Humari Adhuri Kahani (RagSan) Chapter 3: Shock!

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Monday Morning

Sujata’s pov
“Sanskar wake up, you have to go to work!” “Thanks mom for waking me up!” “You are welcome my son!” “Did you sleep well!” “Yeah, I did!” “That’s great!” “Go get ready and breakfast will be ready in 5 minutes!” “Okay mom!” I went downstairs to make my son’s favourite gujrati food like Meethi daar(sweet and salty lentil curry) and Papad(made out of rice flour or lentil flour, you fry it in oil till it’s crispy).
End of her pov

Meanwhile at the Jaiswal mansion our beautiful princess Ragini was already awake, getting ready for her job and she still was angry at our handsome prince Sanskar, so she was cursing him, while she was making Aloo Paratha(the dough is filled with patatoes) for her family.

Ragini’s pov
“What does that idiot Sanskar Maheswari think of himself!” “Who are you cursing my dear daughter?” Dad asked me and I replied back: “the guy, who sent the goons to our bakery!” “So much anger towards a stranger!” “What should I do dad?” “Find out where he works and then you can clear the missunderstandings!” “Be careful the Paratha is nearly burnt!” “Oops, I’m sorry dad.” “It’s okay!” We all sillently ate our food and then we went to our respective work.
End of her pov

Meanwhile at Sanskar’s office

Sanskar’s pov
“Sanskar can you please look at these papers and then sign them?” Raina asked and I answered back: “okay, just give the papers to me!” She handed me the papers and then she went. Someone knocked on the door and I said: “come in!” That person came in and it was Rey. “Sanskar can I take two weeks of holidays?” “Yeah sure, but why two weeks?” “Because I’m getting married and I want to get to know my fiancée, before the marriage.” I stood up and shook his hand. “Congratulation Rey and I wish you an happy married life!” “Thak you so much!” Then he went and the receptionist called me: “hey Priya, what’s up?” “Sanskar, there is someone, who wants to meet you, shoul I send her to your office?” “Yeah, send her and my mom will be coming soon, so straightly send her to my office!” “Okay!” “Bye!” Bye!” Someone knocked on the door. “Come in!” I said, that person came in and it was……
End of his pov

RagSan’s scene
Ragini knocked the door to Sanskar’s office. “Come in!” He said and then she came in. “Hello!” He said and she answered back: “hello my foot!” “Calm down miss. Ragini Jaiswal!” “How do you know my name?” “I know a lot of things, like some robbers said that I’m their boss, which isn’t true!” “Slap!” She slapped him. “Mujhe toh 420 volt ka jhatka laga(The schock, I have is 420 volt).” “Hahahahha!” She laughed at the pouting face of Sanskar. “Why did you slap my son?” Sujata asked her and she replied back: “I’m sorry aunty, I missunderstood your son and I’m sorry Sanskar!” “It’s okay!” Both said and then Ragini went.
End of their scene

Vivek and Ragini’s scene
They met a few times now, Ragini fell for the fake Sameer, Sameer, oops I mean Vivek was obsessed with her, he tried to keep her away from Sanskar, because he didn’t want her to get to close to Sanskar and all the plans he made were failing except for one and that was that Ragini trusted him with her life. He made her hate Sanskar and he had some hidden motives and no one knew about them. A fine day Vivek asked her, if she wanted be his girfriend and without thinking she agreed. Sanskar saw them together and he realized that something was wrong with Vivek.
End of their scene

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  1. Shrilatha

    My sanky is right something is terribly wrong with that dog vivek…awesome Sam …thanks for the link yaar…love u?????

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  4. kill this vivek , enough of blaming my baccha my sanku
    n ragu hawwwwwwww don’t fall for vivek
    be with my sanky

    1. AMkideewani

      Aww I will kill him with pleasure??????

  5. Asra

    awesome didi…loved it alot…oh poor Sanky….ragu y u slap Sanky dear…he s innocent…i believe him…thz vivek na uff…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr didi

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks a lot choti???

  6. Aditi.Ayansh

    Read all the 3 updates in 1 go..loved it ….and this Vivek….main uski muh thod dungi..fab episode Sam 🙂

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