Hum Hain Na 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saagarika’s dad telling her that he wants to talk with her something important. She asks how can he fix her marriage without her consent. He says he selected a best guy for her. She says we have to check one’s heart and intentions, etc. He says he checked everything. Aunt says kid is telling right and we should let them mingle before marrying. He says Arindam is a good guy. She says he is educated and should understand that girl and boy’s thoughts should match. Dad says he selected Arindam after a lot of research. Arindam comes in just then.

Bunty starts practicing Bengali. His friend taunts him. Pappu comes down with Rani. Rani starts complaining about saree, etc. Satya brings food for dad. Pappu snatches thali from her and asks Rani to give it to dad herself. Lakshmi is busy complaining about Rani. Rani enters with thali and says she prepared it. Lakshmi says nobody has food in room in this house. Dad says it is okay as bahu prepared food for the first time and asks her to give nek/money to her as per rituals. Pappu gets in and starts praising Rani. Dad asks him to go from there. Pappu asks Rani to take money from mom and come out. She does same.

Saagarika reminisces her dad’s words and her mom. Arindam comes and asks what is she thinking. She says she was thinking about mom and thinking how mom would have felt when was married to dad without her wish. Arindam says he will ask her wish and asks if she is happy with this alliance. Dad enters and says my daughter is happy with the alliance and she will not go against me, asks Saagarika if she is happy with this alliance.

Bunty is busy learning Bengali. Friend asks him to stop, if he pronounces wrong, then Saagarika and her dad will get irked. Bunty reads a sentence and repeats it imagining Saagarika. Satya comes there with tea and gets worried seeing him repeating weird sentences and thinks he got epilepsy. She informs mom that Bunty is having epilepsy. Lakshmi comes into Bunty’s room and asks if he is fine. He says he is fine. She says Satya was telling that you were blubbering something. He says he was reciting mantra to shoo off evil. Lakshmi says Satya is a good girl and not to taunt her. He asks Satya to reheat his tea. She goes out. He says mom that he wants to have tea with her. She says she is busy with work, thought after Pappu’s marriage, bahu will take care of household chores, but she is acting as a princess. Bunty says he will take care of Pappu and Rani and wants his mom to rest. He gives mom tea and asks her to rest now as she is working tiredlessly since 1 month. Mom gets emotional and says she wants her Bunty to serve her and will be with him. He says he will serve her and they both get emotional.

Bunty searches Bengali clothes in his cupboard and throws everything. Friend asks him if he is buying new clothes, then to get some t-shirts for him. Bunty starts scolding him in Bengali. Friend says people learn scoldings first in any language and says Saagarika will teach him Bengali. He says he will learn before that and starts getting ready. Friend asks if he is going on an interview. Bunty says something like that.

Bunty reaches Saagarika’s dad’s college. Dad says he forgave him and says he is not afraid of his goondagardi. Bunty shows him a book and asks if it is his. Dad say no. Bunty starts talking in bengali and even plays bengali song on his mobile. Dad gets impressed hearing bengali from him. Bunty says dad that he is a bengali scholar, so he wants to learn bengali from him. Dad gets more impressed with his sugar-coated talks and gives his blessings. Once dad leaves, friend says Bunty that he trapped dad easily. Bunty says he will use truth to get into good books of dad and Saagarika.

Precap: Ratna and Rani gets into a fight and Rani says if Ratna would have be well cultured, she would have been married long back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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