Hum Hain Na 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mishraji meeting Chattopadhay. Chattopadhay says he was waiting for him since morning and says Sagarika agreed to marry Arindam and gives him sweets. Mishraji says even Ratna’s mariage is fixed and he is very happy. Chattopadhay says it is a double happy news. Bunty taunts Ratna that she forgot him after her marriage is fixed and says he wants all the happiness of whole world. She says even she wants the same for him and says his marriage is also fixed. He says he does not want to marry so early and tries to divert the talk. Ratna senses something is wrong and asks what is the problem. He tries to brush up the issue, but she senses that he loves someone and asks who is it and if she knows her. She then asks if it is Sagarika. He says yes.

Ratna says she will speak to Sagarika. He asks her not to as she is getting engaged to Arindam. She says Arindam is her dad’s friend’s son, so he may be forcefully getting her married. He says maybe she loves Arindam and asks her not to worry about him. Ratna says she can sense his pain and she can understand it well. Bunty says it happens in life and says he just wants to concentrate on her marriage now. Ratna asks if he can forget his love. He stands sadly.

Lakhsmi sees Rani getting new curtains, bedsheets, etc., and asks her to control her expenditure. Rani say she used to buy new ones even in her parent’s house. She says she thought this house is hers, so she bought new ones. Lakshmi says her marriage happened just 2 months ago and says she would have asked at least once, so that she could have got a discount from shops. Rani starts fighting with her. Daadi asks her to stop fighting. Pappu comes there. Lakshmi says she has 2 girls to marry and cannot spend much. Rani complains Pappu that ammaji is shouting on her. Lakshmi asks her to stop arguing with elders. Rani says pappu that she will not stay in this house and tries to walk out. Lakshmi stops her and says this house runs on her her husband and Bunty’s earnings and she has to take care of expenses. Rani says Pappu that ammaji will burn her soon. Pappu starts fighting with Lakshmi and asks her to stop scolding his wife. He asks how can she tell that this house runs on Bunty and dad’s money and says he will earn money now and spend it as he likes, but will not ask her. Lakshmi gets devastated hearing his son’s misbehavior.

Bunty sees that and tries to console his mom. Mom starts crying. Bunty says he will speak to Pappu and ask him to apologize you, but mom gets into her room. Bunty says pappu has to apologize mom at any cost, but Ratna asks him to calm down. Sagarika reminisces Arindam not helping the girl, etc. Phubali asks her what will happen now as only 2 days are left for her engagement with Arindam.

Lakshmi starts crying vigorously in a dark room. Bunty gets her tea and says he prepared it for her, asks her not to cry like this. Lakhsmi says when pappu was born, she was very ill and doc told to either save mom or kid and even her husband told he does not need son, but she told him she needs to see her child. She says then you came and Ratna used to play with you both, referring you both as Ram Lakhan. She says she cannot imagine her son becoming joru ka ghulam. Bunty says he will mend Pappu. Lakshmi says once a man becomes joru ka ghulam/wife’s servant, nobody can change him and says even he may also change. Bunty says he will not and says whichever girl she points out, he will marry her and will take care of her. Mom emotionally hugs him and asks him not to trouble her any time. He says never.

Sagarika says her dad that she cannot marry Arindam. Dad gets angry and asks if she is joking and asks if she thought how will he feel. She says it is her life’s issue and what if she will not be happy after marriage. Dad says he is doing it for her happiness and asks what happened in 2 days that she does not want to marry him. She tells him the incident happened. Dad says for such a silly reason, how can she deny marrying Arindam. She says she cannot marry a person who is coward and does not understand someone’s feelings. He says she is acting like her mom who used to get emotional for silly reasons and says he will not let her foolishness ruin her life and asks her to get ready for engagement. She gets into room and locks it. Phubali sees her crying and says why did she inform about it her dad and says all men are same, either it is Arindam or her dad. Sagarika says one person is there who can help her.

Precap: Sagarika asks Bunty if he does not believe her. He says he believes her, but is worried about her dad and family. She requests him to somehow stop her engagement..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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