Hum Hain Na 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika telling Amma that Bunty has fooled her and gave fake policy papers with her nomination, but she is the real nominee. Amma says she must be jealous of her and is lying, so she will speak to Bunty directly. She asks Bunty why did he lie. Bunty says she is real nominee and he fooled Sagarika instead. She asks why did he do that. He says Sagarika has become groggy now a days and waits to fight, so he did it to escape from her anger. He asks her not to meet Sagarika for some days as they both will fight. Amma agrees. Sagarika asks Bunty what did he tell Amma. He says he told Amma the truth and asks her not to meet amma for some days.

Pappu tells Bunty that because of him, Rani is insisting him to get a policy and he is sleeping on floor alone and is very frustrated. Bunty gives is idea of changing name on xerox copy and giving it to Rani. He likes it.

Bunty tells Dad what how he used his idea and solved his problem and asked Amma and Sagarika to meet each other. Dad says divide and rule always runs and he should use is carefully.

Amma comes to her room and tells Dad that Bunty lied Sagarika about policy. Dad thinks Bunty is going on a right track. She asks if he had any problem with is Amma due to her. He thinks she does not know what all lies he told. She asks him to tell Bunty not to lie with his wife.

Sagarika asks Bunty if he told Amma about the policy nomination. He says yes and gets romantic with her. He is about to kiss her and she closes her eyes, but he stops and says he does not want her to meet Amma. She says he told already. He says he is insisting her now.

Pappu knocks door. Sagarika opens and asks if he needs anything. He says he needs Bunty. She says he is in bathroom. He asks Bunty to come out from bathroom soon. Once Bunty comes out, he says he cannot sleep on floor and needs his policy to change his and Rani’s name and give it Rani. He says he will give it tomorrow as Sagarika is inside room and to tell Rani that agent has gone to his village and will be back tomorrow. Pappu says he will go today, but if he does not give him policy papers tomorrow, he will sleep between him and Sagarika.

Pappu goes to kitchen and asks Amma what is she preparing. She says puri bhaji. He thinks of divide and rule, says Sagarika wants aloo parantha. Amma says she will not prepare parantha and let Sagarika eat puri bhaji. He goes and tells Sagarika that Amma is preparing Aloo parantha even after he told Sagarika wants puri bhaji. Sagarika says if Amma is preparing aloo parantha, she will have it. Bunty gets tensed and says she should not eat aloo parantha as it question of her dignity. He says he will get poori bhaji from market for them.

Dad asks amma what she has prepared for breakfast. She says she prepared poori bhaji, but Sagarika wants aloo parantha, it is very disgusting. Dad says she is right, eating aloo parantha is very disgusting. She is talking about Sagarika.

Precap Amma and Sagarika meet and realize that Bunty is fooling them and using divide and rule.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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