Hum Hain Na 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika telling Bunty that she cannot marry him as his mother already chose a girl for you. She asks if he will ignore his mom’s dreams and marry her. He promises her to convince his mom and get her married. Lakshmi senses something wrong with Bunty and goes to check him, but he is missing from his room. She thinks he must have gone to meet that Bengalan.

Bunty comes home and sees his mom awake. He returns her bangles. She asks if he went to gave it to that Bengalan. He says Sagarika is a very nice girl. She says Sagarika is second Rani and she will not let her ruin her house. Bunty says she is not and is very good girl, she will realize it soon. She asks what about his promise to marry the girl she points at. He says he will marry to whoever she shows, but he won’t be able to give the love she likes. He says her bunty is not the same from today. She says he should not think of the route in which he is not supposed to go. He says he will for her approval and walks towards his room.

Bunty comes to his room and sadly sleeps on his bed. Sagarika on her bed cries remembering Bunty. Bhuladiya…. song plays in the background.

Phubali in the morning tries to console Sagarika and says she did right by telling Bunty about his mom’s promise. She says if Bunty convinces her mom to marry you, it is good, if not, it means he loves his mom more than you and you should accept the fact. Dad enters and asks if they are talking about Bunty, says he should have understood that Sagarika loves Bunty and should have fixed their marriage, says Bunty is a very nice guy and he will speak to Mishraji about her marriage with Bunty. Sagarika says it is of no use now.

Lakshmi asks Ratna to prepare shagun thali as she is going to Satya’s house with Bunty’s alliance. Ratna asks why is she in a hurry. Lakshmi asks her to do as she says. She sees Bunty going out and asks where is he going. He says he promised a girl to marry her, but is now going to break his promise. She says it is good, once he tells that, he will be free of mind. Mishraji says he wants to speak to her and asks why is she forcing her decision on Bunty. she says she is not. He says we had a love marriage, then why can’t Bunty. She says Bunty is immature and she knows what is best for him. He says if she knew what is best for her children, then why she went wrong in identifying Rani and why is Pappu not listening to her. He says if Bunty marries Satya, all 3 of them will not be happy.

Bunty reaches Sagarika’s home. Dad says he was coming to his home itself with his family. Bunty says he wants to speak to Sagarika, takes her to the corner and apologizes her. Lakhsmi reaches there on time and asks why is he apologizing, says Sagarika’s dad that she came with a shagun for Sagarika and Bunty’s marriage. Everyone get happy hearing that.

Precap: Satya is shocked to see Bunty’s baarat procession. Lakhsmi says Daadi that she cannot enter Sagarika’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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