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last happy ending.


Alisha hit with side table and she screams loudly twinkle and Kunj shocked and rushed towards Alisha and see her she get unconscious and falls down.

Alishaaaa twinkle and Kunj exclaim together..

Kunj take Alisha head on his lap and see she get huge cut on her forehead bleeding so badly..

Kunjj what is this Alisha she said she started crying.

Shh twinkle don’t worry Kunj said so she didn’t take stressed..

Kunj lift her in his arms and place her on bed and immediately call dr.Twinkle was worried about her fully soon dr come and check Alisha he said she is fine he did her dressing and give her injection so she will sleep didn’t feels pain.Dr went twinkle and Kunj get relief that she is fine and sit beside Alisha.

Thanks to babaji Kunj she is fine twinkle said.Kunj looked at her and nodded in yes.

Alisha words ringing in twinkle mind afflicted her lott.

Elders think they must be in their room so they didn’t asked about them.

Kunj looks at twinkle face and understands whatever Alisha said just now its giving her pain alott..

Twinkle I know her word hurts you lot but you don’t give heed to her and her words as well I’m with you na.Kunj added.

I know you know today she said this all words and I feel bad that’s true you always asked me na why I get ready to help her because she saved my Maa life today my Maa with us because of Alisha only Kunj she don’t know what she did for us than she asked me and I Saw her at marine she about to jumped I was shocked and than I get ready to marry you Twinkle said..

Hmmm Kunj..

Twinkle you rest okay I’ll be here na he said.

Nahi Kunj I’ll be here only with you na she added. Kunj smiled and they both went in side couch and twinkle cuddles him and rest her head on his chest and caressing her hairs.

Night over morning come sunlight coming on twinkle and Kunj face due to this they both wake up and look at each other’s.

Good morning Kunj said.

Good morning twinkle reply him..

You didn’t sleep last night na I know you go and sleep in side room I’ll come there okay he said she nodded in yes and take her clothes and went in side room. Kunj see Alisha she sleeping still.

Twinkle get freshen up in another washroom and get ready as well they both downstairs and joint everyone for breakfast.

they have breakfast along with family.

What happened last night you both didn’t come for dinner haan? Usha asked them..

Woh mummy ji twinkle said she look at Kunj he gestured her.

Nothing Maa last night Alisha hit with side table she get injuries on her forehead that’s why didn’t.. he added

What Alishaaaa she is fine Usha asked.

Haan Maa she is fine sleeping.Kunj said

Bebe and Manohar look at them.

Okay Kunj Manohar hummed..

Alisha wake up and found herself in twinkle and Kunj room and look at herself hold her head..

ahah what happened to me she scream.She get up and come down in anger. They all see her immediately leave the breakfast and get up Kunj and twinkle went towards Alisha.

Alisha are you okay twinkle asked her?

She look at her.

Hmm she Hummed.

You need rest Alisha go and rest in your room I’ll bring breakfast for yourself. Kunj said she nodded in yes and went from there.

Kunj look at twinkle she understands his hesitation.

Kunjj don’t trust you and we can’t leave her alone in this condition she needs us go she said Kunj smiled twinkle give her breakfast tray.

Kunj take and went in Alisha room.

Kunj entered in room and see Alisha sitting on bed after get freshen up Kunj open the door and went near her.

Good morning Alisha have your breakfast he said and sit beside her she look at him.

Why not you feed me today at least I have this much right at you she said Kunj nodded in yes and he take spoon and take near her lips she opened her mouth Kunj feed her she have happily..

Alisha just looking at Kunj.. he looking down.

What happened to Kunj he forgot me fully my Kunj love me and this Kunj even can’t look into my eyes I lost him god I didn’t understand his value so today I come there ?she think in her mind.

Twinkle see Kunj from side window she smiled..

It’s my mistake Kunj I come between you both I toh know from start you love her how can I fall for you.I’m sorry I can’t separate you from Alisha I know how it’s feel when you separated from your love ones.She said and wiped her tears went from there.

Months were passing Kunj taking care of twinkle lott she needs as well while Alisha leave everything she get busy in her work.She didn’t talk to anyone normally Kunj and twinkle did with her.

