Hum Hain Na 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Phubali telling Saagarika that she is showing signs of love. Saagarika shyingly says she is thinking wrong. Bunty’s dad on the other side asks him to get tea for him. He comes out and sees Saagarika serving tea to his mom and welcomes her, thanks her for serving her mom and says her mom is very sweet. He then realizes Satya standing in front of her. Satya asks if he is remembering bengali girl. Mom asks her not to take bengali’s name. Daadi asks who was she. Satya says she came from bride’s side and was trying to trap boys. Bunty asks her to stop rubbishing.

Bunty asks his cousin to get Saagarika’s address and gets into Pappu’s wife’s room. He sees Ratna and Sonali serving her and she scolding them. He engages in talks and asks her to inform her friends. Pappu throws flower on her and spoils her nail polish. She scolds him. Ratna also scolds her. Pappu asks sisters to serve their bhabhi. Bunty sends pappu out and asks sisters to serve their bhabhi. He thinks of getting Saagarika’s number later and comes out of room. Pappu eagerly waits for his wife and asks Bunty if she is looking like a heroine. Mom hears that and twists his ear. He sees milk in her hand and asks about it. She says bahu will bring it for him. He snatches milk and gets into room. Mom jokes he is the first groom to get milk himself. Bunty tries to enter room, but Pappu scolds him and sends him out.

Pappu says his wife that their time of consummation came and starts praising her beauty. Bunty asks cousin to help him and he shouts that snake has embarked into house. Pappu gets worried and climbs bed. Wife asks him to go out and check. Once he goes out, Bunty enters and asks Pappu’s wife about Saagarika. She says she does not know who she is and asks him to go out and check snake.

Pappu scolds cousin for creating nuisance and gets into room. He is shocked to see Bunty and asks what is he doing in his room. He came in thinking bhabhi might get afraid. Pappu says he will take care of his wife and sends Bunty out. Wife says Pappu that she is very afraid. Pappu says there is no snake at home and his cousins are just joking. He then gives her milk and asks her to share. She says does not like milk and requests him to get chocolate icecream. Pappu gets sad hearing that.

Phubali requests Saagarika to take her out for ice cream. Saagarika likes it. Pappu on the other side asks Bunty to get icecream for his bhabhi. Bunty agrees and leaves to get icecream. He reaches icecream shop with his cousin and starts talking about Saagarika. He orders icecream. Cousin jokes to have rasgulla instead. Bunty gets icecream and is about to start his bike when he sees Saagarika having icecream with Phubali. Saagarika and Phubali sees Bunty and try to ignore him. Bunty stops Sagarika and asks if she came to have icecream and asks what flavour she needs. Phubali says she does not neet anything and tries to walk out. Bunty stops her and apologizes her for his family’s misbehaviour. She says she is not angry on anyone and does not want to talk about it, leaves from there with Phubali. Bunty thinks he can sense she is angry and has to clear it.

Precap: Saagarika tries to pics at ghat and sees Bunty there, tries to ignore him, but he stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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