Humnava (A Twinj OS) ~ By Sapphire


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Aa.. aa..aa..

Hey humnava mujhe apna bana le
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bheega de
Hm.. hoon akela zara haath badha de
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bheega de

A guy sang, sitting in the garden of his huge manor, strumming the guitar strings in a beautiful rhythm. His eyes were drooped, as his soulful voice continued to do its magic in the hearts of the people sitting nearby. All were staring at him in awe, spellbound by the gorgeous voice and the mesmerising lyrics.

Kabse main dar dar phir raha
Musafir dil ko panaah de
Tu awargi ko meri aaj thhera de

He hummed, but the sadness was becoming evident by now, though he was good enough at masking his emotions as always. He was about to continue, but was interrupted by a shout.

” Bachon! It’s about to rain. Jaldi andar aa jao.. ” A woman in her mid fifties yelled, coming out of the magnificent mansion, glaring at the youngsters. All were jerked out of their trance by her voice, and then only realised that there were dark clouds hovering over them. Quickly nodding in agreement, everyone moved inside, except Kunj.

” Bhai! C’mon. Be fast.. ” A girl yelled, as he nodded. Giving the sky one last longing glance, he too moved inside.

Ho sakhe toh
Thoda pyaar jata de
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bheega de

Kunj was sitting beside his family, but his mind was wandering somewhere else. He was cocooned in the thoughts of that someone special, who could always manage to bring a smile on his face, no matter what!

That woman, who changed this cold-hearted, ruthless businessman into a lovesick puppy. The one who had snatched his heart away from him, the sole reason of his existence, his heartbeat, his star..


He was seated in his room, looking out at the heavy downpour. The cold wind gushed through his charming face, bringing with it thousands of rain droplets, but he was least affected. In fact, it was the rain which brought his serenity. Because she loved the rain!

” Bhai!! “

He was brought out of his reverie by his sister, who came running to his room, and tumbling along the way, slammed her own face on the carpeted floor.

” What happened, Maira ? ” He sounded bored, making Maira scowl at him. But before she could retort, they both got tight slaps on their shoulders, followed by a happy giggle.

”  What’s up, shit heads ?! “

” Kabir!! ” The angry duo shouted, and there started the infamous Tom ‘nd Jerry fight of the Sarna Siblings!

After around twenty minutes, the trio finally sat down on the floor, panting hard.

” What were you guys here for ? ” Kunj asked, catching his breath.

” Umm.. Mom asked us to tell you that the Tanejas have cancelled their trip in the mid cause apparently, both Abhimanyu and Twinkle Taneja were suddenly not feeling well. After all, both were leaving their hearts behind! ” Kunj had a goofy grin on his face, by the time Kabir ended. Like finally! His prayers were answered.

Abhimanyu Taneja and Twinkle Taneja, the two crazy best friends of the Sarna siblings. Both the twins knew the Sarna trio since childhood. And when they turned 15, they met Kunj’s cousin, Aditi. Finally after their college got over, they all took up their fathers’ respective business empires, except Maira, who chose photography as her profession.

Abhimanyu and Aditi had loved each other since college, and got engaged a few months back. Twinkle and Kunj, on the other hand, were arch rivals. From studies to sports, and now even in business, they were rivals. But as they say, time changes everything. And it changed their equation as well. From sworn enemies, they became inseparable lovers!

So since the day Mr. Ram Taneja announced about the one-month cruise trip he had planned, to which Mr. Manohar Sarna politely denied being very busy, the twins were not at all happy. But it being their Dearest Daddy’s wish, they agreed. Kunj was the one who was suffering the most. He was so used to Twinkle putting him to sleep every night, that he couldn’t go to sleep since the past week without listening to her melodious voice.

Both Twinkle and Kunj were amazing singers, and often sang songs for each other, the one habit which everyone else adored about them.

Kunj halted his train of thoughts, as a question popped up in his brain.

” Guys, you remember what Mom said last week ? ” He questioned, as the other two recalled their mother’s words.

” Well, I’m thinking that it’s about time that we get Twinkle and Kunj engaged as well. After all, Kunj is turning 26 next month. So, one week after you all come back from the trip, we can have their engagement. “ They all had been so happy about the news, that no one gave much thought to it. Kunj and Twinkle were already in a sullen mood by the thought of being away from each other for a month, that they didn’t even hear half of what had been said.

” Oh shit!! ” The three cursed simultaneously, their eyes widening. The Tanejas were coming back. That meant that Kunj Sarna was getting engaged.

Holy shit!

” When will they be coming back, Kabir ? ” Kunj asked, being worried. 

” Calm down, bro! It’s not like we’re getting you married tomorrow only. ” Maira exclaimed, having a naughty smile on her face. 

” Shut it, little kid! Just tell me when they’ll be back! “

” Okay okay Bhai shaant.. They’re coming back today only. ” Aditi interjected, coming into the room and flopping beside Kabir. 

” What ?! Oh no.. ” To say that the trio were surprised by Kunj’s wailing, would be an understatement. They were quite shocked to see Kunj not being happy about Twinkle coming back. 

” Bro! Why aren’t you happy about Twinkle being back early ? Look here, Aditi is being a jumping jack! ” Kabir asked, receiving a well-deserved punch on his shoulder. 

” It’s not that yaar.. ” Kunj sighed, ” I wanted to plan a surprise for her when she comes back. But now, it’s gone down the drain. ” 

” Hey! I’ve an idea.. ” Maira shouted, telling the other three her plan. All the four smiled, before nodding at each other with smiles plastered on their faces. 

