Hum Hain Na 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swara telling Sagarika that all her friends are rich and she gets embarrassed seeing their lavish spending, so she wanted to buy a costly dress and stole Bunty’s mobile to show off. Sagarika asks how did she get 20000 rs then. Swara starts crying. Sagarika asks if she stole Rani’s necklace. Swara says yes and she pawned it and got 30000 rs, she spent 10000 rs and has 20000 rs left.

Pappu and Rani excitedly wait for lottery ticket number announcement. They get happy hearing numbers matching till last number, but then get sad hearing last number different and losing. A person who won takes laddu box from them and leaves. They both start crying. Rani suggests Pappu to buy another lottery. He scolds her and says he took 5 lakhs loan. She stumbles hearing that.

Sagarika scolds Swara for stealing in her own house and says Bunty and whole family believed in her a lot, but she betrayed them, what will happen if amma and dad will know about it. Swara requests her not to tell amma and dad, she will not her friends from hereon and will change herself. Sagarika says she will do something and will get back Rani’s necklace.

Pappu cries thinking about his 5 lakhs loan and says Rani that her lenders will make him run around the city nude. She gets afraid. He gets lender’s call. He asks her to pick as she had taken him to fake baba. Rani says she did not ask him to lend 5 lakhs. Pappu says only dad can save him now.

Swara thanks Sagarika. Sagarika says there is no need to thank her and expects her to not repeat her mistake. She knows she is very good and meet her friends again. Swara promises. Sagarika says we will go together and will act as meeting on the way, takes Bunty’s phone and says she will return it to him somehow.

Pappu tells about his loan to dad and family. Dad slaps him and says he is not getting angry on him but shame, he would have worked hard and become rich instead of getting trapped by baba and buying lottery ticket. He asks how will he repay loan amount and what will he say his lenders. He says nobody had guts to badmouth about Mishra family, but now it will happen as his son made a mistake and ruined family’s name. Sagarika comes with Swara there and while everyone is busy listening to dad, she keeps Bunty’s phone under pillow.

Pappu holds dad’s legs, apologizes and says she is ashamed of himself now. He requests everyone to help him. Phone bell rings. Bunty checks it and gets happy seeing his phone under pillow. He gets surprised seeing Sagarika’s miscall and asks why did she call him. She says she called him by mistake and asks if he got his mobile now. He nods yes and goes to help Pappu. Swara thanks Sagarika for helping her by breaking her FD. Sagarika says it is okay and hopes nobody will know in this house. She says she has to think how to return the necklace now.

Precap: Sagarika comes into Rani’s room to keep her necklace. She hears Pappu’s voice and hides in cupboard. Pappu while talking on phone closes cupboard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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