played by him… the song seemed so appropriate for the moment as it held the words that I could never speak..
when we reached the center of the bridge we dint need to decide upon the steps as our steps matched naturally with the other.. and we danced like a pro n could easily win jhalak dikh la ja…
soon we parted and I began to move homewards..he again asked me whether he could drop me n I again obliged…
his point of view –
woah… that dance was awesome .. she matched my step as if she was in my head and knew what I would do next …Fantastic..!…after the dance again I don’t want her to go but I can’t say so … thus I asked her wether I could drop her home …
and as usual she agreed… As we reached her house I saw her face changing colour from blush red to pale white.. I tried asking her what happened but she didn’t reply ..and rushed inside…

what did she see..???

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