Humdard -OS (RagSan) by suma

“Ragini , where is my blue faded jeans?? ”

No response

Damn sanskar u can’t do one work without her, from 3months of Ur married life u have become lazy …damn lazy

” Raginiiiiiiii ” he shouted

Soon she rushed into the room with a thud opening the door and breathing heavily

” Ji, boliye ……kya….kyaa Chahiye apko ?? ”

He looked at her

” Go and get water ” he said softly

She ran from there and came with water

“Ji, lijiye ” she forwarded the glass

He took the glass and made her sit and gave the glass and asked her to drink

She drank it in one go

” Relax, did I asked to participate in any race ?? ”

” Ji, Nahi ”

” Then, why are you running always whenever I call Ur name ??”

No response from her … slowly he moved to her and holded her shoulder with his hands..she is sweating badly As He still in towel didn’t wore anything except that …he lifted her chin up and asked her to look at him.

” Ji ”

“Ah… Pls, don’t call me ji…it’s like ji ji cabbageeee ”

She laughed

” U look so beautiful while smiling ”

Soon she stopped smiling and looked at him and asked

” Kyu aap mujhe bula rahi hoo ” she asked slowly

He slowly bent to her height and whispered in her ears

“my blue faded jeans , it’s not visible to my sight can u search it for me ”

” Ji ”

” Arey , meine Kaha na mujhe ji math bulana , Nahi toh ” without completing his sentence

she turned towards him and handed his jeans

” hey ,u got it so quickly, where did u hide it?? ” He asked

” Nahi…”

” What ?? ”

” I didn’t hide it ”

” Then , how did u find this easily ” he raised his eyebrow

No response from her

” Why u always scared of me , for other people may be I’m DoN/Killer/Gangster or monster but for you it’s different

” I’m your husband ” so u shouldn’t have to fear to talk with me or anything you can say and you have that right Ragini ” he said to her while changing clothes

” Ji ”

Yaar meine itna Bola yeh bas ‘ ji ‘ se katham karliya ye baath

“Huh I know , I married you without your wish , but you know in what situation I did that , but you have complete rights on me

I’m yours Ragini

“Ji, I know you love me from years back ,papa always thinking about you that, he is the reason that you have become a Gangster and he regrets for doing that”

” Ragini , ye sab chodo , I just want to tell you that , u can feel comfortable here with me and pls don’t talk about him next time ” he said in stern voice

” Yeah, I know I can understand Ur pain but he is Ur uncle ur family na , forgive him ”

” Family!!!!!!I just hate him Ragini…He is the one who provoked me to kill the people after my parents death instead of saying that wrong , at that small age I have to hold books not the gun and I wanted love not Revenge and I wanted to be loved not be hated (the voice slowly turned into soft one which reflects pain ) I wanted to see a life with colors not with blood and murders….He made my mind black and heart cold Ragini…He made me a beast 😭😭 A humanity less creature”

He fell on the floor with tears flowing from his cheeks

She holded him and consoling him by rubbing his back …

She can understand him that how he tried to struggle with his inner self as he wanted a life like everyone leading, but doing which everyone hates, he wanted a light in his dark life….he just wanted someone to bring a ray of hope in his life and says that everything gonna be okay

” He used my love and he made a deal with your dad to marry me so that he,again work with me and he wanted me to be worse than now and get more money ” by wiping his tears he is trying to say further

” Shhhhh calm down ”

He is crying like a baby in her lap that made her heart aching

In these 3 months of marriage , he never misbehaved with her, he gave her space and he didn’t do anything without her consent..he showed his love on her, her small gestures can make his day beautiful …finally he thought he got a family which he craved and he also craved for the love …hope he will get …she is the one who can calm the beast in him …she is the one who can bring his humanity back ….she is the one who can bring a light in his dark life …

“At starting I’m stuck between trying to live my life and trying to run from it, but now I’m not looking to escape from this darkness in my life, just learning to love myself there ”

