Hum Hain Na 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika feeding spicy hot aaloo poori to Bunty. Tears roll down his eyes, but he says it is very tasty. He then goes to Amma’s room and silently eats aloo poori, huffing and puffing. He then runs out. Dad jokes with him and gives medicine to eat to clam down his tummy. He eats it and runs towards bathroom. Amma sees that and smirks.

Dad comes to room and sees Amma sitting angirly. He tries to speak and asks what happened. She asks him to remember what he did and goes back to sleep. Dad is confused.

Bunty gets ready in the morning to meet his foreign client. Sagarika gives him shirt and asks to wear it and go. He comes down getting ready. Amma asks where is he going. He says he is going to meet foreign client. She asks why is he wearing such a dirty shirt and gives him new shirt. He says he likes this shirt. She insists. He sees Sagarika standing and says he will not wear it. She asks if Sagarika gave it to him. He says this shirt is very lucky for him. Shemakes him wear shirt over Sagarika’s shirt and sends him. Once he leaves, Sagarika and Amma laugh.

Bunty comes home back and says he is feeling very hot wearing 2 shirts. Sagarika says they are going for shopping now. He agrees. Amma comes and asks him to take her to temple. He says ok. Amma and Sagarika fight to take them first. Bunty says he is feeling stomachache and runs into bathroom. Amma says Sagarika they will go to temple first and then shopping. Sagarika holds her hand and they both leave.

Bunty is confused seeing Sagarika and Amma’s affection at once. Amma and Sagarika come back and smirk seeing his situation. Sagarika gives her list and asks him to bring it soon. Amma asks him to bring some groccery. He says he is going to Ram nagar to bring bike parts. She asks if he is going to brine Sagarika’s items. He says no. She gives him list and leaves. Bunty gets irked.

Bunty tells Dad what had happened and asks him to give him an idea. He tells him his idea. Sagarika and Amma come there, and Amma tells father is brainwashing his son and angrily walks into room. Sagarika asks bunty to bring her items and leaves.

Bunty brings Sagarika’s grocery and gives it to her. She asks why are items missing. He says he did not get them in Ram nagar. She says he brought Amma’s total items, but not hers, he would have gone to another place. Amma calls him and asks why did he bring wrong item. He says shopkeeper did not have it. She scolds that he could bring Sagarika’s items and not her and asks him to bring it at any cost. He agrees.

Pappu sees Bunty sad and asks why is he looking tensed. Bunty says even a small kid will say Bunty is looking stressed. Pappu says he is responsible for his own problem and dug a ditch for himself. Bunty asks if he came to smear salt on his wound. Pappu says he just cares about his wife, prepares tea for her, etc., as she came to this house believing him. Bunty says he is right, but he should not forget Amma’s sacrifice. He says he has to set his priorities and not try to make everyone happy. He tells about old story and asks him to understand the morale. Bunty thinks Pappu is right, he will have to think about his advice seriously.

Precap: Sgarika asks Bunt to get her mobile repaired before 9:30 a.m. as her friend will call her. Amma asks him to get a sari to gift her friend’s daughter before 9:30 a.m. Bunty gets tensed thinking how to do both work at once.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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