Hum Hain Na 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty and Madhav frightening Satya that whoever acted as Sita has got into trouble after that and nobody married them. Satya gets tensed hearing that and says she will not act as Sita and will inform Lakshmi about it. Madhav gets happy, but bunty says convincing Lakshmi is difficult.

Lakshmi is busy cutting lemon for pickles and scolds Rani for not helping her. Pappu says it is bad to scold her bahu and says Daadi that he brought bahu to take care of her and not to get work done. Lakshmi says only Bunty and his wife will serve her and Pappu is hopeless. Satya comes there and says she will cut lemon. She then says that she does not want to become Sita. Lakshmi says it is ok. Bunty runs there and asks her to come for rehearsals. Satya says she does not want to and asks him to get Sagarika as Sita instead as she looks good, etc. Lakshmi also permits. Bunty and Madhav get happy. Satya gets relaxed that her trouble is taken by Saagarika now.

Saagarika brings a beautiful saree and asks Bunty if she can wear this to act as Sita. Bunty says ok. Satya gets irked seeing them together but then thinks it is good Sagarika is taking all her panauti/trouble. Sagarika starts rehearsing, but Bunty keeps staring at her. Madhav asks him to stop and starts joking to divert his attention. Satya sees Bunty staring at Saagarika romantically and gets irked. Bunty is still engrasped in her thoughts. She wakes him up an asks where is he engrasped. Madhav starts his jokes. Satya brings tea for Bunty and says Sagarika that he knows everything about Bunty.

Bunty asks Pappu and Sagarika to rehearse as Ravan and Sita. Pappu in between his dialogues asks Swara to call Rani. He holds Sagarika’s hand during dialogue delivery. Rani comes there and gets angry seeing him holding her hand. He pushes Sagarika. She is about to fall when Bunty holds her and they both stand in that position for some time. Swara gets happy seeing them together and says Satya that they both look pretty like real Ram and Sita. Satya gets irked and thinks if Bunty fooled her.

Lakshmi asks Rani to bring her old sarees from her room. Pappu goes behind rani and starts getting romantic. Ratna jokes that Pappu is mad behind nightie bhabhi. Lakshmi calls Rani to get saris fast. Rani drops new sarees in box instead of old ones.

Bunty and Madhav wait for Sagarika at a market. She comes with Arindam. Madhav asks Bunty to tell truth before ramleela. He then identifies Arindam as a man who was with Sagarika’s dad when they fought with them and says Bunty he will reveal our secret. Bunty says he will take truth’s side and will face Arindam.

Bunty waits eagerly for Sagarika at ramleela venue. Madhav asks him to calm down. Satya thinks she made a mistake and now people will like bunty and Sagarika. Swara shows her garland and says Bunty brought it for Sita. Satya thinks bengalan will use her black magic against Bunty and will lure him.

Sagarika reaches ramleela venue and introduces Bunty to Arindam. Arindam says he met him before.

Precap: Bunty asks Swara to bring Sagarika/sita to the ramleela venue. Laksmi brings Satya disguised as Sita and says she is your sita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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