Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-5

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Thank u so much for ur lovely comments friends….
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Sanskar comes out frm washroom wearing towel nd dances while taking his cloths frm cupboard…while dancing his towel accidently unwrapped…he quickly takes it nd wraps but it was late…ragini who came to give coffee to sanskar ,sees this…she was shocked..she jst stands like numb…sanskar looks at her nd shocked…
Ragini(still shock)-
Sanskar:when ..when did u ca…came…he shakes her
Sanskar(tensed):u dnt see anything na
Ragini(supressing her laugh seeing his face):her head nodded as no
Ragini cant control her laugh,she burst out
Sanskar understand nd feels embarrsed…
Ragini(while laughing):so…sorry
Sanskar(nervous):plz dnt laugh nd plz dnt tell this to anyone…
Ragini:nodded as yes(still laughing)
Sanskar takes his dress nd runs to washroom…nd scolds himself…
After a while ragini stops laugbing nd went to kitchen….

Ram ,ragini sitting for bf ,sujatha serves them…sanskar came being nervous…seeing sanskar ,ragini again starts laughing being her head down…..sujatha noticed this…
Suji:kya hua princess,why r u smiling
Sanskar(looks at ragini nd tensed as she would tell morning incident)
Ragini:nothing mami…
Sujatha:areh tell na we will also laugh
Ragini:i remembeted some jke thats it..
Sujathaa:which jke
Sanskar:what mom…y r u asking like this …its her wish whenever she want she
smiles…nd u(ragini) y r u eating slowly ,dont u come to fast nd come…saying he leaves..
Ram suji looks at him like what happened to him…while ragini smiles seeing his frustration…she too completes her bf…sanskar went to clg on his bike…ragini was dropped by ram…

Ragini entered her cls room nd sits beside laksh who was already present…
Ragini smiles nd said hi..
They became busy in their classes…

@lunch time
Ragini sits alone in canteen nd having her lunch…sanskar came with friends nd sits another table(ragsan didnt saw eo)…rohan(sanfriend)sees ragini nd said to sanskar who was besides him,see that behan ji sits alone…sanskar looks at ragini nd said tho…rohan said i want accompany with her nd he winks at him[rojan was flirty type].. nd he about to get up…sanskar stops him by holding his hand nd said no u cant go..rohan asks y…sanskar said vo..vo..i want to go library ,u should accompany me..rohan said no ,u take vinay r kavya…sanskar said no come u only saying he drags rohan with him…san roh leaves jst then laksh came nd asks ragini can i sit here…ragini nodded with smile..they had lunch…nd leaves for classes…

Ragsan came frm college…sanskar was getting ready as today was fresheres party….sanskar said to ragini dnt come to party..ragini nodded…sanskar leaves….sujatha came nd asks y is she not going to party..
Ragini:im not intersted mami…
Sujatha:areh go will be fun
Ragini:no mami i dnt want to go…

Ragini hesitates but sujatha makes her agree nd said i will talk to sanskar…ragini unwillingly nodded….she got ready in red anarkali..ram drops her nd leaves while saying whenever ur party gt over csll me,i wl pick up u…ragini smiles nd headed to party venue…she entered nd sees all r girls r in short knee lengt dresses..seeing ragini one girl said areh behan ji this was not a temple while remaining girls r laughing at her…ragini gets embarrassed…sanskar sees ragini nd gets angry…ragini was about to leave some boys r surrouned her nd teases her..ragini eyes gets moisted….sanskar sees this nd about to move ,rohan came to ragini nd asks to boys leave her nd he said she was her friend…ragini looked at him shocked…boys leaves…rohan says sorry, to rescue u,i said u r my friend..ragini said thank u while giving a fake smile….rohan forwarded his hand nd asks can we b friends…ragini doesnt said anything nd abut leave rohan holds her hand…ragini felt uncomfortable…sanskar came nd poured juice on rohan which was in his hand…rohan asks sanskar what u did…sanskar said oh so sorry dude accidentlyit happen sorry go nd clean it..rohan leaves…sanskar drags ragini outside angrily nd said r u dumb…what is d need to come here…i already told u na dnt come then y did u came…now u r happy..i knw if u cme here it wd happen like that thats y i said dnt come…but u dnt listen …he shouting at her loudly…ragini was crying….sanskar said dnt cry ,go frm here saying he went inside angrily….ragini was crying ,laksh who was jst came to party sees her cry nd moves towards her nd asks what happend…ragini looks at laksh nd wipes her tears nd said nothing…laksh asks is there anybody misbehavd with u…ragini nodded as no…laksh understands she dnt want to share so he sits beside her silently…after a while ragini wipes her tears nd asks will u drp me at hme …laksh nodded nd drops her at hme..ragini headed inside while thanking laksh…

Sujatha sees ragini md asks y did she came early…ragini dnt want suji knw what had happend in party so she says i felt boring there ,so i came…suji asks y she didnt called ram fir pickup…ragini said laksh dropped me nd runs to her room…

Sanskar was trying to enjoy party but he cant..kavya came nd asks sanskar for a dance …sanskar said no…but kavya drags him…they wr dancing ,kavya staring at him lovingly..sanskar was uninterested,ragini crying face flashes hits his mind…he excusrd himself nd called sujatha nd asks is ragini
cme home r not…sujatha said she
came…sanskar too leaves home as he wasnt have mood to enjoy party….
Sanskar came home nd goes to his riom nd sees ragini was sleeping..he mmoves toward her..he noticed a tear drop on her cheek ,he gently wipes it with his thumb..he goes to bed nd sleeps..

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