Hum Hain Na 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pappu getting tensed seeing Amma’s cutout instead of Amma and asks Rani why did she change pic. She says she did not. He calls printer and scolds why did he print Amma’s cutout instead of Daadaji. Printer says he tried to inform him about it, but he did not pick his call at all. Pappu asks him to print new one. Printer comes and asks Pappu to give Daadaji’s pic. Ratna taunts it is good cutcout did not reach Daadaji’s office. Amma asks printer to leave and he leaves. Everyone joke where will they keep such a big cutout and dad scolds Pappu for not checking it beforehand. Amma says why are they making a big issue seeing her big cutout. Dad asks where will they keep it. Pappu says they can keep it in lawn.

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Daadi asks family how can they keep such a big cutout in front of god. Rama says it is just a pic. Swara suggests to cut it in pieces and put it in Ganga river. Ratna scolds her.

Dad taunts Amma that they are the first family to have a such a big family member’s cutout. Amma says she will see which son will keep her cutout in their room. Bunty says Pappu tht he will keep cutout in his room. Pappu says he made this mistake and will keep it in his room. Satya says she and Bunty will keep it in their room. Bunty agrees and caries cutout, Satya pushes Sagarika with cutout. Bunty runs towards her leaving cutout. Sagarika says she is fine and holds cutout with Satya, satya gets annoyed seeing her. They carry cut out to Pappu’s room. Rani shouts that her room is very small and cannot keep cutout. Swara again suggest to cut it into pieces and keep each piece in everyone’s room. Ratna again scolds her. Bunty says he will keep cutout. Everyone carry it to his room next. Amma sees that from groundfloor and gets happy thinking she knew only Bunty loves her.

Everyone brings Amma’s cutout to Bunty’s room. Rani suggests to keep it in front of bathroom. Pappu asks her to respect Amma. They keep it in front of bedroom and leave. Pappu in room says Rani he did not make mistake purposefully. She says she knows he cannot make any mistake and starts hogging jalebis. He tries to stop her, but she continues hogging and asks him not to tell anything. Once she finishes all jalebis, he says jalebis had flies and she ate them. She gets tensed hearing that and asks why did he tell her before. He says he tried, but she did not allow him and ate flies.

Bunty gets intimate with Sagarika. She pushes him and says she does not feel look romancing in front of Amma’s cutout. He says he has a right to romance her. She smiles, but gets shy again. He says they can sit on floor and they both sit. He asks her to hug him and she does, but see cutout again and backs off. He says they can keep it in balcony and take it out. Amma sees them walking with cutout.

Precap: Bunty and Sagarika get intimate and consummate their marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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