Hum Hain Na 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagarika gets into bus with Ratna. Bunty waits for her outside, but gets in on his mom’s insistence. Satya asks him to sit next to her, but his cousin sits instead. He then sits next to Sagarika and repeatedly looks at her while talking to his uncle.

Mom and all ladies greet Pappu and his wife in as per rituals. Sagarika sees her anklet missing and goes into bus to check. Bunty also enters bus and they both start searching and clash with each other. Sagarika gets shy and he asks her to go out while he searches anklet. He finds it on the floor and smiles. He then makes her wear it and washes her face. She asks why is he doing this. He says she greeted him before with washing his leg and he is doing it now. She is glad with his gestures. Satya sees that and gets angry, thinks she should not let them meet again.

Mom does not find Rama in the rituals and asks her to join. Rama says she will not as she and her husband are not respected. Panditji hears them and says she is same arrogant from childhood. Mom consoles her and takes for the rituals.

Satya irked seeing Sagarika and Bunty seeing together and complains about it to Bunty’s mom.

Sagarika’s father does not find her at home and asks about her to her to stepmom. She says she did not return from marriage yet. He gets a call from his Kolkota relative who informs that he is coming to Banaras.

Post-marriage rituals start. Pappu says his wife is feeling hot without fan and asks someone to get it fixed. Bunty goes to fix fan while pappu and his wife starts rituals with a ring finding game. Bunty brings table fan and runs it. Pappu wins the game, but loses on his wife’s insistence.

Panditji sees Brijmohan having sweets and complaining about it and starts scolding him. Brijmohan gets irked hearing his insult and says he will leave with his Rama right now. Panditji says he can go. Bunty handles the situation and says his papa was joking. Sagarika sees that and is impressed.

Bunty sees Sagarika crying and consoles her. Satya says that she will marry Bunty soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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