The hug # Shivika OS # (part 1)

Hi ishqies I am here with an os on shivIka I don’t know how many parts it will be and I will post my ff on Sunday this time pakka. Here you will completely see a new side of shivika.
The hug # ShivIka OS #
A girl is shown running from the marriage hall in bridal attire and some people are following her. Somehow she escapes from them and reaches to the railway station. She took the ticket from the ticket counter and went to a shop and gave some money and took a water bottle. She drank the water in a gulp and sat on the bench waiting for the train to arrive. In the meantime she hears the announcement that train will be stopping on end of the railway station. She took her bag and started running panting heavily. Somehow she reaches the place where the train is going to stop. A boy is shown standing in the train door in bridegroom dress he gives a hand to lift her up she holds it tightly and jumps in result she landed on his chest. They both were in hugging position their hearts started beating in rhythmic tune. Oh jaana plays in background. They both come into senses suddenly an awkward feeling arises between them. The girl breaks eye contact starting off a conversation between the two.
Girl: hey Mr thanks for the help!
boy: welcome, my pleasure! Let’s go inside.
The girl nodded and they both sat on their seats. They both were in front of each other. The girl stares outside the window she saw her family giving her ashamed looks. She bows her head down in meantime the boy notices the situation. He thinks to start off a conversation.
Boy: it seems like you ran away from the marriage and it is your family (pointing towards outside the window) the girl nods sadly.
Girl: you are right and you also ran away from your marriage if I am not wrong! (to which he gave a positive nod)
Boy: yes I want to live a bachelor life because I am not ready for the marriage at this time
Girl: I am having my boy friend so I ran away from the marriage because our families will never agree for this he is living in a small rented flat in shimla.
Boy: oh ok I am shivaay singh oberoi and you?
Girl: I am annika mehta.
shivaay: nice name brought something to eat? (annika gives him a negative nod and he takes out a box which is full of sandwich pieces he give her some and they both eat together while having funny talks)
At oberoi mansion:
All were tensed for shivaay especially pinky.
Pinky: oh my maata kaha gaya hoga shivaay Omru tumhe usne kuch baataya hai kya (oh my god where would shivaay go omru did he tell you about this anything?)
Omru: nahi choti maa humne bahot koshish ki lekin woh phone nahi utha raha ( no choti mom we are trying his phone but it is unreachable)
Dadi: hey bhagwan kaha hoga mera billu (hey god where would be my billu?)
Tia: don’t worry grandma he will be here any moment
She tries to convince them but all were worried and tensed for shivaay (except kapoor sisters)
So here I end this part I will post the next one on Saturday. Love you ishqies I am so excited for dil bole oberoi and you? do tell your reviews. This is sriya signing off take care and happy republic day.

  1. JanviSingh

    Interesting dear n continue…☺☺??

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    Its new and intetesting…

    I read both the parts..
    Amazing work.

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  11. Mrunal

    superb start…
    looks interesting…
    reminded me of jab we met..
    but here r little changes…
    looking forward for ur story…

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      Thnq? Ya somewhat like jab we met as I love that movie? But some changes are there 2nd part posted check it out soon love you?

    2. Mrunal

      Yep dea i noticed that changes and also mentioned it in my comment…
      BTW Jab We Met is one of my fav movies..
      I’ll really love to see it’s shivika version trough ur pov..
      I’ll check next part..
      Love u too dea..?

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