Hum Hain Na 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with doctor checking Amma and telling that she is in some shock, so her BP and sugar has gone down. Bunty takes Sagarika out and asks her not to blame herself for Amma’s ill health. Doc suggests to take care of Amma by massaging her legs and hands with oil 3 times daily and feed her black pepper, etc. Pappu says he will do all this. Rani thinks she cannot as she is having cold and does not want Amma get infected. Sagarika says she will take care of Amma with Bunty. Dad thinks hope Amma would have heard this and realized she is trying to kick out Sagarika who cares about her a lot. He hears his sister’s voice outside and goes to check. Sisters comes with bags and acts as getting worried for Amma. Bunty asks who told her about Amma. She says Swara informed her, so she came running. Bunty says Amma is fine now. Aunt asks him to pay 20 rs to auto driver.

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Pappu gets tensed after attending a phone call. Rani asks why is he tensed. He says daada had called and he asked to prepare his big hoarding from his friend for free. Rani asks him to deny his request. Pappu says he is not talented as her. She suggests if he gets into good books of Daada, he can be his legal political heir. Pappu gets happy.

Dad looks at Amma and thinks why is she doing all this. Bunty sits next to him and says because of his one wrong deed, Amma’s life is at risk. Dad says he married Amma even after his dad’s opposition and their marriage is for many lives, so he will not break it easily, he just wants Amma to accept Sagarika. He says when a girl marries and comes home, it is her in-law’s responsibility to make her realize that she will get her parent’s love. He says he will not let Sagarika happen anything and will not let her relationshiop break easily. Bunty hugs him emotionally. Bunty says he got afraid.

Sagarika takes care of Amma day and night with oil massage to her feet, etc. Dad thinks Sagarika is taking care of Amma so well, she should at least now stop her adamancy. In the morning amma wakes up and sees Sagarika sleeping near her feet. She tries to wake her up, but stops seeing Dad. He says she got well due to this child who took care of her whole day and night, asks her to mend her ways, else… He asks else if he will divorce her. He says he is forcing him to divorce. Amma thinks if she does not accept Sagarika as bahu, her husband will divorce her, she is so helpless. Bunty and Ratna come there and get happy seeing Amma fine.

Whole family is busy having breakfast. Amma comes there. Bunty asks her why did she come here, Sagarika would have come to her room. Aunt asks how is she. Amma says she is fine and wants to have breakfast with everyone. She gives house keys to Sagarika and says she has accepted her as bahu, so she should take care of her house. Sagarika and Bunty get happy. Sagarika says she accepted her as bahu, that is enough for her and she does not need keys. Amma says she cannot take it back. Aunt says she is lucky to get keys from her saas and suggests to keep it. Dad also smiles. Amma says him that she accepted his condition of accepting bahu and wants him to accept her condition. He asks what. She says she wants Satya to come back to this house. Everyone get sad hearing this.

Precap: Pappu shows daada’s big hoarding to family. They all act as getting shocked seeing it. Even Pappu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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