But everything can improve miss Alisha kapoor can’t.again she thinking twinkle snatch Kunj from her and she just play game with her.

Alisha was talking with her sister

Don’t worry di they thought I become good not at all I don’t have feelings for Kunj at all. Now just one month is left in twinkle delivery I will get and throw her out of this  they all thought mera and Kunj ka divorce hogaya hai not at all I didn’t submit papers in court. If he try to act smart with me than they both will go in jail.. ??.. she said.. after cut the call.

Twinkle was tired due to this vomits at last months.

Twinkle let’s go to dr it’s not good Kunj said.

No Kunj I’m absolutely fine na see you take care of me so nicely and time went of fast just one month more Kunj than our baby will be in our arms.. she said.

Kunj pecked at her lips and cheeks Haan twinkle right even I can’t believe my baby will come we will play with him. He said

Kunjjj Alishaaa twinkle said.

Don’t worry about Alisha I’ll give her whatever she wanted. He said

But Kunj I promise her what about that I have to go back and leave you she started crying. I have to kunjj she added

Who told you this you are my wife I’ll not let you go anywhere twinkle now I understand why you circling dates in calendar.Nobody separate you from me

Give her baby I wanted you I didn’t asked you give me baby.I want you for the rest of my life wanted to take my last breathe in your embrace twinkle he said and kissed on her forehead she smiled and tears escaping from their eyes and both joint their heads..

Somehow Kunj handle twinkle than she take medicine and sleep.Kunj kissed on her forehead and covered her with blanket.Kunj went downstairs to drink water he went in kitchen and drink water just than there Alisha come and see him.

Kunjjj she said

Hmmm tum Alisha he added.

How’s twinkle she asked?

Sleeping fine he replies.Alisha rolled her eyes Kunj about to go Alisha hold his hand and Kunj look at her.

Alishaaaa Kunj said

Kunjj can’t you sleep with me one night Haan I don’t want anything she said Kunj rolls his eyes and hold her hand.

Listen Alisha many times I clear this things but I think you don’t want to understand that’s why again and again ask me same question.I can’t at all Alisha see Alisha I don’t have any Hard feelings for you in my heart. I loved you lott in past but now I love twinkle only maybe I didn’t love you ever it just my infatuation nothing more Alisha now I understand.Please stay away from me I can become your friend more than this never my wife was waiting for me Alisha bye goodnight he said and went from there.

Ahah ??twinkle twinkle each and everyone here just chanting her name why what she had so good in her nonsense ladki she do something with Kunj.He too chanting her name only I love her my foot if she become Kunj everything what I’ll get haan no I have to do something soon.She added and went in her room.

Kunj cuddles twinkle and sleep beside her. Alisha was busy in her negative thoughts while twinkle and Kunj both having guilt they will not hurt anyone.

Some people didn’t deserve goodness.

Next day at morning.

Twinkle wake up and look at Kunj she smiled and pecking at his lips and went in washroom she get freshen up.Kunj too wake up twinkle give him his things.

Why you doing my work at least now stop I will do you just need rest twinkle he said

Hehe don’t care about me this much afterwards I’ll cry ?I love to do your work she said.

Huhu again same line you didn’t love me he said And turned her face other side.

Twinkle told his hands who told you I didn’t love please kunj don’t says this ever I really love you you don’t what you meant for me ?. I stuck in this relationship we will meet like normally this all not happened with us she cuddles him cried lottt.She said

Kunj hug her back and caressing her face let her cry so her emotions come out and she will feel normal.Don’t worry I’m with you na we will not hurt anyone my twinkle can’t she is the best.Cupped her face wiped twinkle tears now smiled he said.


Hey Humnava mujhe apna bana le
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de

hmm. hoon akela, zara haath badha de
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de

Kab se main dar dar phir raha
Musaafir dil ko panaah de
Tu awaargi ko meri aaj thehra de
Ho sake toh thoda pyaar jataa de
Sookhi padi iss dil ki zameen ko bhiga de

Murjhaayi si shaakh pe dil ki
Phool khilte hain kyun
Baat gulon ki zikr mehak ka
Acha lagta hai kyun
Un rango se tune milaaya
Jinse kabhi main mill na paaya


Twinkle went downstairs like usually they all have breakfast together bebe and Usha pamper twinkle so much which Alisha can’t tolerate at all. Kunj was in his room he having work so not going office due to twinkle.

