Hum Hain Na 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty scolds Sagarika for telling lie that she is pregnant to everyone. Sagarika thinks she is doing for family’s happiness and for herself.

Amma reminisces Bunty promising her that he will not consummate marriage until she accepts Sagarika and then thinks Bunty cannot break his promise and she cannot lose her son like this.

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Rani says Pappu that she gets tired easily after day’s hardwork and has a habit of sleeping early. He says if she continues like this, nobody will give her importance if she does not get kids. She says she understood his point and asks him to switch off lights. He happily

switches off light and pushes her towards him under blanket.

Daadi gives Sagarika fruits saying child’s color will be fair with it and asks Ratna to give her porridge daily. Ratna says ok. Amma comes and says she wants to get Sagarika examined as she may have some other health problem instead of pregnancy. Sagarika thinks it is Amma’s plan to get her secret out and says Amma she will go with her today. Amma thinks Sagarika must be really pregnant and takes her to temple instead of hospital. She asks if she is telling truth. Sagarika asks if Bunty’s promise is true. She says yes. Sagarika says she forced her to tell lie. Amma asks her to stop her drama and asks if she is really pregnant. Sagarika asks if she believes anyone in the world. She says belief is made on someone who are capable of believing. Sagarika asks then Bunty is her son, if she does not believe him. She says she believes her son. Sagarika asks why is she troubling her own son then. Amma sees her friends coming there and starts her drama that she got Sagarika examined by doc and got sad that she is not pregnant, she always says her that she should not think about pregnancy soon and make her relationship strong with her husband. Friends tell Sagarika that she is lucky to have such a good MIL. Sagarika thinks she thought Amma will change after this incident, but she did not change and is still same arrogant amma.

Amma and Sagarika come home and whole family ask what did doc say. Sagarika says they were unnecessarily getting happy, she vomited due to some other reason and not pregnant. Rani taunts it is good we did not distribute sweets in neighbourhood, else everyone would have laughed on us. Daadi asks her to stop taunting. Amma says Sagarika that Rani and Pappu will get kids first, she can enjoy for some more time and then think about kids. Daadi asks her to go and rest.

Bunty asks Sagarika why did she do all this and what result she got out of it, he told her that everything will be alright with time, she first filed a case and now this pregnancy drama, if she thinks she will change Amma’s decision with all this, she is wrong. She silently stands crying. He says he is wasting his energy explaining her and walks out of room angrily. He comes out of room and thinks how can he explain Sagarika that he needs her support in changing Amma, but she does not understand and thinks what would she have done if she is in her situation. Sagariak on the other side cries and thinks she is doing this to get her husband’s love and is not fighting with Amma, instead did not think what she thinks, scolded her and walked out without listening to her at all.

Precap: Dad asks Sagarika what was Bunty telling in inebriated state, waht is this fake pregnancy issue and tiff with Amma.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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