Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar (RagSan) episode-15

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Thank u for ur comments friends….
TiaTara-im sorry dear..i already decided my plot so i cant change sry…

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Ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar who was sleeping beside her placing his hand aroung his waist..then she noticed she was on bed…sanskar who was closed eyes says dont br confuse i only made u lie here…ragini askd innocently why…sanskar opend his eyes nd says is it a question to ask..u r my wife u have right to sleep here…ragini says but i dont like to sleep here saying she removed his hand which was on her waist..she about to get up but fell on bed due to her saree pallu was under sanskar…
Sanskar:i want to sleep some more time
Ragini:but i have to go
Sanskar:so u want me too come with u
Ragini:u layed on my pallu..
Ragini:what oh..get up
Ragini:i have to go

Sanskar:then go
Ragini:how can i
Sanskar:im not on u..on ur pall only..leave ur pallu here nd go..
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskar sees her with corner of his eyes …Ragini glares at him..sanskar getsup frm her pallu..ragini turns to go..sanskar held her wrist nd kissed her cheek..ragini runs to washroom blushing…
She got fresh..sanskar came to her nd gives her payals nd asks her to wear it…ragini says u dnt like all this na ,u only asked to remove it..sanskar says ha but now im changed..i wd like what u liked…ragini looks on…he drags her to d bed nd makes her sit…he takes her leg into his lap nd makes her wear payals while ragini stares at him..

Kavya asks sanskar come to movie with them…sanskar says no i want to take ragini out…hearing kavya fumes….clses got over…
Kavya sees ragini was going to library…she thought something ..she too went inside…kavya comes to ragini who was getting a book frm rack…kavya gave a fake smile to her..nd asks to get a book which was on top rack…ragini nodded as she was her senior..she searched nd gave it..she asks another book..ragini does…kavya asks another one…ragini looks at her watch ,its time to close the library..but our innocent ragini scared of kavya so she started to search….kavya says i will wait get d book..saying she leaves…kavya comes to librarian who was ready to leave…she asks kavys is anyone left inside..kavya says no mam..i checked it noone is there..i was d last person..librarian asks r u sure..kavya nodded..librarian locked d door..kavya smirks …

Ragini came after got a book nd shocked to see door locked..she bangs door nd shouts is anyone there…hearing ragini voice,sanskar who was in also library came out[sanskar also cme library,he takes a book which he needed nd about leave,he hits d book rack nd all books r felldown on he got late by arranging those books..he was in one corner,ragini was in anothrr corner]..
Ragini gets happy seeing sanskar
Sanskar:what r u doing here..y r u shouting
Ragini pointing towards locked door..
Sanskar:where is mam
Ragini:she left by locking door she could go like that even didnt check once…
Ragini:now what to do..
Sanskar sees his mobile which was dead nd asks ragini mbl..she said today she forget her mbl in home…ragsan sits helplessly…sanskar in mind tdy i thought to take her out nd gives
a surprise to her but my fate is like this…he looks at ragini who was reading book…he smiles nd looking at her lovingly…sometime passed..sanskar holds his stomach due to hungry…ragini sees this nd takes a dairlymilk big bar frm her bag nd gives sanskar…sanskar takes it.. asks do u like chocolates..ragini said no but laksh gave to me morning..hearing laksh name he fumes nd asks y he gave to u..ragini says bcz im his friend..sanskar gave faint smile….sanskar asks did she want chocolate…ragini nodded as no…sanskar says how can u stay with hungry have it..he forwarded one bite..ragini says im not hu before she complete her sentense sanskar keeps byte into her mouth….sanskar eats one byte nd feeds another byte to ragini….

They finished chocolate like this..ragini was very happy…she recalling recent moments with sanskar ,how he confessed his love nd all…she thanked god finally she got her love….sanskar noticed ragini who was looking at him lovingly…sanskar shakes her nd asks y r u staring me like that…ragini gets sense nd lowered her head….sanskar lifts her head holding her chin..both look at eo eyes..they have a deep eyelock….sanskar moves close to her nd wishpered in her ear i love u…ragini shivers when his lips toched her earlobe,sanskar then kissed her cheek…ragini gets up feeling shy…sanskar too gets up nd pulls her holding her dupatta…her back toched sanskar front…sanskar removes her hair frm neck nd kissed her nape nd huskily wishpered i love u…ragini closed her eyes tightly..he makes her turn nd kissed her neck nd bytes there..ragini hugs him tightly…they csme to sense when they here door knock…they parted nd composed themselves…ragini wears her dupatta…they hears a ram voice..(ram sujatha wr worried for ragsan as they didnt come home yet..they tried calling them but sanskar was mbl was ram came to clg by searching them..he checked all clsrms with help of guard nd finally he came library)..

Ragsan(frm inside):dad/mamu
Ram gets relaxed hearing their voice nd asks guard to open it..guard opend it…ram asks y they bogh r here..they said how they stucked here….ram says k now come…ram asks ragini to sit in car…sanskar says no dad u go we will come on my bike..ram smiled nd leaves..ragini sits on bike by encircling her hands around his waist..sanskar smiles nd takes one of her nd kissed it..ragini blushes…

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  1. u take to long time time plzzzz next part soon don’t be late plzzzz hope we get tomorrow plzzz

  2. Superb

  3. Akankshanna

    Amazing…too gudddd……initially… i want punch on kavyaa……bt now …..want give shabashi on her back………oossm scenes

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  6. Amazing. Loved it

  7. Asw

    Nice keep going

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  9. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it….omg poor kavya ur plan backfire dear…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…..

  10. awe they r finally bcuming one wanted to know what and who created misunderstanding b/w them

  11. its ok yaar. That just a thought that came into my mind.

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  13. A.xx

    Amazing but why did she forgive him so easily xx

    1. A12345

      Even i too agree…

  14. A12345

    Awesome…update next part soon

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  16. Super hit

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    awesome loved it

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