Twinkle went in garden just than she heard some noise she went outside and see many ladies coming she get confused to see them.All ladies group see twinkle.

Arey see she is twinkle sarna.Ek Shadi shuda se Shadi ki hai bas paise ke liye because of this type of girls our society bearing this all shame they spoke they all move towards twinkle and started hitting her with shoes

Ahah kunjj leave me I didn’t do anything please leave me pregnant hu she said in crying but they didn’t listen her Alisha watching this from side and giggles Bebe and Usha Manohar come out and see.

Twinkleeee puttar bebe and Usha scream together they try to stop them.

Leave her woh Maa bane wali hai Bebe said

Acha hum kya kare aisi ladki ko toh marjana chahiye bache saath she is just a abuse for society.Bring this girl and where Kunj Sarna wife Alisha haan she cant become mother and do his second marriage with this girl Against her will it’s a crime maaro a lady said. Twinkle crying like anything.Please leave Mera Bacha she scream..

Ab aaya na maza twinkle baby badi aai Alisha se fight karne wali I’m Alisha now this mahila mandali wouldn’t leave you poor baby of my Kunj aww???.she said and laughs out like a devil.

Kunj come in balcony his eyes went and see twinkle he was shocked ?.

Twinkleeee escape from his mouth and he run down.Kunj come outside as soon as Alisha see Kunj her all plan failed now.

Stop Kunj cuddles twinkle.Don’t hit my wife iss ne kuch nahi kiya hai he said they didn’t listen anyone continuously hitting them. Lastly Kunj get hell angry he get up.

Bassss ???stop…it kaun ho aap haan police se ho he said

Nahi she can’t stay with you it’s a crime lady said

Acha who the hell Are you to ask this question what crime she did Haan Kunj said in full roar way if anyone try to touch my wife than nobody worse than I’ll forget you all are ladies get it she is my wife there is no crime we marry with each other’s with all rituals Kunj eyes went in side and caught who having laugh on her face he understood..

Alisha kapoor she was my wife and now she wasn’t twinkle only my wife and we are divorced before our marriage already who give you this right and in formation whoever give you I don’t care and what you all doing right now it’s a crime she is pregnant still you all behaving like mads with her should I call police than you all think what will happened with you all he said.They all ladies looking here and there and leave.

Kunj look at twinkle who sobbing like anything he bend down.

Twinkleeee.. he said Kunj cuddles her she isn’t stable Kunj lift her in his arms and take in side he place her on couch bebe bring water for her.

Le pani pe le puttar.Bebe said Kunj cupped her face and wiped twinkle tears twinkle don’t cry I’ll not leave whoever is behind this all he said while looking at Alisha. She cuddles him and drink water from his hands..

Leela and rt or Meera and Haider come there when they get to know about this all happened with twinkle even yuvi and Aditi along with Rohan Anjali..

Twinkle cuddles leela and rest in her arms.

How can they become so heartless with twinkle didn’t see her condition as well what she had done Haan leela said.

Nothing Maa wait He went near Alisha.May I know the answer Alisha who called them he asked.

As soon as she heard this and get shocked even others as well..

What are you saying Kunj she said

I’m saying right absolutely Alisha I heard your and Shilpa conversation what you telling on phone you will bring this mahila mandali and punishment my twinkle from them haan?? But I thought you just saying will not do it’s my mistake you can do anything Alisha kapoor he said in angry voice all shocked Alisha behind this all..

No Alisha said

Yes Maa and Bebe twinkle Alisha did this all. You know Alisha till now I feeling bad that I leave you and loving twinkle you must be feel bad but it’s my mistake you can’t feel bad you will Bad when you have something in your heart for me you don’t have anything for me.

Here only you asked me to marry with someone so you will get baby.  she don’t want baby she wanted this empire she thought if she will not have baby than everything I’ll named on khush name that’s why she do this drama of my another Marriage.Tears escaping from Kunj eyes really Alisha you hurt me really badly I do each and everything whatever you tell for your happiness i get ready to marry with someone. Why because my happiness connected with you but yours not. When I get to know you cant become mother I did feel bad that much we will not have our own baby I just think about you that time it will be more painful for you because you are a girl. Tell everyone don’t bring this topic in front of you so you will not feel bad.

