Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-16

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Axx,A12345-she forgve him bcz she cant angry on him long time as she loves him alot..nd she felt he also loves her alot so she forgve …nd d next track will be about sanskar loves towards ragini..nd ragini haterd towards sanskar as per my i ended this track..sry if u dnt like it

Ragini was getting ready sanskar came frm washroom nd hugs ragini frm behind…ragini blushes…sanskar nuzzled her neck with his wet face…ragini was shivering…sanskar makes her turn nd about to kiss..ragini says its getting late for college…sanskar smiles nd kisses her forehead…nd got ready..

At lunch time was swara bday so swara asks raglak to come out for lunch..ragini hesitates but swara requested her so she went… sansksr was searching for ragini…but she was nowhere in clg…sansksr called her md asks where is she..ragini said laksh nd her comes out for lunch..she about to speak something but he cutted call angrily…he says himself what is d need to go for lunch with him…he knws ragini only loves him but he was feeling insecure about laksh..when ragini was with laksh he cant tolarate…

After sometime raglak was coming to clg while laughing..
Kavya(who was stands beside sanskar nd watching them):sanskar ,is she really loves u
Sanskar:what is this question kavya..she loves me alot
Kavya:i never see her happy when she was with u..but she looks always happey with laksh

Sanskar:jst shutup kavya..its not like that
Kavya:Areh sanky y r u shouting on me yar..i only told what i felt..they look perfect eo
Saying she leaves with smirk while sanskar gritting his teeth with anger…..
At evening sanskar was waiting for ragini..ragini came after bidding bye to laksh nd sits….sanskar doesnt speak anything..ragini feels weired…sanskar stops bike infront of panipuri stall nd asks ragini come lets have panipuri..but ragini says now she dnt want to eat…he feels bad nd without uttering a word he drove off to home…
The whole night sanskar seems upset ,ragini sensed it nd asks but he said nothing nd acted as normal..

@nxt day
Raglak wr coming out frm clsroom as clses got over..suddenly ragini feels vomit so she gives bag to laksh nd runs to washroom…laksh was waiting for has been 30mins but ragini didnt came yet..
Sanskar was waiting for ragini at clg entrance gate…

laksh came towards ladies washroom to search ragini nd shocked to see ragini who was lying on floor…no one is there to help..he got worried nd taps her cheek while calling her name..but she doesnt respond..laksh lifts her in his arms nd walks into clsroom..pair of ,eyes sees this was kavya..she smiles evilly nd started to click their photos hiding photos…laksh tooks ragini to empty cls room..nd makes her lie on bench…he dont knw what to do..he takes ragini mbl to call sanskar but it was not reachable..he called swara nd told everything….
Sanskar comes inside for searching ragini ..he was checking all clsrms…kavya sees sanskar nd moves to him…sanskar asks kavya have u seen ragini ..kavya says ha she already left with laksh…sanskar asks really she left..kavya nodded

sanskar leaves with exttreme angry….kavya smiles evilly….
after a while swara came to raglak with doc..after checking her doc said she was pregnent..swalak was shocked as its d not correct age to conceive but they r happy for their friend..doc left after giving some perception…ragini gets conscious…nd asks what happend to her…laksh said what doc told..she was shocked first then gets very happy so she hugs laksh..then she hugs swara too..she cant express how much happy she was….raglak congratulated her…..

At home sanskar was in full rage ,ragini was not reached home yet this makes sanskar got more angry…then he received raglak photos(ragini was in laksh arms ,he makes her lie ,when he moves close to her to sprinkle water…nd their hug nd all) frm unknown number…sanskar was numb he cant believe his eyes…

He collapsed on floor with thud..kavya words nd raglak moments ringing in his mind…tears rolling down frm his eyes…then he hears a horn sound he gets up nd watching frm window…ragini gets down frm car(it was swara car but sanskar thought it was laksh as je cant able to see who it was )..ragini bid bye to swara..swara gives flying kiss nd says it is my chotu…ragini smiles nd acts as she catching it…sanskar fists his hand ..swara leaves….ragini was happy she thinks sanskar felt knowing this..nd what was his reaction….ragini goes to room with glowing face…sanskar back was facing her…

Sanskar(controlling his sobbing):ha
Ragini:i want to tell u one good news..i was very happy today
Sanskar turns ..ragini was shocked to see sanskar with red eyes nd pale face
Ragini(moving towsrds her):sansksr.what happend
Sanskar(almost shouts):stop there only
Ragini was scared seeing his angry
Sanskar comes to her nd says sarcastically oh today u r happy after spending with that laksh right..
Ragini(doesnt understand):sanskar what r u talking
Sanskar:dnt try to act …dnt u have shame..being married how could u do slept with another man..u charecterless girl

Suji who jst came listing their high voice ,she slaps sanskar…
Ragini was just numb tears wr not stopping..
Sanakar:mom u slapped me bcz of this girl

Suji:ha dont dare to speak oneword about her..
Sanskar:mom u dont knw anything about her,she was looks innocent but she was not mom..she betrayed me mom…she betrayed me…he hugs sujatha nd cries….
Ragini was still in shock she cant able to gasp anything….
Sujatha:what happend sanskar..y r u talking like that…ragini was not like that..
Sanskar(brking d hug):no i dnt want to see her face plz tell her to go frm here..
Sujstha(shouts):sanskar first tell me what happend..
Sanskar shows photos to her ragini too saw this nd shocked..
Ragini:no mami..its not like that..i will tell what had happend
Sanskar:u dont need to tell anything getout frm here

Sujatha:sanskar first listen to her..i think u r mistaken..
Sanskar:no mom…this time im not listing u…i hate this charecterless girl mom…saying he drags ragini out side…sujatha stops him but she pushed suji aside nd throws ragini out of d house..he goes to his room nd started crying virgogiously…..ragini walks lifelesd body holding her tummy….sujatha comes to her nd asks her to come with her..she will talk to sansksr…ragini jerks suji hand nd says plz mami leave me like this i cant tolsrate than this…she collapsed on floor nd crying….

Sry for this chapter….

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  1. Feeling bad for ragini

  2. Asw

    Rocking keep going

  3. A12345

    Hey…Lahari…its nothing like that..i am sorry if i hurt u yaar??…bt this part was awesome bt sad??…plz make this time rag doesnt forgive sanskar that easily…and sanskar should regret for his words…that too badly….

    Waiting for next part…plz yaar update soon cant wait for the next part

  4. Nice episode and the plot is good too don’t end it’s a request

  5. Feeling bad for ragini.

  6. so sad. Feeling bad about ragsan. Stupid kavya.

  7. Dharani

    very sad for ragini

  8. plzz sanskar should know if he truth plzz next part soon don’t be late plzzzz don’t take to long gap plzzz

  9. Feeling sad for sad

  10. A.xx

    Amazing and stupis stupid sanskaar and hate kavya,,,feel so bad for ragu xx

  11. Superbbbbbbbb

  12. Jazzy

    omg sanskar how can u do so

  13. Asra

    awesome dear…

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