Humne toh bas ishq he kya (aradhika ff) Shot 3

Hi hello lovelies I am so sorry for late update and for previous part I know its short but I have exam so I cannot write lengthy part please forgive ur little sister (with puppy dog face)and exam pakka I will update long epi.and juta ,chappal are welcome .so here we go

Shot 2
Arjun turn towards the girl and give her a disgusting look and turns toward his gang .the girl comes in front of arjun and says u are a cheater Arjun u told u will not dumb me until our marriage but u just dumbed me in second day only u just dumb me…she started to cry .she is not crying for arjun love that he shower yesterday towards her .she is crying for her dignity bcoz she was a new student to that college and she was been challenged by her classmates to make Arjun her bf and she thought Arjun is a Romeo of the college if she becomes her gf she will be in top she thought and accepted the challenge . started her game to make arjun her bf.but.

but.. we know about Arjun he is very smart to do and think.arjun made her his gf for one day and make her win in bet but very next he dumbed her and make her lose bcoz if any girl was dumbed by Arjun . her name will ruined.and her reputation will be down in college. Seeing her pale face arjun smirk and says don’t mess with Arjun Mehra no means no . if u mess u just see the consequences of ur stupid try and u just lose ur reputation . I had heard that in first day u have lines of boys standing in your feets but u see what I did.saying arjun held her arm and move her from his gang and joins with his gang. One of his friend vipul says yaar arjun u have dumbed many girls . but what u will do if any girl dumb ed u means your image will be ruin .saying this vipul laughs and give hi-fi to another friend of arjun.

arjun gives his devil smile and says no one dared to dumb Arjun Mehra no one means on one .his other friend raj says Bhai u didn’t make any serious relationship with any girl .why u dumb every girl after two or three date but what about ur real better half .arjun gives a signature smile and says every girls are stupid to fall for money ,look and fame I want a girl who will fall just for me only me not for my name or I am doing fake relationship with every girl to just make fun and adventure . raj says wow yaar arjun u have this much knowledge about love yaar kya baat hai .everyone laugh including arjun. Junior’s started to come and they started to rag them and making fun of them. Suddenly arjun feels something odd and turns her head towards the entrance and Freeze’s seeing the seight before him .and the screen closes next will be soon

Please read this till end then only u will understand the whole story I have done some mistakes in previous part actually radhika’s name is Radhika Visvanathan Iyer. I got this plot after reading romeo and Juliet .but its different from romeo and Juliet . I have a wish to write something about aradhika but what to do I am just studying 8th standard And I can’t get any proper idea so sorry for making u sister’s to read this bakwass story. And thank u for comment u sister’s gave me and sorry I can’t reply ur message.

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    Aradhika darling superb, excellent, outstanding, nice, good, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing, fantastic, superb episode. . . . . . I loved it to the core. . . . . . . I liked all the scenes. . . . . . . Will be waiting for next episode. . . . And all the best for ur exam and happy diwali to u……

    1. Thank u so much di for your compliment for my ff I know its not that much good as u say but phir bhi please comment me on my ff. And suggest me with ur ideas

  2. It’s sooo good and cute tooo. Keep writing dear, you’re just amazing. Love you lots and keep smiling

  3. Pagalll !!next shot mein naam address saab mein release karthoon ! Ask ideas ? From me ?

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      Hi thanks for reading my story and no thanks for address and name and all and ur suggestions are whole heartedly welcome

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    3. Didnt mean !to hurt u ; public apology; is it 2 late to say sorry ???

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    Nice try dear

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