Hum Hain Na 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rani telling Amma that her necklace is missing and she wants everyone checked. Amma allows her. Dad asks how can they doubt their own family members. Daadi says it must have been misplaced and not stolen. Amma says she is thinking of same, so wants everyone’s room checked. She asks Bunty to start with her room. Dad asks where is Pappu. Rani starts crying and saying how can her husband steal her necklace. Dad says he was just asking about her. Amma asks Bunty again to check her room. He checks Amma’s and Ratna/Swara’s room and does not find it. Daadi says her room is left now. Dad says he will not let his mom’s room checked and says Rani must have misplaced it between saris or behind cupboard and doubting everyone instead of searching it. He says he is getting late for office and leaves.

Pappu hurriedly comes and asks everyone to come out. Everyone goes out with him and sees a car. Amma asks what is it. He jokes that it is a truck, house, etc. Aunt says he believes him. Pappu says he bought this car. Amma asks where did he get the money from. Rani gets happy. Pappu says he started business, so bought this car. He says he has made a picnic plan and everyone will enjoy today. Swara says she cannot come as she wants to study. Amma allows her and asks rest of them to get ready.

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Saagarika while getting ready tells Bunty how can 1 lakh worth necklace be misplaced. Bunty asks her to forget about it and says once everyone leaves, they can enjoy in room, kitchen, hall, etc., in whole house. Sagarika says he is getting very naughty day by day. She challenges him to tell it Amma and Pappu directly. They both come out and Pappu asks them to get into car soon. Bunty says he should get Rani on the front seat and says he and Sagarika will follow them in a bike. Pappu agrees and leaves. Bunty says he will tell that his bike got punctured on the way and then he got severe headache, so he went back home. She smiles and says he has become very naughty. He says he is.

Swara comes to a Chinese restaurant at a mall with her friends and gets nervous seeing costly menu.

While traveling, Pappu’s car stops. Amma, daadi, and Swara scold him for bringing a scrap car. He asks them to stop shouting at him.

Bunty starts getting romantic with Sagarika. She escapes and runs. He follows her and they both fall on bed. She says if he does not think she likes to go out. He says he will get her out, but with his plan. He says he will take her to a mall’s chinese restarant. She says it is very expensive. He says expensive restaurant for an expensive wife. They both go and sit behind Swara’s table. Waiter says that table is booked and he will get them another one. Bunty goes to check his bike. Sagarika turns and is surprised to see Swara there. She thinks why is she wearing different clothes. Swara is shocked to see her.

Precap: Swara steals money from Sagarika’s cupboard. Sagarika catches her red handed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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