Hum Hain Na 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika telling how Swara stole Rani’s necklace and his mobile to fund her friend’s party. Bunty gets angry hearing that and says even he was 17-year-old once and did not steal anything. Sagarika says Swara has promised her that she will never steal or meet her friends again. He asks what about the false allegations made on her. She says she will come out of it as usual. He asks Swara had sold necklace, then how did she get it back. She says she requested jeweller to return it for some days until she clears his amount taking it from him. He asks her to check and tell how much money they have to pay. She says ok.

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Gama pehelwan calls Pappu and asks him to clear his debt or get him a gym in his area, else he will not spare him. Bunty gets angry and is about to get out of house when Rani stops him and asks where is he going. He says he is going to confront fake baba and get back their money. She says she will accompany him as she cannot let him alone. He says god is with him and walks out. She says she will lock cupboard and come, else Sagarika will steal again.

At breakfast table, Amma waits for Satya and says Daadi that she has asked her to bring some important item. Satya comes with locker and asks why does she need it. Amma says some weird things are happening at home, so she needs locker to safeguard things. Dad take sAmma to a corner and asks her not to tell Satya anything, else she will spread news to the whole locality. Satya thinks something has happened and asks Daadi what is it. Daadi says if anything happens, she is the first person to know. Satya thinks of asking Rani.

Pappu comes to Baba’s ashram to confront him, but his goons kick him out. He then gets in hiding and gets tensed after he gets Gama’s call. He hears baba asking all his disciple to donate money and smiles after getting an idea.

Swara gets her friend’s call who asks if she attending party and if she bought dress. Swara reminisces promising Sagarika that she will neither steal nor meet her friends again and says she cannot come to the party. Bunty on the other side warns Sagarika that he will not spare Swara if she steals again. Swara’s friend insists and she agrees to attend party, but says she could not buy dress. Friend says she will get it from her mom’s designer collection and she can pay it later. Swara agrees and cuts call. She gets tensed seeing Sagarika standing in front of her.

Pappu and Rani gives milk and laddoo to baba’s disciples and asks them to pour it on baba as it will go to god. He gets in and tells baba as per his promise, he wants all disciples to pour milk on him so that i can reach god. Disciples pour milk on baba, force feed laddoos and smear his face with kumkum. Baba runs from there with disciplines following him.

Sagarika asks Swara if she was speaking to her friend whom she roams around and says she does not want to cut relationships with them but to use her brain and differentiate between right and wrong. Swara thanks her for rescuing her from amma/dad’s wrath and taking blame on herself. Sagarika says it is okay and asks her not to fall in wrong deeds and walks out. Swara thanks god that Sagarika did not listen to her phone talk and thinks after today’s party, she will not do it again.

Precap: Sagarika calls Swara and asks where is she. Swara lies that she is in special class. Sagarika hears Swara’s friend asking her to get ready for the party soon and feels betrayed by Swara.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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