Hum Hain Na 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a girl praying a tree and says if her wish is fulfilled, she will tie golden thread over it, else she will pour acid on it. She says she is helping panditji’s family to marry Bunty. Bunty comes there just then. She asks if he heard her prayers. He says no. She asks him to take a pic with her and takes a selfie.

Pappu worriedly informs Bunty about the his would be bangles not yet being prepared. Girl says not to worry, she has prayed tree god for their house’s prosperity. Mom hears that and goes into flashback where she prays god to get Pappu well soon and she will tie a thread around tree and then father-in-law asking her not to go to the ghat again to pray. She starts crying. Bunty asks why she is crying. She says if she does not fulfill her wish/mannat, pappu’s life will be in danger. Panditji/dad says her wish cannot be fulfilled as her dad took promise not to go to the ghat. Bunty says he will fulfill her wish. Panditji says he cannot do that. Rama says he does not know his Grandpa. Bunty says he saw his pic in dad’s cupboard and knows he was unhappy about his mom/dad’s marriage and know wants to meet grandpa. Pappu gets irked hearing the conversation and says it is his marriage and why is he creating problem. Grandma says his grandpa is very rigid and arrogant. Bunty says he has seen his grandpa stopping his car to see if his family is well and says his dad that he cannot see his mom in tears.

Sagarika asks her cousin to talk to her dad to let her send to the marriage. Cousin requests, but dad does not permit. Sagarika says if her mother would have been there, she would have permitted her. Dad agrees hesitantly and asks her to go in his car. Sagarika happily hugs his dad.

Pappu gets irked seeing his sister promising something. Panditji asks him to stop his drama. Rama interferes, and panditji asks where was she when their dad did not accept his love marriage. She gets angry and says she will leave his house now. He says she can if she wishes. Daadi asks them to stop and asks Pappu to go back to his room.

Bunty meets his grandpa and touches his feet. Grandpa asks about bahu. Bunty says at last he accepted his mom as bahu. Grandpa reminisces the incidents happened. Bunty says because of his promise, Pappu’s marriage is at risk and asks requests him to come to his house and take back his promise. Grandpa gets emotional with his conversation and promises he will come to the ghat and take back his promise. Mom who is standing nearby gets happy. Serial’s title song…. plays in the background.

Grandpa reaches ghat. Bunty greets him in and shows him his family. Everyone gathers. Grandpa asks panditji if he is still egoistic. Panditji says he is his son, so it is obvious. Grandpa says if he would have apologizes him, he would have forgiven him. Panditji says why should he apologize for no mistake of his. Wife asks him to touch his father’s feet. Pandtiji agrees and touches his dad’s feet. Dad gets emotional and hugs him. Whole family then hugs him. Grandma then touches his feet and they both get emotional. Pappu then says it is time for wish to fulfill. They start the ritual, tie a rope on side of river bank and then to the boat to cross the rope across the river. Pappu then ties rope to the other side of river bank. Rope then entangles in a boat which Sagarika is traveling, she sees pappu and laughs.

Precap: Paditji sees Sagarika, identifies her laughing on Pappu and says he will not let her wash his feet as per the ritual. Grandpa asks her to wash Bunty’s feet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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