Hum Hain Na 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lakshmi sees Pappu’s wife coming down for pooja in a nightie. Ratna and Swara joke that new bahu has started showing her colours. Bahu asks what mistake she made. Pappu backs her. Dad hears that and scolds mom for not controlling Pappu. Pappu says his wife did not make any mistake. Bahu says she needs bed tea and will change her nightie only after that. Dad gets irked hearing that. Pappu says his wife is right and dad is unncessarily scolding. Bahu gets irked and walks into her room and pappu follows. Dad says he cannot see all this at home and leaves from there. Bunty watches all the drama and asks Ratna to explain bhabhi not to come out without changing. She says it is not her duty. Daadi asks what was bahu asking. Lakshmi says she was asking tea on bed. Daadi is shocked to hear that she wants to have tea without taking bath.. Bunty tries to console both mom and daadi.

Saagarika’s aunt gives her dad his lunch box and asks him to get Saagarika married soon. He says he has found an eligible bengali bachelor for Saagarika and will get him in the evening. Bunty’s bike crashes withh Saagarik’a dad’s car. Dad starts scolding Bunty continuously says he must have been inebriated, etc. Bunty says he does not have a habit of arguing with elders. Dad tries to slap him, but Bunty’s friend holds his hand and says he would have taught him a lesson if he was not an elder man. Dad gets irked and starts shouting more. He then leaves saying he is getting late for a meeting.

Lakshmi tries to explain pappu’s wife about he house’s rituals and asks her to get ready and come down for pooja and later she can have bed tea. Pappu’s wife says she usually has bed tea and will asks Pappu to bring it. Mom says she has to perform pooja before that, gives her saree and asks her to come down wearing it. Pappu enters once mom leaves and tries to console his wife. Wife starts her tantrums and asks who will prepare tea for her. He says his sister will prepare daily and requests her to wear saree soon. She goes in. He thinks he will have to ask someone to get breakfast and tea for his wife.

Saagarika and his aunt prepare food and Saagarika says she herself will feed his dad. Dad comes home and starts shouting that some goon tried to harrass him. He starts closing doors and windows. She asks what is he doing. He says goons may follow him and reach his house. Saagarika consoles him and asks him to calm down. Bunty reaches photo studio and gets irked on photographer seeing Saagarika’s pic missing in album. He thinks of thinking of a new plan to take get pic of Saagarika.

Bunty gives album to his family and they all excitedly looks at pics. Dad comes from office and starts looking at pics. He shows his pic to Lakshmi and says he is looking smart even in this age. She gets shy. Pappu comes and says he should look at his marriage pic first and show it to his wife. Dad scolds him and says elders should look at pics first. He asks if pooja was performed on time. Mom says yes. Swara jokes that she had to help bhabhi wear her saree and laughs. Pappu gets irked and starts scolding her. Bunty and his friend thinks they should take Swara’s help getting Saagarika’s pics and details. Mom looks at Saagarika’s dress and likes it, asks who is she. Satya says she is same Bengalan Mom says then she will not give money for that pic. Swara says she needs same dress. Bunty calls her and says he will get her same dress if she gets details about Bengalan. Swara says she is nightie bhabhi’s friends, so she can get it easily from her.

Precap: Bunty reaches Saagarika’s house. Her dad gets irked seeing him and asks her to call police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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