” It’s ok sanskar ji, now I will help you to get u out of this”she said while hugging him who is on her lap

” Now , I’m thinking I’m dragging you to my dark life by loving you ” he said

She badly wanted to say that she also want him in her life as he wished …

” Can I ask you one thing sanskar ji ?? ”

” Yeah,but pls stop calling me ji , it’s so irritating ”

She smiled as he said while crying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

“Tell me what is that?” He asked

She is thinking to say or not and atlast tried

” You have to stop all these and we….we will leave this place forever and we start our new life together somewhere ” she said expecting him say yes

He stoodup and wiped his face taking his shirt to wear

” No Ragini…it’s not gonna happen….it’s like a death game once you enter you cannot back off…I know i did mistake by marrying you….My enemies are everywhere to kill me and I put your life also in danger….so iam planning to keep you safe far from me and all the things have arranged and you leaving next week and you will have no mobile or anything there to communicate with others…and I will visit there for two days once…I don’t want to leave u alone …but there is no choice also…” He continued his talks while wearing shirt and turned to mirror

She is controlling her sobs, tears which were flowing from when he started to say that he is going to leave her 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

When he turned to say further she ran to kitchen…

This girl na…always run

“go slow Ragini ” he shouted with smile

Here she fell on floor crying like baby that she never wanted to live without him…in these 3 months of their married life …not only respect he earned from her more love also… He never cried infront of anyone,but for the first time he cried in her lap like small kid.

” Ragini breakfast ” sanskar shouted

She arranged everything on table but she didn’t showedup, he came and sat on dining table then his mobile rang amd some men entered the house …he disconnected the call

“Bhai, adharsh kidnapped someone and threatening his family to give 5cr”

” i told kabir to kill him dont think about his relation with me, he is doing lot of acts which is hurting people” he shouted at top of his voice banging the table and left the house without eating.

Ragini came and saw the plate of food which is left not eating… she felt sad because of this he is not eating properly not sleeping properly.

After some days

“So ragini, you packed everything??? Tomorrow you are leaving to one place which is somewhere no one knows..

She is not at all okay with the decision but she never objected his decision,nodded to his question wiping her tears.

“Ragini?” He holded her shoulders turning her.

He saw her tears ,he never knew that she had developed feelings for him and started loving him.

She hugged him tightly

“I dont wanna leave you sanskar ji, i dont wanna go far from you, i cant leave you and go” she cried hugging him

He holded her in his arms tightly reciprocating to the hug

“Trust me ragini, this is for your safety to keep you safe,im doing this”

” i will be safe with you sanskar ji, please dont send me” she is crying more

He cant able to take that

He broke the hug and holded her face in both hands

“Look at me Ragini” he said

She nodded as no because she know if she look into his eyes she will accept as his eyes do some magic on her.

He slowly wiped her tears and kissed her forehead

She stopped crying when she felt his lips on her forehead, he then kissed her cheeks

haan hansi ban gaye

haan nami ban gaye

tum mere aasmaan

meri zameen ban gaye

He kissed her nose, she tightly holded her saree as this is the first time he kissed.

haan hum badalne lage

girne sambhalne lage

jab se hai jaana tumhein

teri ore chalne lage

Slowly he moved to the lips but she couldn’t take it she hugged him tightly being shy

“I never been like this ,iam already sweating and i dont know how to ask a kiss to a girl?” He said

Soon she broke the hug

” why would you ask kiss to a girl?” She asked being angry thinking other girl

“Haha,Na ragini im telling about you!”

She blushed and tried to go but soon he holded her hand

har safar har jagah

har kahin ban gaye

maante the khuda

aur haan wahi ban gaye

He kissed her hand and turned her with a jerk for which she came and hit his chest,

He rasied his eyebrow for which she smiled, he bent to her height and slowly moved to her lips and touched her soft lips

Slowly he captured the soft lips and it turned into a passionate long deep kiss.

haan hansi ban gaye

haan nami ban gaye

tum mere aasmaan

meri zameen ban gaye

Curtains close and screen goes black

“Please sanskar ji, dont leave me there i will be with you here” pulling hair on his chest with her hands keeping her head on his bare chest.

