Hum Hain Na 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma hiding her face in a veil seeing her supporters in marriage subregistrar’s office. Dad asks why is she wearing veil. Bunty jokes that Amma wants to marry in an old way. Dad jokes that she did not shy during their first marriage, now she is. Amma sees her supporters coming towards her and runs from there. Supporters discuss that they saw Amma there in bridal attire and babuji/mishraji in bride’s attire.

Pappu sees Rani wearing white sari and asks why is she wearing white like a graveyard’s chudail/witch. Rani says baba told her to wear white on Wednesday.

Babuji sees many brides in a waiting room and thinks how to find out Laxmi. He reminisces his younger days where he used to sing Kyun aage peeche dekhte ho bhawron ki tarah….song.. He goes to each bride and sings song. Their husbands shoo him out. He gets tired and sits on a bench, sees a last bride and signs song. Amma repeats song and he realizes it is Amma. He asks why is she hiding here. She says her supporters are here and they will go against her if they see her in bridal attire. Bunty and Sagarika come searching them. Amma takes them all out.

Supports catch them there and ask Amma why is she wearing bridal dress and dad groom’s, if they are not yet married. Amma gets tensed. Sagarika says they are her parents and are already married. Dad tells they eloped and married 30 years ago and tells their story. He tells he was 21 and she was 19 when they eloped and married according to hindu rituals, his dad did not accept her, so he left house with her alone as he loves her a lot. He says their love increased each day and sailed through thick and thins of life. He is remarrying and registering his marriage as his amma did not see her only son’s marriage. He says they can join them as well wishers and he will remarry laxmi whenever he gets chance and asks laxmi/amma if she will remarry him. Amma emotionally nods yes. He says he is telling all this as he does not want to hide truth.

Amma says even she wants to tell a truth and says she is a housewife and not a politician. She just knows to take care of her family and does not want to fight election. Ladies ask why did she enact as politician then. Amma says her elder son brought her cutout by mistake and someone wrote a slogan that she is standing in election. She got excited seeing people supporting her. Ladies say they got excited thinking a lady from their location is standing in election. Amma says she does not want to become politician now.

Precap: Swara in a western skimpy outfit sits behind her boyfriend in a bike and leaves with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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