Hum saath saath hain – YHM,IPKKND,Swararagini,ETRETR SS Part6

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Thanks a lot to Tani-,

Rishab:Raman and Ishita need to go for honeymoon.
Raman and Ishita smiled.
LAKSH:Of course.A honeymoon is a must.
Ishita:Raman is right.What is the need of honeymoon?We are enjoying our life here.
Rani:.You guys should go for honeymoon.

Raja:I agree with Rani.A honeymoon should be there.
Raman:Ok,but we have a demand.You all should come with us.
Arnav:What the!How can we come with you all for honeymoon?
LAKSH:Right.Honeymoon is for the newly wed couple,not for the whole family.
Raman:But honeymoon means our happiness and our happiness is our family.So you all should come with us.
Ishita:Yes.I agree with Raman.
Prerna:But beta…
Ishita:If not,we won’t go for honeymoon.

Rishab:Ok you all go.But I can’t come as I have some pending work.
Prerna:I will stay with Rishabji.
LAKSH:Mom and dad can’t be away from each other even for a moment.That’s why mom is not coming with us.
Prerna:Stop it naughty boy.
They all giggled.
LAKSH:But where do you want to go Ishita bhabhi?Switzerland,Australia…
Ishita:Raman will decide.
Raman:You decide Ishita.I have gone to all these places.
ISHITA:I have also visited foreign countries.But I want to explore our own country as I love my country more.And I heard that Nainital is a beautiful place and I want to go there.
Raja:Nice idea.And guess what?I have a house there.We all will stay there.
Arnav:Good idea.
Rishab:Call Khushi and Ragini also.Let them also have fun.
Arnav and LAKSH’s face blossomed as Khushi and Ragini will be accompanying them.

Arnav Khushi,LAKSH Ragini,Raman Ishita,Raja Rani travelled by bus to Nainital.They had lots of fun singing and dancing in the bus.

Chhutiyon Ke Yeh Din Hain Suhane,
Saathi Tera Yuh Saath Rahe,
Bachchon Ke Sang Bachche Phir Ban Jayen,
Mauj Mein Jhoome Zara, Masti Karen,
Ban Ke Badal, Ban Ke Panchhi, Udte Rahen.
Kya Baat Hai Jijaji.
I Love You.

Apne Gaon Ki Galiyon Mein Chale Hum,
Bachpan Ki Yaadon Mein Khoya Hai Man,
Bahen Thaame Teen Bhaiyon Ki,
Thumkegi Phir Se ULakshi Behen,
Sawan Ke Jhoolon Se, Babul Ke Aangan Se, Hoga Milan.
How Emotional.
I Love You.

Thandi Thandi Yeh Hawaen Humko,
Chupke Chupke Kya Kehti Suno,
Manzil Hai Kareeb Ab Hamare,
Bolen Ghatayen, Khushiyan Chuno,
Nazaren Chura Ke, Dil Mein Chhupa Ke, Sapne Buno.
How Romantic.

I Love You…

They roamed around in pairs..
Ishita was shivering.
Raman:Ishita…you feel cold?
ISHITA:No Raman.
Raman:Don’t lie.I know.
He removed his coat and covered her with it.

ISHITA:But you will feel cold….
Raman:Trust me.I am not that sensitive like you.
ISHITA:Are you sure?
Raman:Yes Ishita. I won’t let you feel any kind of discomfort.
She smiled:You are my luck Raman.
They smiled at each other.They walked chatting romantically.

Arnav started sneezing.
Khushi:Oh Arnav…because of the weather here you caught cold.

Arn:It’s ok Khushi.
K:How can you say that it’s ok?
Arn:You are a doctor,so you are thinking like a doctor only.
K:Yes.You drink hot tea.You will feel nice.Oh i forgot.You still prefer hot horlicks.Right?
He smiled.
K:I can’t find any shop here.Why no restaurants here?

Arn:We are in a remote area.That’s why.
Arnav Khushi walked and finally on the street they saw a small shop.
K:Bhaiyya…do you make horlicks here?
Shop keeper:No Madam.
K:Your bad luck Arnav.No horlicks.But you have hot milk.Right?
K:Adjust with milk Arnav.
Khushi ordered:One glass hot milk and one glass tea.
They brought milk and tea.They started sipping it.

Arnav’s lips were full of milk cream.Khushi started laughing.
A:Why are you laughing?

Khushi wiped his lips with her duppatta.He looked at his eyes deeply.They shared a romantic eye lock.

Rabba ve..

They started walking after finishing milk and tea.Suddenly her leg sprained:Ah!
A:What happened?
K:My leg sprained.
A:It’s because of coldness.
K:But i can’t walk properly.
A:No problem.
He lifted her up in his arms.She looked at him stunned.

They shared an intense eye lock.

Rabba ve…

After walking for some time Khushi they broke their eye lock shyingly.
K:Arnav,please put me down.I want to try walking by myself.
A:But your sprain.
K:I want to check if it’s ok.
Arnav placed her down.Khushi realized that still his arm was on her shoulder.

She blushed.Slowly Arnav took back his hand off her.
Khushi moved her leg.
K:Arnav,now I am alright.I can;t believe it.I feel so happy now.I can walk properly now.