“Listen to me ra, i will visit you two days once ,do you think i can survive without you? You are my lifeline, i promised your parents to keep you safe and i promised to myself at the time of peheras that i will protect you at any cost even if i lose my life”

She turned to him and pinched at his waist tightly

“Aah what was that Ragini?” He screamed in pain

” ever you talk about death😑😑”

” meri jaan ko gussa hona bhi jaante hai” he smiled

She hugged him

” ok then,lets dressup and pack ur bags” he said

She nodded as no and hugged him more tight.

” kya”

” i dont wanna go”

He started kissing her again and pulls the blanket over


One person is begging sanskar and he is pointing a gun towards him

” please leave me sanskar, im your uncle ,please leave me”

Sanskar closed his eyes and tears rolling from his cheeks

Sanskar holded the trigger pointing to him

“Remember that day i begged you to leave


“Ragini? Packed the luggage” he entered the room and saw her crying

” please ” she said

He didnt looked at her but took her luggage and called kabir

” kabir”

” bhai!”

” keep the luggage in car and dont follow me this time, i will go to godown and check the material and will go directly and dont inform anybody that im going”

” sure bhai” kabir (working for sanskar from many years) took the luggage and arranged in car and both left

In car both are silent

Sanskar is not talking because its only for her safety but she is not listening.

Both reached godown

” Ragini ,be here i will come within 10minutes ” saying this sanskar left

After 10minutes sanskar came to car but Ragini didn’t found

He know she was upset so she will be somewhere near

He went in search of her calling her name

Suddenly someone from behind hit with strong rod on his head

He holded his head which started bleeding and turned to see the one

His sight got blurred and he saw kabir infront of him

” kabir!” He got shock and fell on his knees holding his head

” ha bhai, its me , why bhai…why you killed my dad , what he did to you?”

” kabir, Ragini…where is she?”

” bhai, i joined in ur gang to kill the person who killed my father , but i came to know few months back that you killed my father and i waited for the time” saying this he again hit sanskar on his hand with rod

” kabir! Ra…Ra…Ragini?”

” bhabhi teek hai bhai..par mei tujhe chodungi nai” he again hit his cheek with rod

Blood is oozing from his mouth

” its …….not me. who killed your father , its. Durga”

Suddenly a gun shot was heard

Sanskar screamed as he saw kabir on floor as the shot hit his forehead directly

From background Durgaprasad played by sanskar uncle came holding ragini

Sanskar saw ragini with blood marks on face

“Durga bhai leave her” sanskar shouted at top of his voice

Ragini opened her eyes slowly and saw sanskar who is on his knees and his face totally covered with blood

She tried to shout but her voice is not coming

As her lips are also bleeding

” why sanskar ? Why did you kill my son Adarsh? He is your brother” durga prasad shouted and hit sanskar with rod on his face

Blood is flowing ,still sanskar eyesight was only fixed on ragini

” Rag…Ragini stay strong…i will take you home now”

Durgaprasad men came and started beating sanskar and hurting him with knives and making his body bleed but he is making sure that they are not hurting ragini,sanskar started beating them but dp came from behind and hit him on head with rod.

“Still how long i can hold my grudge sanskar, its enough we will end the story today… i killed your parents for property then i changed you into monster to take the balance property which left on your name but no use.. somehow you got know about my deeds,so thought to make you join in my gang and make drug deals to earn more money with your help but u denied then i made u marry with your love so that u can belive me still you didnt , but bechari she belived me” he turned to ragini and slapped hard on her cheek

” Nooooo Durga prasad, dare you hurt her” sanskar screamed

” achaaaa” he took the knife and scratched on ragini hand

Sanskar tried to move but he is not able to move

Tears are rolling from his eyes when he heard her scream

Suddenly he felt a hit on head with rod and he cant stand he fell on floor seeing ragini