My stupidity Alisha kapoor.Very easy you get ready for my and twinkle marriage than ready to give me divorce it’s not affecting you not at all put stone on my heart and marry her.. chiii you stoops so low he said

Shut up acha I stoop so low what about you toh bade saying you just love me kaha Gaya tumhara pyaar Kunj Sarna fusss loving her she said

Kunj hold her shoulder acha mere pyaar kaha gaya Yeh sach ha me toh tujhe se pyaar karta ya but tu nahi karti ti mujhse samji and about twinkle.First you and her.She get ready to marry me because of you. Fine and I for you it’s true but when I taking 7 vows that time you and me apart from each other’s now she is my everything Alisha she is my responsibility why I fall for her. I fall for you as well I didn’t get anything from you Alisha always waiting for you will sit with me and we will share our problems with each other’s you will wait for me do little things for each other’s what you did nothing just busy in your life.. you toh don’t care about me.You don’t know what I wanted what is my favourite things or not.

And talking about twinkle she knows each and everything about me like a good wife she fulfilled all her duties even as a bahu of this family give me her time she didn’t have food till when I didn’t come and you I was stay without food till when you not come when you come you already have did you asked me once Kunj tumhe kuch kha ya kya haan..before me she understands what I wanted I don’t wanted to fall for her but her goodness and honestly attracting me and I fall for her she give me all happiness Alisha and you didn’t give me happiness you find happiness in big things and I m happy whatever life will give me and same with twinkle.

What you tell her I dominating you for baby hit you didn’t love you really Alisha I didn’t love Arey I toh love you like crazy jab tune din bol toh din jab raat toh raat. When twinkle told me I feel so bad not because of you tell her this things which is totally wrong and baseless I feel bad because twinkle trust you and think about me heart didn’t aching for you but when she said something I really feel bad it touched me.. still I thought leave I can’t scold you let you do whatever you wanted didn’t asked you where you going what you working you never give me right of your husband Alisha manipulates her against for me .

But kehate hai jaha Sachi ho jhoot jada din teek nahi pata and same with you. In very less time I fall for her didn’t realised when she become my life. I love you with same intensity but didn’t get from you and she give me all love which lacking from my life she make me smiled when I m with her I don’t want anything in the happiest person on earth. Wanted to enjoy every bit of my life you but you wanted to enjoy your life alone and she wanted to enjoy her every second with me and in my embrace Alisha this is the difference between you and her she is special of this. He said twinkle admire Kunj with love eyes..

Very good speech Kunj great if you love her I’m not

Dying for you as well but don’t forget she isn’t your wife I’m yours because I didn’t submit our divorce papers in court baby she said.

Hmm I know this when you aren’t here I saw that papers in your wardrobe and understand each and everything immediately I call yuvi and my lawyer submit our divorce papers in court.She planned like this twinkle you just wanted her happiness and she wanted she will bring you and you will give her baby and she will kick you out of this house and if you not go than show that divorce papers we are still husband and wife and in this matter our allegations on your and send you in jail M I right miss Alisha ji.he said Twinkle twinkle was shocked she get up and went towards Kunj and looking at Alisha

Kya Alishaaaa you save my Maa life that’s why I ready still chii she said

Don’t say this twinkle she didn’t save Maa life and all’s she itself plan Maa accident and she will go and save her and become mahan in front of your eyes and when you will under her favour get ready for her that’s all her plans which going well as per her mind.

