The hug # Shivika OS # (part 2)

The hug # Shivika OS# part 2

As soon as the media entered the Oberoi mansion fear was clearly visible in their eyes! They don’t know what to tell the media that the heir of Oberoi family ran away from his marriage>3 what would happen to their reputation image business everything would ruin within seconds! It will be a breaking news if they would let media know about this topic they have to do anything to send media from this house otherwise everything will ruin. Tej comes up and tries to handle the situation somehow he successfully manages to send media from the house and beside all the guests also leave from the mansion. Omru were consoling dadi but couldn’t be in successful doing so as they were only full broken from inside but tries to manage the situation. Pinky was in tears svetlana tia and Mrs Kapoor were fuming in anger as their plan to destroy Oberoi family got destroyed because of shivaay but happy that if this news reaches out reputation and image of Oberoi will go in vain. They smirked evilly and leaves from the place >3


#In train#

Annika is sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy bear tightly she is looking damn cute two pair of eyes are watching her without blinking his eyes>3! It was obviously none other than shivaay. He imagined himself in place of teddy bear >3 and then came into his senses when annika was staring him with wide eyes. He felt embarrassed and rubbed his hair and grinned like idiot he put his head down in shame>3! Annika starts off conversation.

Annika: hey mr shivaay what are you staring at? Stay away from me ok don’t keep those dirty thoughts in your mind I am soon going to marry with my boyfriend>3!

Shivaay(murmuring slowly): you.. I was imagining myself in place of your teddy bear

Annika: did you said anything? Shivaay came into senses and nods his head in no quickly.

Annika: I thought you did said something? Anyway, did you have some money I want to drink a cup of coffee after I come back from brushing my teeth>3!

Shivaay: yeah sure! You go till then I will buy two cup of coffee!

Annika: thank you for helping me so much>3!

Shivaay(rudely): welcome anyway now you go>3!

Annika: ok! Fine don’t be mad on me I was just thanking you and you…. You know what your name should be bagad billa and tadibaaz>3!

Shivaay: hey what’s your language! Tadibaaz bagad billa don’t speak those words it is irritating I will go mad if you keep repeating these words>3!

Annika: bagad billa….bagad billa…. tadibaaz>3! Before shivaay open his mouth to scold or speak anything annika runs away from the place with her brush>3! He laughs at her childish antics.

She comes brushing her teeth she kept it in her bag he hands over the cup of hot coffee. She takes it and thanked him and she haves a sip of coffee and looks outside the window>3 she remembers of her family and a tear escapes through her eyes before it fell on her hand he wipes off her tear with his thumb she breaks down and gives him a bone crushing hug>3! He pats her back and tries to console her by starting off conversation!

Shivaay: don’t break down annika I know you are in guilt that you broke your family’s hope dreams reputation everything don’t worry someday they will accept you whole heartedly and that day will not be far>3!

Annika(in childish voice): sacchi?

Shivaay: mucchi

They both chit chat with each other and both eats kurkure sharing with each other.


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