Hum Hain Na 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ratna telling Daadi that legally Amma and babuji/dad are not married and they have to remarry in court. Amma jokes if she knew before, she would have get a good girl for him. Everyone laugh. Amma asks her to stop joking. Rama aunty also jokes. Swara jokes that she thought Amma is this house’s owner, but did not know she is dad’s girlfriend. Amma asks her also to stop joking. Dad holds her hand and asks if she will marry him. She shyingly says yes. Pappu informs her that her supporters are irked seeing her going to jail and asks her to calm them down.

Pappu asks Rani to prepare him tea. She acts as getting angry and suggests him to get 500 rs from dad to buy lottery. Pappu asks Dad to lend him 500 rs to print pamphlets for Amma’s party. Dad says he will not give him money to waste and asks him to take it from Amma. Pappu says he needs money for personal work. Dad asks if he has started drinking alcohol or gambling. Pappu says no. Dad says he will not given even a single paisa and asks him to get it from Amma. Pappu sadly leaves Dad’s room. Rani suggests him to get money from Amma and buy lottery.

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Amma’s supporters ask her why did she go to police station. Amma asks Pappu to explain. Pappu asks her to give 500 rs first. Amma gives and he gets happy. He tells supporters that Amma went to police station to talk about their security, etc. Supporters apologize for doubting her. Pappu suggests Amma that supporters will get annoyed if they hear about her remarriage, so she should act as going out of town. Amma says supporters that she is going out of town for party work, so they should continue their support in her absence.

Amma comes to her room and asks dad when will they get marriage certificate. Dad says his 500 rs is missing. Amma says she does not know about it and asks him to inquire Bunty about marriage as even has to marry Sagarika legally. Dad says ok.

Pappu and Rani reach fake baba’s ashram and wait for him to give lottery ticket’s number. Pappu says Rani that Baba is acting as getting epilepsy and rolling his head. Baba says he sees jalebi as number. Pappu asks him to tell exact number. Baba asks him not to argue with him and to donate money. Rani says they don’t have money to donate now and will do it later. Baba gives them his online account number and asks them to transfer online. They praise him and leave.

Sagarika speaks to Phubali over phone and tells her if she and Bunty don’t get married in 3 days, they will be handcuffed. Just then, she sees handcuffs in front of her. Bunty handcuffs her and himself and starts getting romantic. She asks him to stop getting romantic and give her key. He takes out key and throws behind. She says he threw it out of window. He says he wanted to throw it near table, but it went out of window. Amma comes there and knocks door. They both get nervous and hesitantly open door. Amma asks Bunty to come out. He comes out. Amma is shocked to see them handcuffed and asks who did it.

Precap: Satya says she searched key in whole road, but did not find it. Amma suggests to break handcuff and tires unsuccessfully.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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