Hum Hain Na 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pappu trying to console his wife and feeding her breakfast. Wife says she cannot do pooja, etc. Swara comes and says she needs help from bhabi, shows her Saagarik’a pic. Bhabhi gets irked seeing her face is covered by Sagarika’s lehanga. Satya starts her drama and starts bad mouthing about Sagarika that she ruined whole marriage. Mom says she is right.

Pappu imagines dancing romantically with Saagarika on song… Jab se tere nainaa… His friend shakes him up and he realizes holding Satya instead. Bunty asks Satya what is she doing there. She says she came to show their pics. Bunty calls her as kali chudail/black devil. Swara comes there, so Bunty changes his tone and says Satya that he liked both their pic, asks her to make a photoframe out of it. She gets happy and runs from there. Swara gives Bunty Saagarika’s address.

Saagarika’s dad is still irked about Bunty and his friend’s misbehavior and does not permit her to go out. Saagarika says she is going with driver and Phubali who will protect her from goons. Dad agrees and permits. She gets into car and leaves, Bunty is seen moving in his bike from there, searching her house.

Ratna asks Pappu’s wife to complete the ritual of kitchen. Wife says she thought they would pamper her, but she has to work so early after marriage, says her nail polish will spoil if she will peel almond skin for kheer/dessert. Swara says she will assist her in peeling almond and she will have to give her nail polish. Wife agrees.

Bunty reaches Saagarika’s house and knocks door. Dad opens door and gets angry seeing him, starts shouting at him. Bunty’s friends takes Bunty from there. Bunty thinks he irked his FIL.

Satya prays god to get her married to Bunty soon. She sees anklet on floor, likes it and says she will keep it. She looks at god’s idol and says she is not stealing it and thinks of giving it to ammaji, who in return will give back to her.

Bunty scolds his friend for misbehaving with Saagarika’s dad. Friend says he did not know he was bhabi’s friend. Bunty says his mom is irked on Saagarika and now her dad is irked on her. His dad calls him and asks him to get Panditji home to perform pooja as bahu is making kheer for the first time. Bunty agrees. His friend says he has an idea. Bunty says they have to go home first.

Lakshmi is waiting for panditji. Satya says Bunty has gone to bring him, shows anklet to ammaji and asks if it is Rama aunty’s. Ammaji says no. Swara says it is bhabhi’s friends. Satya says it is bengalan’s then. Ratna takes dad’s phone and informs Saagarika about her anklet. Bunty reaches home and sees Saagarika there. He asks what is she doing here. She says Ratna called her and told her about finding her anklet, so she came to pick it and Phubali went in to get it. He invites her in, but she hesitates telling him about the lamp incident, etc. He says his family has forgotten about it long back and insists. Saagarika agrees. She enters in with Bunty. Everyone gets irked seeing her.

Precap: Saagarika says Phubali that goons reached her house, she will get police protection for her dad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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