Hum Hain Na 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika asking Satya not to worry about her family as she is there to take care of them and not to come back to her home. Satya silents walks from there crying. Rani tries to walk behind her. Dad asks her to sit and says Pappu to tell his wife nothing has happened and not to inform about this incident to Bunty and Amma.

Amma comes home and gets back into kitchen. Rani thinks of telling about the incident to Amma, but stops seeing Ratna. Dad comes and asks Ratna to prepare his bed in lawn. Amma asks why he wants to sleep in lawn instead of bed. He asks Ratna to as he says.

In room, Sagarika thinks she should inform Bunty about asking Satya not to come here. Bunty gives her chutney and says Satya prepared it, says she is worried about us. Sagarika says she would have given herself and it is better she does not come in between us.

In bed, Rani thinks how to inform Amma about Satya’s insult and get her back as she is her companion. Bunty asks if she is thinking about Bunty and Sagarika, then she should not bother them. Rani thinks why should not she.

In the morning at kitchen, Amma asks Ratna why did not Satya come here yet. Rani says she will not come. Ratna asks her to stop. Amma asks what happened. Ratna asks her to prepare breakfast first as dad is waiting out. Rani thinks if Satya does not come back, she will not get a companion and should provoke Amma to get her back. Sagarika on the other side says Ratna that they should inform Amma about Satya’s incidents. Ratna says dad has asked not to tell amma, then they should not. Rani on the other side tells Amma that Satya will not come back as Sagarika kicked her out of house. Sagarika tells Ratna that if Amma meets Satya first, she will brainwash Amma against me. Rani brainwashes Amma that Sagarika thinks she is right by kicking out Satya who is like a daughter of this house, what if she kicks out Ratna and Swara. Ratna tells Sagarika that she is right and should tell Amma first about Satya.

Amma comes out of kitchen calling Sagarika. Sagarika asks what is it. Amma asks how dare she is to stop Satya from coming in and says this house is hers and only she can decide who can come in this house. She says Satya comes here since childhood and who is she stop Satya from coming in. Sagarika says Satya wants to harm our house. Amma she herself has done many mistakes and what right she has to blame Satya. Dad comes and asks Amma to stop. Amma says Sagarika did wrong. Dad says what Sagarika told yesterday is 100% true and nobody should come in between husband and wife. Amma says he is believing Sagarika than her and asks what did that child Satya did. Dad says instead of blaming, she should interrogate and see what Satya was doing. Sagarika asks Dad to calm down. Amma asks her to stop interfering. Dad says she should find out truth first. Amma asks him not to interfere in ladies’ issues and walks out saying she is no one in this house.

Amma meets Satya. Satya starts acting and crying. Bunty asks Sagarika why did she ask Satya not come back. Sagarika says she is one who was trying to create differences between me and Amma. He says she is his childhood friend and will never think of harming me, instead she was trying to unite us. Sagarika thinks she should get Satya’s truth in front of everyone now. Amma hugs Satya and consoles her. Satya smirks.

Precap: Amma stops Sagarika from lighting temple lamp and asks Satya to light it instead. She says she wants to show Sagarika her value in this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Fuck u amma and satya

  2. Such a stupid programme.that bunty is so annoying as is his mother.I watched like 10 min of this show and was so irritated I had to switch it off.

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