Hum Hain Na 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika meeting with a bike accident. Amma says Sagarika she should go home and rest and not do parikrama. Sagarika says she will at any cost and asks her to take her to temple. Amma takes her to temple and helps Sagarika ascending temple’s stairs. At temple, Sagarika prays god that she wants to gain Amma’s trust and her husband’s love. Amma asks Panditiji if Satya came for Parikrama. Panditji says she did not come to temple at all.

Satya with her friend hogs food like a pig ordered by Bunty and boasts that Bunty loves her a lot and hates his wife. Sagarika on the other side continues her parikrama by rolling around temple. All dieties are surprised to see that. Amma gets down to see if Satya is around. Madhav comes there. Amma asks if he saw Satya. He says he saw her restaurant and takes Amma there. Satya on the other side is hogging food like a pig and boasting that she will beat and scold Amma after she marries Bunty, etc. Amma is shocked to hear that. Satya continues yelling that she is tolerating Amma for Bunty, else she will slap that old woman. Friend sees Amma standing behind and signals Satya. She turns down and is shocked to see Amma. Amma gives her a tight slap. Satya says he did not mean what she said. Just then, Amma hears people telling that someone is doing parikrama at temple with difficulty even in pain. She runs towards temple and is shocked to see Sagarika injured and continuing parikrama and panditji praising her hard work and saying she is pati vrata. Bunty runs towards her, picks her and runs towards home.

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At home, doctor dresses Sagarika’s wounds and scolds her for being risking her life. Daadi asks her to take rest and leaves. Bunty gets worried about her and asks why did she do parikrama. She says she did it for him and asks not to scold him. He hugs her and says her determination is very strong and she risked her life for gaining Amma’s trust. She says hope this trust is unbreakable. He says Satya is a big culprit and Amma gave her a tight slap after knowing her truth. Dad passes around their room and hears their conversation. Sagarika says hope Amma is alright as she wanted Satya to be her bahu and wanted her to do parikrama just a few min ago.

Dad comes home and hearing Amma yelling at Sagarika that she unnecessarily did parikrama and risked her life when she does not consider her as bahu at all. She turns and sees dad and asks when did he come. Dad asks Ratna to bring him tea. Amma asks why is he ignoring, he has to tell, else she will. He asks if she will bound him in promise. She asks what does he mean. He says if she did not understand or is acting as fool. She asks why is he talking like that. He says she forced him to talk like this and says she is doing all sort of schemes at home. She asks what scheme did he do. He asks why did she take promise from Bunty not to consummate his marriage.

Precap: Amma scolds Bunty that he and his dad are under Sagarika’s influence and they don’t care her at all. Swara informs that Satya has locked herself in room and is trying to suicide.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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