Arnav looked at her naughtily:So you are telling that after being in my arms you feel better.So everytime you feel sick be in my arms.You will be alright.
She blushed.

LAKSH was walking fast.
Ragini:LAKSH…if you walk this fast you will reach somewhere else and I will be stuck here.
LAKSH:Oh sorry baby.
He walked back to Ragini and walked with her.
LAKSH:Very cool atmosphere.Isn’t it romantic?
Ragini:O really?
LAKSH:Can I ask you something?That day you said you don’t want to be Radha as Radha did’nt get the love of her life.That means you want to be with your love interest.Right?
LAKSH:Then cheer up girl.Because you are walking with your love interest in a romantic place.
She blushed.
Ragini:But when did I tell you that you are my love interest?

LAKSH:You don’t need to tell me that for me to understand that.The smile which you give me shows how much you adore me.

She blushed.
She changed the topic.
Ragini:LAKSH…stop all this stupid sugary talk and walk.Sight seeing has to be done.
LAKSH:Oh no.So unromantic!

Raja and Rani went on a lunch date.
Raja and Rani fed each other smiling.
Raja:Rani…I feel it’s our honeymoon.
She could’nt stop blushing.
Rani:You are in a romantic mood.
Raja:When I have a charming wife how can I be not romantic?
She blushed.
Rani:Don’t soap me too much Raja.I won’t let you be that romantic with me.

He pretended to be moody.

Rani:I know you are pretended to be angry Raja.
Raja:How are you that sure about it?
Rani:Because you can never be angry with me.
He smiled.While moving the chair Raja slipped down.
Rani:What happened Raja?

Raja:Nothing.I just fell down.
Rani:Oh!Be careful Raja.
She held his hand to help him to get up.But unexpectedly holding her hand he pulled her towards him.
Raja:You said you won’t let me be romantic with you.But see…I could get you easily.I defeated you my dear Rani.
Rani:You naughty!You fooled me.
She started punching him funnily. They laughed.

All the couples met at a common place and went together to Raja’s house.They all chatted and had fun.
Rani:Today we girls are going to prepare food for all.
LAKSH:Nice.We don’t have to buy food from the hotel.Saved money.
Ragini:Really?You saved money by not buying food from hotel?Then tomorrow no cooking and you buy food from outside.
Everyone laughed.

The girls went to kitchen.
Rani:Khushi…Ishita,Ragini and I have decided to make parathas and subji.I will make parathas.
Ragini:Only Rani can make round shaped parathas.I will make salad.
Ishita: I will make subji.
Rani:What are you going to make Khushi?
Khushi was confused.

Suddenly her face became bright.
K:Jalebi.I will make jalebi.
Ishita:If I am not wrong Jalebi is my devar’s favourite sweet.Right?
Rani:Yes Ishita bhabhi.Arnav bhaiyya loves jalebi.
Ragini:Khushi,you are making jalebi specially for Arnav.Right?
Khushi became shy.
Khushi started making jalebi.
Ragini:Wow Khushi.You are making them so effortlessly.
K:Because I love making jalebi since childhood.

Rani:Because since childhood Khushi is aware of Arnav’s craziness for jalebi.
Khushi was shy.They all smiled.

The girls served dinner to boys.
Rani:Guys..dinner day…
Raman,Arnav,Raja and LAKSH were excited:Wow!
Ragini:Can you guys guess who made what?
LAKSH:Salad is definitely made by you Ragini.Because you know only salad properly.
Everyone laughed.Ragini made angry face at LAKSH.
Raja:Seeing the shape of the parathas itself I know that they are made by my dearest wife Rani.
She smiled:So sweet of you my dear husband.

Raja fed her with his hand lovingly.

Ragini:So romantic.
Raman ate a bit of chappathi and subji.
Raman:Subji is made by Ishita.
Rani:How do you know that Raman bhaiyya?
Raman:Because within a few days Ishita understood my tastes and started making food according to that.
LAKSH:So romantic.
Ishita was shy.
Rani:Guess who made Jalebi?
Arnav looked at Khushi.She blushed.
LAKSH:Everybody knows who makes jalebi for Arnav.Khushi.Who else?
Khushi and Arnav were shy.Arnav started eating jalebi like crazy.
Raja:Hey Saale saab…you did’nt tell how Khushi’s jalebi is.
Arnav smiled at Khushi:Khushi…please make jalebi like this always.I love it.

Khushi blushed.Everyone smiled.

Raman entered their room with some cashew nuts in his hand.
ISHITA:What is this Raman?
Raman:Khushi said that you like cashew nuts.So I brought some nuts for you.
Ishita smiled:So sweet of you Raman.I love it.
Raman:Then eat Ishita.
ISHITA:But I won’t eat like that.
ISHITA:Feed me like Raja fed Rani.

He smiled.She blushed.
He fed her nuts with his hands.
Raman:Now happy?
Ishita rested her head on his shoulder:Very happy my sweet husband.
Ragini came:Ishita bhabhi!
Suddenly seeing their romantic pose she got embarrassed:Oh sorry!I will come later.
The shy Raman and Ishita moved away from each other.
ISHITA:Now itself tell Ragini.

Rag:Just informing guys that we all are leaving early morning for sight seeing.
Ragini ran away.
Raman and Ishita smiled at each other shyly:Ragini saw us romancing.
They giggled.

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