But she don’t know we will end up like this fall for each other’s hold her hand.You know what Alisha if I can do anything for you than now I love twinkle more than my life if anyone try to hurt her I’ll not leave that person don’t care whoever he and she is.. kehte hain


Dil karta hai tera shukriya
Phir se bahaare tu laa de
Dil ka soona banjar mehka de
Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de

hmm. hoon akela, zara haath badha de
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de

Waise toh mausam guzre hain
Zindagi mein kayi
Par ab naa jaane kyun mujhe wo
Lag rahe hain haseen

Tere aane par jaana maine
Kahin na kahin zinda hoon main
Jeene lagaa hoon main ab ye fizaayein
Chehre ko chhooti hawaayein

Inki tarah do kadam toh badha le
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de
O. hoon akela, zara haath badha de
Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de

Na jo dusro ke liye gadda khodta hai usme woh khud hi khir te hai and same happened with you. You digged your own grave Alisha thanks for one thing to bring twinkle in my life make my life happy. He said

Happy life nooo this cant happened you are my just kunj leave her she said and scream.

Acha it’s not game and any film Alisha it’s real life you bring her and she become my life and you was my love and my wife and she is my love and will forever and wife as well get it and now you take a leave from here if I see you around twinkle nobody worse than me you just see my goodness till now didn’t see my badness he said. Kunj throw a bag to her she take and open see so much money you wanted this money ek bar bol ke toh dekhti Alisha I will give my life for you at least don’t break my heart and trust..I told you one day you will regret Lot the day has arrive Alisha

Today you are alone that day I was helpless not now I’m happy with twinkle she understands my love and my value.. tum toh dost bhi nahi bani meri Alisha Yeh meri sab kuch hai you feel jealous with her I give her all rights she will get because she is my wife. Ashamed on myself that I love you chiii.. you just know money value not people and there emotions.Take this leave from there. Each and everyone was hell shocked and they looking at Alisha she look down and hold the bag and went from there.

Kunjj twinkle said he look at her.

See now everything is become fine twinkle nobody separate you from me get it. He said

Kunj why you loving me this much haan. She asked him

Hmm don’t know why when we will die na than we will asked to babaji ??there only he must be jealous with us he said and everyone giggles.

Really Kunj puttar you are best life partner for my twinkle puttar you love her this much ?she said

Yes so much infinity ?he said all smiled

Acha hai chalo botox beauty out ??yuvi said Aditi and Rohan giggles.

Twinkle and Kunj went in room others too left.

Twinkle resting in Kunj bring a box of old photo of his. He sit beside him.

Twinkle see this I told you na about that girl I met with her in a camp see her photo. He said

Kunj show her Jasmin photo she see and get shocked.

Yeh she said

Haan she is Jasmin about whom I telling you every time.Twinkle was shocked and take out a photo of Kunj when he is small.

Kya Hua not happy he said

Siddd??she said

Sid what he asked

Haan he is sid I know him I met with him in a camp like you she said than both look at each other’s.

It’s me kunjj she said Kunj shocked

Means Jasmin Kunj scream

Sid twinkle scream both nodded in yes and get hell surprised..

Jasmin ?he hold her hand

Sid lambu she said he giggles.

You didn’t told me about this haan he said

Because you didn’t tell me na clearly that’s why she said

Twinkle Jasmin now? Kunj said

Jasmin is my nickname na Kunj she said

Hoo like me sid ??He Said

They both cuddles each other get to know about each other’s they were only their Sid and Jasmin..

See I told you na you are my first love and last love ?and it’s true as well he added she nodded in yes.

Yeah Kunj we loving from start to each other’s and destiny meet us like this so amazing see baby she keep her hand on her belly she said

Haan baby come fast now everything is sort out mamma and papa waiting for you like anything Chal twinkle aaj ek naya rishta banate hai alfazo se pare aaj nazro se jatate hai kya kahega zamana iski fikar chhod Chal aaj el nahi duniya basate hai. He said

Haan Kunj i m so happy tumhe pake mujhe rab mil gaya hain hai Kunj. She said

sab to bhut milte hai zindagi ki rah Me par har kishi ko HUMNAVA AND HUMSAFAR NAHI MILTA HAI. He said and pulled her cheeks both share a lip lock than joint their hand looking for their bright and happy life

Kunj cuddles her both murmured together


scene freezes..

their journey maybe fully filled with ups and downs but when god with you than nothing breaks you down.Kunj and twinkle true love win..

and Alisha selfishness not at all Kunj get true love and true life partner and Alisha lost just get regrets lott.

So this is a small story finally end just start for yashu baby thanks for your love and support for my story.

Bye love you all.

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