Hum Hain Na 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pappu getting into water seeing his ritual thread being broken and asks Bunty to see who the boatman is. Bunty says maybe some new boatman. Pappu says that girl laughed on him. Somone goes and stops boat and brings it to the shore. Boatman apologizes panditji. Sonarika’s stepmom starts arguing with panditji and says she will protest. Panditji asks him to do what she can. He then scolds boatman for ruining the ritual. Sonarika asks him not to scold boatman and starts arguing with him. Pappu gets irked seeing her misbehaving with his dad. Bunty consoles him. Stepmom starts arguing with Bunty’s mom. Bunty then consoles his mom and controls the situation. Daadaji comes and says after ritual is finished, thread will be stolen and asks Pappu to continue with other rituals, says he has important work now. Panditji asks if he will not attend marriage. Daadaji says he came for his gandson and daughter-in-law, would have come if he would have invited him. Ubali says it is a weird family. Sonarika says Bunty is different. Daadaji blesses his family and leaves.

Sonarika stops Bunty and says she forgot to give his anklet price. He says it is okay. Ubali asks if he is so rich and says his family is very arrogant. Bunty apologizes them and gives his card to Sonarika, says his name is Shivprasad Mishra. Stepmom comes there, and he touches her feet and leaves.

Pappu’s baaraat starts with Pappu on the horse. Satya asks Bunty how is she looking. He jkes that she looks like a tree witch. Bunty sees his sister sad and says not to get sad, he will get her married. She gets happy.

Sonarika reaches bride’s home who is her friend. Bride says she has to wash groom’s people’s feet as per rituals. Another friend says she does not have to do it as she is an outsider. Sonarika says she will see the ritual but will not participate. Once baarat comes, all girls gather to greet groom’s people and wash their feet. A lady asks Sonarika to join girls and gives he water tumbler. Panditji sees Sonarika and says he will not her wash his feet. Mom also scolds Sonarika and asks if she is not shy to stand in front of them. Bunty consoles them. Dad says let her wash Bunty’s feet. Aunty says if she washes someone’s feet, her sin will be washed. Sonarika hesitantly washes his feet. Bunty looks at her feet and asks her to stop. She then hits his feet with tumbler and says he is not like she thought. Satya hears that and says she is arrogant girl and asks if she apologized.

Precap: Bunty and Sonarika get into an argument about relationship. Her dupatta gets stuck in his sherwani cuff.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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