Hum Hain Na 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swara informing Amma and family that Satya has locked herself in room and is trying to suicide. Amma and whole family run towards Satya’s room. Satya starts acting and says Amma that she broke her trust and does not want to live now. Amma asks Bunty and Pappu to break door. They break door and get Satya down. Satya starts crying and asks Amma to forgive her. Bunty checks rope and realizes it is very lose. Amma asks Satya to calm down and says she is her daughter and has forgiven her. Bunty gets angry and takes Amma from there. Satya thinks her drama is going waste.

Bunty brings Amma home and asks why can’t she realize that Satya is trying to use her. Amma scolds him that he made a big drama than Satya and Satya is at least repenting, but he is not. She says Satya wants to marry you since childhood and her intention is pure, but Sagarika’s intention is wrong and was just acting as doing parikrama etc., and broke her trust and says he is also telling lie being with Sagarika, says she will never accept Sagarika. She tries to walk out from there, but dad stops her and asks if she has spit out whole poison or something is left. He gives her divorce papers. Bunty reads them and is shocked to see divorce papers. Sagarika is also shocked to see them. Pappu and Ratna ask what is written in these papers. Daadi also asks. Sagarika says these are divorce papers and asks dad why he wants to divorce Amma. Everyone are shocked to hear that and Daadi asks Dad if he has gone mad to divorce Amma. Sagarika says dad again that she does not have any problem with Amma and touches her. Amma asks her not to touch her and says it is all because of her. Dad says it is not because of Sagarika, but because of Amma’s arrogancy, he tried to explain her many time, but still she is adamant and does not want to accept her as bahu. He says when she has taken many decisions, he has taken this decision and says either she should accept Sagarika as bahu or give divorce to him.

Sagarika asks Dad not to do this as she and Amma will unite some day and it is common between saas and bahu to fight. Bunty also requests dad to go and tell Amma that he will not divorce her. Dad says he has taken his decision. Pappu says dad that he always says he is acting foolish, but why he himself acting foolish. Dad says being an elder of house, he has taken this decision to teach Amma a lesson and says Amma wants to separate Bunty and Sagarika and says immediately after marriage, Amma took an oath from Bunty. Sagarika and Bunty ask him stop and Sagarika says Amma is a mother and soon she will understand. Dad says explanation time is gone now.

Daadi says Bunty that she is here because of Amma and dad’s relationship and cannot see them separate. Bunty promises her that he will unite them again. He asks Swara to get warm water for daadi to take medicines and asks Daadi to rest. Swara informs him that Amma has locked herself inside room. Bunty and whole family run towards amma’s room and ask her to open door. Swara asks Dad to tell Amma to open door. Bunty jumps from windows and opens door. They all see Amma unconscious on floor. Sagarika runs to phone doc.

Precap: Amma gives keys to Sagarika and says she has accepted her and she will have to take care of her house now. Sagarika gets happy. Amma says Dad that she has accepted his condition of accepting bahu, now he has to accept her condition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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