Hum Hain Na 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty imaging DDLJ sequence in which Saagarika’s dad asks her to live her life her way (jee le apni zindagi) and she running behind train and catching Bunty’s hand.

Bunty’s dad gets annoyed hearing Lakshmi and Rama’s request to invite his father. Lakshmi tries to calm him. Rama asks him to get her railway ticket. He asks her to get it from their father as he is VIP and not him. Rama says her brother is thinking her as a burden and gets sad. Bunty comes and handles the situation, says Rama that he will get her railway ticket and to pack her bags. He asks dad not to worry. Lakshmi says if Bunty is promising, he will fulfill it.

Saagarika’s relatives gets out of train and walks out. Her dad sees him and meets him happily. He asks about guest’s parents. He says they are fine. Bunty informs his dad that he bought Rama’s ticket. Saagarika’s dad sees him there and says guest that they should walk away from there as goons are walking around. Just then a thief runs away with guest’s bag. Bunty catches thief and returns guest’s bag, asks him to be careful in Banaras. He apologizes dad and holds his feet. Dad forgives him, but starts scolding him for touching his feet and praises his guest who is a bengali. Bunty asks if he forgive him. Dad says yes and leaves. Bunty says he will also learn Bengali culture.

Saagarika’s aunt prepares food for guest. Phubali taunts Saagarika that guest is coming with a marriage proposal. Saagarika says she needs a guy who understands her.

Bunty’s friend sees him happy and asks about it. Bunty says he is happy that Saagarika’s dad forgave them. Friend says he is very arrogant and forgave only after touching feet, asks who was that Bengali guest. Bunty says must be his son. Friend says he got a BIL also now.

Guest reaches home and gets mesmerized seeing Saagarika’s beauty. Dad and aunt get happy seeing that. Saagarika asks about his jouney. He says it was fine and asks how is she. She says she is fine. Aunt asks Saagarika to take care of guest while she prepares food. Dad says guest that he used to play with Saagarika in childhood. Guest says he does not remember. Saagarika says he used to get busy with homework. Dad says he is successful because of that and says he met goons even today. Guest says they were cultured boys, else why would he help him get bag from thief and apologize him. Saagarika says Phubali Bunty and his friend did their work within 24 hours, which police would take a longer time.

Lakshmi’s neighbours come to meet her and praise her that she has become sethani after getting new bahu. Lakshmi says nothing like that and says she will get tea and snacks for them. Neighbours ask where is bahu. Just then, Rani comes out and asks Swara to get snacks and tea for her as she wants to watch he favourite serial. Lakshmi asks to behave in front of guests and come out wearing saree and not nightie and also she will not get snacks. Rani gets irked and goes back to her room. Lakshmi says neighbours that Bunty pampers his bhabhi/SIL a lot and does not let her work.

Saagarika says Phubali that she will thank Bunty for his help and come back. She tries to walk in a hurry and clashes with a guest. Guest asks if she is going for shopping. She says no and asks Phubali not to tell dad about her going out.

Pappu asks his mom why can’t his wife have food in room. She says she will not change her rule to anyone. Pappu starts fighting with her. Daadi asks him to talk slowly, else neighbours will listen. Pappu starts shouting. Bunty comes and handles situation by sending mom to kitchen.

Precap: Saagarika thanks Bunty for teaching goons a lesson and invites him and his friend to her home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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