Hum Hain Na 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanorika getting out of bus at Banaras bus station and getting happy. Her aunt calls her, she goes and says she is coming here after 5 years, says she is happy as her mother is married in this town. Aunt talks about her marriage, Sanorika asks her not to talk about her marriage. Her cousin comes and recieves her and jokes about her marriage, she asks what kind of guy she needs. Bunty is shown in his bike. He sees a rickshaw puller falling down from his rickshaw, helps him get up and gives him money, saying it is his brother’s marriage today.

People are seeing at Bunty’s house preparing for the marriage ceremony. Hero’s brother pappu is seeing helping guests and then asking his mother to select a dress for him. His dad comes out and scolds him, says he is already obeying his wife before marriage. Pappu asks him to help him wear religious thread. Dad helps him and then scolds his wife for not getting his clothes. She says clothes are on the bed. Rathna comes home and engage in a talk with Sada. Dad asks mom about Bunty, she says she went to pick up Rama.

Sanorka happily enters her house and gets emotional seeing her mom’s pic. She says she was missing her in London. Aunt sees her crying and asks what happened. Dad asks if she is missing her mom. She asks if he does not miss her and asks him to hug her, but he does not and starts scolding aunt for keeping broken frame. Sanorka says her mom’s pic is important than frame, which dad does not understand.

Bunty brings Rama aunty home. Dad sees and angrily gets into his room. Bunty informs him about Rama coming home, Dad asks so what. Mom greets in Rama and her husband Biharilal. Rama says they are meeting after many years. Sada gets happy seeing Rama. Rama asks about Ratna. She goes to call Ratna, but Ratna is angry that Pappu is marrying before him. Sada calms her down. Bunty on the other side asks Dad to meet Rama. Dad comes out and angrily asks Rama if she informed their dad about coming here. She says no. He asks then how did he come here. He gets angry on the servant. Rama says she came on his elder nephew’s marriage on younger one’s invitation and asks Dad why did not he come to meet her and starts crying. He asks why is she crying at this happy moment and feeds her sweet. They both hug each other and get emotional. He then greets Biharilal happily. Another aunt says Bunty that he did good by bringing Rama and suggests him not to be arrogant like his dad.

Dad informs family members their responsibilities in marriage. He asks lightman to light the whole street. Pappu comes there and gets angry on him for taking his wife’s name. He then says Bunty that his wound be wife didn’t like bangles.

Sanorika shops anklet in a shop. Bunty’s cousin picks it before she could. She walks out of the shop and starts scolding Banaras men. Bunty hears that. Sanorika and her cousin talk that whole world’s men are arrogant and gives example of her dad. Cousin asks what kind of guy he needs. Bunty’s cousin gives him anklet and tells him about the incident happened. Bunty asks if the girl is still in shop. He shows Sanorika getting into auto. Bunty starts following her. Sanorika and her cousin talk about what type of girl they need. Bunty’s bike breaks down while following. He starts rart watching river. Bunty comes there hopping. He shows her anklet and asks if it is her. Cousin says some goon took it before she could buy. Bunty apologizes for his cousin’s mistake and gives anklet, saying he knows reason why she wanted this particular anklet. Sanorika asks if he came running for this. He says yes and leaves while she smilingly watches him moving.

Precap: Whole week’s brief is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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