” plea …please leave her. You have grudge on me kill me ,but please leave her” he said crying 😭

“Na Na you have to see the pain when your loved ones are killed” saying this he moved to ragini

” pleaseeeeeeeeee Noooooooooo ” sanskar cried hitting the floor blood is coming out from his mouth but still he didnt stop pleading them

” shout more till my heart feel good” dp said holding knife exact at the neck of ragini

She is just seeing sanskar with tears in her eyes but she closed her eyes so that tears will flow as her eye sight is getting blurred when tears are filled in her eyes so that she cant see him, she know she will die definitely so that she wanted to fill him in her eyes so she is not even blinking her eyes

“Please leave her” he cried more hitting the floor again and again

He is getting hurt by hitting floor but isnt cared about that ,he is getting hurt because of his helplessness for not saving his lifeline

She looked at him like its goodbye time

“No no no no please ” without completing the sentence

He cut the neck with knife

“i love you sanskar ji” she said with low voice

He cried “No No no you cant leave me… no you cant leave me” he shouted

Soon dp came and hit his head with rod.

Sanskar stopped shouting and slowly closed his eyes… he doesnt wanted to close his eyes but its not in his hands he tried hard to open eyes and see her…. he tightly closed his eyes crying controlling his sob thinking she left him.

haan hansi ban gaye

haan nami ban gaye

Here ragini breathe got stopped but her look was fixed on him

Slowly sanskar closed his eyes


After two days in hospital

“Raginiiiiiiiiiiiiii” sanskar was hurting himself

He closed eyes and he remembered the moment where she is looking at him without blinking her eyes


He started hurting himself remembering the day where she was not ready to leave him and he silently took the luggage out.

He cried loud

He loaded the gun and killed everyone in the gang of dp



“Remember that day i begged you to leave her, but (he closed his eyes) you ….ki…killed her”

“Im sorry sanskar,please dont kill me ” dp pleading

” she treated you as her father , everytime she pleaded me to forgive you ” he wiped his tears which are continuously rolling from eyes

Im killing time discussing this with you

Sanskar shot every bullet into his body


After 6months

Somewhere in abroad

One room is shown where ragsan pics are filled with and sanskar is caressing them

One lone tear escaped from his eye but soon he wiped the tear and rubbed his eyes.

“I love you Ragini”

“I love you too sanskar ji” ragini came and hugged him

He turned and hugged her tightly

“Are you ready sanskar ji?”

” No i wont go leaving you …. please dont send me”

“Its just 2hrs na”

” today i will bunk”

” Students can bunk but not teacher”

“Its shooting class,we can bunk” (sanskar only know shooting ,so he joined in an academy where he can teach shooting gun)

He said and called someone and said that he is not coming today and disconnected the call

” today im all yours and you are all mine,you should spend every second with me”

She kissed his forehead nodding as yes ❀


After sanskar closed his eyes dp gang left the place ,soon the dealers to receive material which sanskar checked, they came and saw the situation and admitted them to hospital

Afterthat sanskar came to senses after 2days and he remembered only ragini incident soon he reacted and left the place and shot everyone to death and left to one place and plotting against dp but he didnt knew about ragini

After killing dp he came to his godown insearch of ragini then he came to know about her in hospital

After her recovery as per her wish they shifted to abroad and living the life but somewhere in sanskar heart its hardly fixed that day loss of ragini in his life. Everyday he wokeup next to her,taking good care of her.

Fb ends


“So,shall we go for dinner out today” he hugged her and holded in his embrace

“No, i will cook” she said

” No jaan, you have so much work with me now *winking at her* so we will order something to home”

” she hit his chest playfully and kissed him

Their unconditional love πŸ’•


Ok done with this os guys !

How was it???

Much violence????

Its Needed

But i dont know how much good i wrote

Tell me how it was in the form of votes and comments



Suma ❀

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