Hum Hain Na 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bunty’s whole family enjoying watching Rani’s TV. Bunty taunts Swara for enjoying TV and not studying. Dad asks Swara to bring Rani to watch TV.

Pappu praises Rani for her kheer and pampers her. She sends him out and asks him to get back her TV, else not to come back. Pappu informs about his wife’s demands to Bunty and asks him to get TV to his room. Bunty says he canot do that, but agrees on Pappu’s insistence. Bunty’s friend says why did he accept Pappu’s request and says his family is pulling him down and on the other side Saagarika’s family is also irked. Bunty says he will manage everything.

Saagarika is irked about goon who embarked her house following her dad and thinks of teaching him a lesson. Bunty’s family gets irked seeing Swara increasing TV’s volume. Daadi complains that nobody is taking care of her and not even serving her water. Bunty hears that, gives her cool drinks and tries to convince her to give back Rani’s TV. Daadi agrees. Bunty then plugs off TV. Swara and Ratna start complaining. Bunty says Daadi is complaining. Daadi comes and says their old TV is better than this, etc. Lakshmi says she is right, new TV is chinese made, of low quality. Daadi scolds Swara that she will lose her eye sight if she watches TV more. Ratna also backs Daadi. Bunty asks Ratna what should he do with this TV. She suggests to keep it in Rani’s room. Dad comes and says Rama is coming back from pooja and Bunty should pick him. Bunty says he will after keeping TV in Rani’s room and takes it from there. Dad asks Lakshmi to prepare food fast, else he will get it from hotel.

Pappu is still trying to pamper his wife and console her. She is still angry. Bunty comes with TV and fixes it. Rani asks to switch it on. Bunty’s friend says without cable it cannot switch on. Rani asks Pappu to get it fixed soon. Pappu says he will and asks Bunty to get cable to his room. Bunty says they have one setup box and cannot get one more. Dad hears that and says he will not give money for 2nd cable. Pappu gives Bunty money and asks him to get connection. Bunty asks how did he get money. He says he got it as marriage gift. Bunty says he will ask set up box guy to fix it.

Saagarika is traveling in her car with Phubali and talk about goons who are troubling her dad. Bunty is also riding his bike with his friend. He sees her car and follows her. Saagarika stops her car in front of police station. Bunty gets of our bike and asks if everything is alright. She says 2 goons are troubling her dad. Bunty reminisces accident and misbehaving with her dad and says there are no goons in Banaras. She says there are and says they even entered her house and now she will complain about them. Bunty says there must be some misunderstanding. Friend says he should not get into trouble and says Saagarika that he knows everyone in Banaras and will find goons in 2 days. She says she will take police help. Bunty says he will handle everything and will get goon in front of her, then she can take her decision. Phubali also suggests Saagarika not to involve police. Saagarika thanks him and says will wait for his phone call. Bunty relaxes after she leaves. Friend says once she will know the reality, she will create a mishap. He says he will handle it. Pappu calls him and asks to get setup box soon.

Saagarika informs her dad about Bunty’s help and says his family is famous. Dad agrees and says his relative is coming to stay with them. Bunty’s friend suggests him to act like a bengali in front of Saagarika’s dad.

Precap: Saagarika’s relative gets out of train and meets her dad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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