Hum Hain Na 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dad asking Amma not to stand in election. Amma says he is an opposition leader’s son and she will not listen to him. She starts a slogan against dad and leaves with Pappu. Ratna says it looks like she is not her amma and jokes with dad if he wants his cutout made. He says no.

Amma discusses about her election campaign agenda with Pappu. Ratna comes and asks her if she will serve food to dad. She says she will not serve opposition party and sends her out. She then asks Pappu to get pamphlets, register party’s name, prepare speech for party, etc. She sends him out and starts practicing her speech against men. Dad hears her speech and bends in front of her. She asks what is he doing. He says as per her speech, he is her servant now. She says he is jealous of her and says she has many supporters. He jokes people surround even a dancing monkey. She asks if she is monkey. He says it is her imagination that people are supporting her, but they are not. She says again that he is jealous of her and she has not forgotten what he did recently. Dad jokes he wants to join her party and what position she will give. She says she will think. He says he is married to her since ages and she is just thinking, he is better in opposition party. Amma starts her speech again.

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Bunty while having food tells Sagarika that Amma is considering herself as politician now and does not want even dad to cal her name. He says he will not spare a person who wrote vote for amma in front of cutout. Satya says he is acting as politician’s son. He says she is politician’s daughter-in-law. He says amma is using her just to cook food and not considering her as bahu. Bunty says she will soon and starts getting naughty. He gets intimate with her.

Dad gets ready for work in the morning and sees Amma’s supporters thronging around her in lawn. He asks Amma to give his kerchief. Amma asks Ratna to give him kerchief. He says he will come home for lunch and does not need lunchbox. Amma starts speech that men always dominate women and if they start doing household chores, half of world’s problems will be solved.

Dad sees Bunty out carrying snacks. Bunty says Sagarika got backache after preparing snacks yesterday, so he bought snacks from market. Dad suggests him not to go near amma for some days, else he will repent. Bunty says he can see that. They both start joking.

Rani takes Pappu to room and locks door. He says why she is getting romantic during daytime itself. She asks him to be away from her and says Amma will win election, but he will be just his peon and will not gain anything. He asks what to do then. She says she has a plan.

Sagarika says she cannot do this as Amma will get angry. He says Amma is so busy in her campaigning that she does not know who keeps tea next to her, she will not notice her going out at all. Sagarika says she has to prepare food for amma’s 25 supporters. He acts as getting angry and leaves. She thinks she has to console him now.

Bunty sadly sits on his bike alone. Sagarika comes in front of him dressed in western dress. Bunty gets happy seeing her in western outfit and leaves with her.

Precap: Bunty and Sagarika are behind bars. Amma and dad come to rescue them, but inspector says Sagarika was driving without license, so case is registered against her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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