Hum Hain Na 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pappu taking all neighbour ladies demands to fulfill when Amma is elected. Satya helps Amma get ready and says people are waiting for her outside. Amma says she got ready just to meet people and does not want to become politician. Satya says many people are waiting for her and are expecting her to become politician. Amma asks howmany people are there outside. Satya says 20-30 people. Amma says she will meet them all then.

Amma comes out with Satya and Rani. Pappu shouts slogan for her and makes amma sit on a chair. He starts noting ladies’ demands. One of them gives his bribe for getting electricity to her house. Pappu gets happy and asks Rani to take money. Rani thinks she can buy makeup kit with that money. Sagarika gets samosa and tea for everyone. Amma asks why did not she make chutney. Sagarika gets chutney. Amma asks her to get sweet then. She hurries to the kitchen to get halwa, but Pappu says they can give sweet biscuits to them.

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Pappu gets a call asking amma to get for shop inauguration. He informs Amma. Amma happily agrees and asks Satya to accompany her while Sagarika prepares food for all her supporters.

Pappu tiredly comes home after campaigning and says Rani that he is very tired standing whole day. Rani says she wants him to earn a lot of money so that she can spend it on jewelry and foreign trips. Pappu says he will earn it, but does not know how to. She says she will take babaji’s help. He asks her to get her turmeric milk. She says she will and rushes to kitchen.

Sagarika tiredly comes to her room and sleeps on door itself. Bunty asks why is she sleeping while standing. She says she is very tired. He says he will get her tiredness away. She says only sleep will get her tiredness away and sleeps on his shoulder. He carries her to the bed.

Swara sees a lot of snacks on dining table and asks Ratna if Sagarika did all this. Ratna says yes and says Sagarika had to do this on Amma’s command and is very tired now. Dad comes for dinner and asks where are rest of family members. Swara says Pappu got tired after whole day’s campaigning and is in room and Rani is with, Sagarika got tired after cooking food whole day and is in room and Bunty is with her, Amma after inaugurating a sari shop is listening to her supporter’s grievances. Dad calls Pappu and asks him to get the cutout from his house and stop Amma’s political drama. Bunty comes and says he is telling right, they should not stop this political drama. Bunty gets sad. Ratna says Amma is very eager to become politician and Pappu is provoking her. Pappu asks Dad to find what is in Amma’s mind and says she is very happy wearing new saris and greeting her supporters. Rani backs Pappu. Dad says before Amma comes back home, he will get her cutout from his house. Ratna asks what will he do. He says he will give it to neighborhood kids who will tear it and use it for campfire. Pappu says he will call his friend and send it back. Amma comes and says nobody should touch her cutout.

Precap: Amma shouts her election slogan, and Pappu/Rani support her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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