Hum Hain Na 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma waking up in the morning and seeing her family coming into her room and wishing her happy birthday. They all praise that without Sagarika it would not have happened. Amma thinks what did Sagarika do that everyone is praising her. Sagarika says she massaged Amma’s legs whole night that she got well in the morning and is walking on her feet, Amma even asked for rice and dal and she prepared it for her. Bunty thanks Sagarika for getting Amma well so soon. Sagarika asks from where they will get cake today. Pappu says from their favorite shop. Dad says they will arrange a pooja for amma and everyone walks out. Amma says Sagarika that she will tell everyone that she is garnering unncessary praises. Sagarika says she will show her video.

At pooja, amma tells Satya that Sagarika is garnering praise for nothing. Daadi says Amma that she is lucky to have a bahu like that. Everyone happily perform pooja. Sagarika asks Pappu to bring cake and 50 inscribed candle. Dad praises her that she has become daughter of this house and has taken care of his house well. Rani gets irked hearing this. Pappu asks dad to praise Rani also as she is preparing gulab jamoon for amma. Dad says he will when she really prepares it and sends him to get cake soon. He then asks Sagarka to invite her dad and aunt. She says last them when aunt came, she created a problem here. Dad says in family, it is usual and they should be always united. He asks Bunty to invite Sagarika’s family and order to attend the party for sure.

Satya brainwashes Amma that Sagarika has taken over her position and everyone is obeying her instead. Amma says she will not let this and tells Sagarika not to spend much on decoration and to order food from different caterer. Sagarika say court case of adultery is going on other caterer and if she wants she will change it. Dad hears their conversation and tells Amma not to intervene in children’s arrangement and to enjoy the party. Sagarika says it is Amma’s day and she has right to order whatever she likes. Satya brainwashes amma again that Sagarika is trying to overtake her. Amma says she will not let it happen.

Sagarika calls Phubali and notes down her cake receipe. Phubali asks instead of teaching Amma a lesson, she is celebrating her birthday, what is going on in he mind. She says she just wants to settle things and says hope cake comes well. Phubali says she does things perfectly always and not to worry.

Bunty gets sari for Amma and shows it to Swara. Swara says amma will love it. He asks her to gift wrap it. she says does not have wrap. He goes to get it. Amma sees Bunty happy and thinks not to ruin his happiness.

Sagarika prepares veg cake batter and hopes it is prepared well. Satya sees that and thinks she will ruin her cake. Once Sagarika goes, Satya thinks she will destroy it by adding something else in it. Just when she tries to add it, Swara comes there and praises cake smell. She goes to bring Ratna. Satya thinks now she cann ruin cake and has to think something else.

Sagarika sees amma’s gift sari in her room and thinks Bunty has brought it to her, she thinks this is the way Bunty shows his love and starts looking herself in it. Bunty sees that and thinks now he cannot take it back from Sagarika and should think about something other gift for Amma.

Precap: Sagarika gets ready in red sari. Amma comes to her room in search of Bunty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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