Hum Hain Na 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika hearing Amma and Ratna’s talks and says she will tell what she happened. Dad enters room and sees all ladies there. Amma asks if he needs tea. He says he came to pick his spectacles and asks what are all ladies doing in his room. Amma says she is gifting saris to bahu. He walks out. Ratna says Sagarika she should keep things between her and Bunty. Sagarika even she wants that, but can’t tolerate someone else’s interference. Dad enters again and says he needs tea. Amma asks him to go out, she will get him tea in hall. Amma asks everyone to leave. Ratna says she has to talk to Sagarika first. Amma says Bunty will handle it.

Dad comes out of room and says Daadi that something is cooking up between ladies. Swara says they hushed her also out saying it is elder’s talks.

Ratna asks Amma why is she interfering between Bunty and Sagarika. Amma says she is not. Ratna says every wife has first right on her husband and no girl will shamelessly ask her conjugal rights. She says she will talk to Bunty and Sagarika. Amma asks her not to. Ratna thinks she has to stop them from separating.

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Swara asks Ratna what were they talking about. Ratna says she will tell and needs her help. Swara agrees. Ratna tells her what is the problem and her plan to unite Bunty and Sagarika. Swara goes to kitchen and asks Sagarika to get her blanket from store room. She says she will get after serving tea to everyone. Swara says she will serve tea and to get blanket right now. Sagarika agrees, asks her to serve tea to daadi first and leaves. She tries to pick blanket from cupboard, but hears rat sounds and gets afraid. Ratna sends Bunty also to store room to get blanket. Sagarika gets afraid hearing rat sound and falls, but Bunty holds her on time and they both start looking at each other romantically. Amma says Swara to keep cloth bundle in store room. Swara asks amma herself to keep it. She then realize that Bunty and Sagarika are inside store room and tries to stop amma, but Amma is adamant and tries to walk into store room. Swara starts acting as getting stomachache and asks her to get ajwain/carrom seed water. Amma gives her and leaves toward store room. Swara gets tensed.

Bunty is still holding Sagarika. They both look at each other. Sagarika gets down and says he is helping her as a husband or amma’s son and says if he touches her, his oath given to amma will break. She twists her legs while walking. He picks her again and comes out of store room. Amma is shocked to see them in that position. Swara and Ratna get happy seeing Bunty and Sagarika in that position. Amma asks what happened to bahu that Bunty is holding her. He says she twisted her leg and fell when he went to store room, so he picked her. Amma scolds Sagarika that she does not know how to work or walk and asks if she should apply medicine on her wound. Bunty says he will apply and takes her to their room. Amma asks Ratna and Swara to go and help them, else Sagarika’s family will come and blame them.

Bunty washes Sagarika’s leg, applies medicine and applies dressings. Ratna and Swara come there and jokes that they can continue their romance and walk out.

Precap: Sagarika thinks she is fighting with Bunty for their happiness. Bunty thinks he is doing injustice to Sagarika by promising Amma not to consummate their marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lol , Ammaji they ((Bunty an Sargrika) ar married. U look as if they hav committed an offence or murdered sum1, pls Bunty is ur son, U shud not hav got him married if u wanted him to be mummys Boy??? Wake up, we ar not in the 18th Century????

  2. This f**king does not happen these days. What is the show trying to prove? Anpd gwar.

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