Hum Hain Na 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma telling Rani that Bunty and Sagarika have gone out for lunch at a hotel and she is angry about their frequent outing. Rani goes to Pappu and yells at him that he is very old fashioned and romancing like old hero. He asks what should he do. She asks him to take her out to a hotel. He says he cannot. She says if he does not, he will have to sleep outside room. He convinces her by telling that if Bunty and Sagarika irk Amma, Amma will kick them out and she will be ruling this house alone.

Dad and Bunty happily sing song and discuss how they are enjoying their divide and rule. Dad asks Bunty to continue his divide and rule and not let Amma and Sagarika meet. Sagarika hears their conversation. She goes to Amma’s room and tells she wants to talk to her something important. Amma says she does not want to and asks not to pester her. She somehow convinces Amma and tells about Dad and Bunty’s divide and rule. She takes her up and makes her hear Bunty and Dad’s plan. Dad tells as a nature’s rule, he should not let fire and water meet. If Amma and Sagarika unite, they will pester him, etc. Amma gets irked hearing this and goes down back to her room.

Sagarika apologizes Amma for doubting her. She says Amma is like her mother, but she doubted her for Bunty. Amma says she is like her daughter and after Ratna and Swara get married, she will take care of her like a daughter. Sagarika says she is sad thinking about Bunty’s lies. Amma says they should teach him a lesson and tells plan.

Sagarika goes to her room and praises Bunty that he went against his amma to take care of her, brought pooja bhaji from market and fed her, took her out to restaurant, etc., so she will prepare poori bhaji and feed him. He says it okay, bue she leaves to kitchen. Amma comes and tells the same. Bunty gets tensed. Amma asks him to come down to her room and have poori bhaji when she calls him.

Amma and Sagarika prepare poori bhaji for Bunty and mixes bowls of chilli powder, salt and spices and laugh. Bunty tells dad to save him from his divide and rule. Dad asks what happened. He says Sagarika and Amma are both preparing poori bhaji and want to show their love for him. Dad says he can tell him how to divide them, but not their love and asks him to enjoy their love. He says he cannot handle so much food.

Sagarika feeds spicy food to Bunty and tells she will not eat until she feeds her husband. He eats with great difficulty. Amma calls him and he runs. Sagarika laughs.

Precap: Sagarika gives shirt to wear and meet his foreign client. Amma says shirt is not good and goes to get one. Bunty gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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