Murjhaayi si saankh pe dil ki
Phool khilte hain kyun
Baat gulon ki zikr mehak ka
Achha lagta hai kyun
Un rangon se tune milaya
Jinse kabhi main mil na paaya
Dil karta hai tera shukriyaa
Phir se bahaar tu lade

Twinkle entered the Sarna Mansion around 8 at night, only to be greeted by the over excited Maira and Kabir Sarna, who jumped on her with all their might. After the greetings were exchanged, everyone sat down in the living room, while the youngsters moved upstairs. Abhimanyu left to meet Aditi, who was in her room, while Twinkle, with Kabir and Maira, moved towards Kunj’s room. 

The trio knocked on the door, but not getting any response from the eldest Sarna sibling, they pushed the door, only to be met with an adorable sight. Kunj Sarna had drifted to sleep after waiting for too long for Twinkle to arrive. The other two Sarnas slapped their foreheads, muttering curses at their brother for spoiling his own surprise. The whole room was decorated with flowers and balloons, giving it a heavenly look, but Kunj had spoiled it all. 

” Yaar.. From where does he look like our elder brother ?! ” Kabir groaned, while Twinkle giggled. The other two just shook their heads in disbelief, before leaving for their respective rooms. 

Twinkle entered the room, sitting beside Kunj, who had slept in half sitting position. Shaking her head, she moved him a bit, adjusting the pillows, so that he could sleep comfortably. A smile was there on her face all this while, as she stared at the grown up baby in front of her. Dropping a small kiss on his forehead, she was about to move away, when a hand clasped her wrist, making her gasp quietly. 

” Where do you think you’re going, Miss Taneja ? ” His voice was deep, while she turned around, only to see him sitting there with a smirk. 

” You were awake all this while! ” She accused, making him chuckle. 

” Maybe I was! ” 

” Kunj!! You’re so bad. ” Twinkle glared at him, but whom was she kidding! Kunj Sarna was definitely not scared of her harmless glares. Sighing, she sat beside him, as he moved to keep his head in her lap. 

” I missed this.. ” Kunj spoke up after a while, closing his eyes in peace. Twinkle continued to ruffle his hair, while her other hand was still clasped by Kunj. 

” You know, I couldn’t even sleep properly at night, knowing that you weren’t there to put me to sleep. Every time I tried, your image used to come in front of my eyes, and I used to get up instantly. Nothing worked. Your singing is irreplaceable. You are irreplaceable. “

Dil ka suna banjar mehka de
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bheega de

Hm.. Hoon akela zara haath badha de
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bheega de

” I don’t know if you missed me or not, but I did miss your warmth. ” Kunj whispered, before hiding himself in her tummy like a kid, his arms locked protectively around her waist. 

That’s what he missed the most. Having her so close to him, hiding himself in her embrace, so that he could get away from the cruel world. Life had not been so fair to him, he had been let down by people, by life. And in this cruel world of fake promises and monstrous humans, the scarred kid in him could only find his solace in her. She was what he could truly call his and only his. 

Waise toh mausam guzre hain
Zindagi main kayi
Par abb na jaane kyun mujhe woh
Lag rahe hai haseen

Tere aane par jaana maine
Kahin na kahin zinda hoon main
Jeene laga hoon main
Ab yeh fizayein
Chehre ko chhutti hawayein

He was always known to be the hyperactive kid since childhood, but life changed him so much that slowly, he lost himself. He lost the child in him. He didn’t even know himself. He was always searching for that light, that warmth, which could bring him out of that abyss of darkness and hollowness. 

And she filled that place just right! She helped him find himself, she pulled him out of the hello hole he called his life. She taught him how to life, and in return he became her reason of existence. His mere presence brought life to her, just like her smile lightened up his whole world. They were like two jigsaw puzzles, who fit into each other as if they were meant to be. 

” Kunj.. ” Twinkle whispered after a few minutes, as he hummed in response. 

” I love you. ” That was it. A simple confession, and his belief in himself got strong all over again. He knew, if she loved him, then his life was worth living. Till the time she was there, it was worth existing in this world. 

And he also knew, the day she’ll go away, this world will cease to exist for him. She was his reason for survival. If she won’t be there, then dying would be better than surviving in this world. The moment Twinkle won’t be there, Kunj will fade away. Cause without TwinkleTwiNj has no meaning. Kunj has no meaning. 

Inki tarah do kadam toh badha le
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bheega de
O.. Hoon akela zara haath badha de
Sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bheega de

” I love you, more than myself. ” He replied, and she knew he meant it with every living cell in his body. He loved her with each and every fragment of his whole being. She meant to him more than himself, and for her he was her heartbeat. 

She was his Humnava, just like he was hers. 

~If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I’d use my last breath to tell you how much I love you!~


Word Count : 2100 

Heya people!! 

So, how are ya all doing ? 

Firstly, EID MUBARAK to all of you!

And now, I don’t know if you guys liked this one-shot or not. I’m not in a good state of mind right now so I let my emotions out through this one! 

I don’t know when I’ll be posting BBTL cause right now a lot is going on and I don’t want to spoil that story just because of my bad state. Hope you guys will understand. 

I’ve written another OS, will post tomorrow if you guys want. 

Until then, take care. Thanks a lot for your support and love. 

Lots of love, 

Sapphire ❤️



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