Hum Hain Na 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pappu happily shouting Amma’s election slogan. He gets into home and asks Amma why did not she inform that she is standing in election. Amma says she is not. Pappu says people are talking outside that this time, they will elect amma and says he will do election campaigning for her. Dad jokes and asks her to stand in election for Pappu’s sake.

Bunty and Sagarika hurriedly come home and are shocked to see people around Amma’s cutout and Satya shouting slogans. They both get in. Amma asks why did they keep her cutout outside house and where were they whole night. Bunty says they were getting embarrassed seeing her cutout in room, so they kept it out, and Sagarika wanted to meet her aunt, so he took her there and came now. Amma says okay and asks why did they write to give vote to Lakshmi Mishra. Bunty and Sagarika both say they did not. Amma asks Sagarika not to love. Dad asks her to calm down. Neighbours come in and says it is good she is standing for election. Amma says she is not. They request her to agree and revolve around her. Pappu interferes and says Amma will stand in election and will listen to all their demands. Amma fumes in anger. Pappu sends ladies out and takes family inside room. Satya gets tensed thinking Pappu may really make amma a politician. She enters in to check.

Amma scolds Pappu for trying to make her a politican. Satya smirks. Pappu starts dreaming about police protection, etc. Bunty asks him to stop dreaming and asks form which party, Amma will fight. Pappu says there are many parties, and Daada’s party is already there, she can easily win. Pappu asks Rani to think something. starts boasting Amma that she will wear a sari daily and people will praise her daily. Amma also starts dreaming of people thronging around her and shouting her slogan. Bunty asks Pappu what if any party does not give ticket to Amma. He says he will form a new party. Bunty says it is not easy. Pappu asks Rani to suggest a party symbol. She says kadai. Rani asks Amma not to dream as Pappu and Rani are both just daydreamers. Swara comes and says ladies have still gathered outside. Bunty asks her to send them away, but Pappu asks her to stop them. Amma says Sagarika that she made a mistake and her punishment is to prepare snacks for ladies. Satya thinks it is good for her, Sagarika will get busy in kitchen, she roam with Amma and Bunty during election campaign.

Pappu goes out and writes down all ladies’ demand.

Precap: Swara says Sagarika that Amma is demanding more samosa’s for her supporters. Sagarika and Bunty get busy in kitchen. Satya says Amma that she will be with her in election campaigning.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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