Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Chitrasi falls on Suhnaina’s feet crying that if Kanhaiya knows Sona killed herself, he will not be able to forgive himself. And i don’t want him to be feeling guilty as Sona deserves it. Suhnaina pushes Chitrasi to go away. What you have done is not a small thing and i am only leaving you for Kanhaiya’s sake because if Kanhaiya knows about this, he can’t take it and Suhnaina cries. In the night at 3am, Chitrasi is sleeping and wakes up hearing a sound. Chitrasi asks why is Shakuntala keeps using her bathroom and Chitrasi gets no response. Chitrasi calls out Maa, why aren’t you saying anything? Who is it? Who is inside and Chitrasi walks closer to the bathroom and sees no one. Chitrasi sees a shadow of a person walking by the window and goes to the main hall. Chitrasi sees the shadow again and steps on something and realized its the poison bottle that Sona took. Chitrasi bends down to pick up the bottle and starts feeling scared. Chitrasi opens looks up and sees Sona in white saree and shouts in fear and closes her eyes. Chitrasi says someone save me and Suhnaina asks what happened Chitrasi? Why are you covering your face? Chitrasi says i saw Sona there! She was standing there and Suhnaina says there is no one there. Its your guilyness that is making you see her even when she is not there. I am with you and if you get scared like this, everyone will suspect you and Kanhaiya will find out what happened. Now go to your room and sleep as there is no ghost and Chitrasi leaves. Suhnaina enters her room and closes her door and sees Sona standing before SUhnaina and walks closer to Suhnaina. Both Sona and Suhnaina laugh and put their hands together. Suhnaina says that finally Chitrasi is trapped in our game. Sona says yes mummy ji, after doing this drama, we have to surely catch Chitrasi and no one can stop us. Suhnaina says i wondered if we can pull off this act but not bad, we did it! Sona says mummy ji, no matter what game Chitrasi did, she would never have thought that the poison i took was not poison but a normal liquid. Even the bubble came because i kept a paste in my mouth earlier and she got scared seeing all this. But mummy ji, all this is thanks to your help. *Flashback* Chitrasi drags the sack with Sona’s body and wonders where will she get a spade and goes searching for it. Suhnaina comes behind with a sand bag and unties the sack and asks how is Sona feeling since Chitrasi dragged her so far. Sona says that she is fine and Suhnaina informs that Chitrasi had gone looking for a spade and she even locked my door from outside. I somehow managed to come out and follow her. Luckily i came out or else i don’t know how far i would have need to follow her. Now come, lets put this sand bag into the sack so that she doesn’t suspects. Sona says how if she checks it and Suhnaina says she won’t as she will try to dispose it as soon as possible. Suhnaina and Sona also adds a few rocks to make the sack heavier and leaves after tying it back. Chitrasi arrives with ths spade and drags the sack while Suhnaina and Sona watches and hug each another *End of Flashback*

Part 2

Suhnaina says you need to be careful. I know the place you are now staying is certainly not a place for you. Sona says its alright, i will stay there. Sona is sad and Suhnaina asks what happened and why are you looking sad? You are thinking about Kanhaiya right? Sona says he must be hating me so much. Suhnaina says i know Kanhaiya well and it may seem that he hates you but he will never stop loving you. Now forget all this and only concerntrate on revealing Chitrasi’s truth and the truth needs to be revealed soon and Sona agrees. Kanhaiya looks at the letter written by Sona (the letter Chitrasi wrote) and Kanhaiya gets a message from Chitrasi where Chitrasi says that she is having headache and needs some medicine. Chitrasi is in her room thinking to herself that now when Suhnaina itself is by Chitrasi’s sode, no one can stop Kanhaiya from being hers. Kanhaiya brings some medicine for Chitrasi and Chitrasi says i don’t know how to thank you. My head was feeling so heavy and i had to message you. Kanhaiya says its alright, take this medicine and have rest. Chitrasi continues feeling headache and Kanhaiya says looks like your condition is bad, let me massage your head and you sleep. You will feel better. Chitrasi says the way you you take care of me, i don’t know how to thank you and Chitrasi holds Kanhaiya’s hand while Sona watches this and feels sad. Kanhaiya recalls massaging Sona’s head where Sona thanks Kanhaiya and asks him to stop it. Kanhaiya says i am your husband and its my duty. You should listen to me and only rest and Sona says sorry and they both laugh. Kanhaiya looks at Chitrasi’s face and gets up and leaves while Chitrasi wonders. Chitrasi feels someone’s presence at the door and Sona leaves while Chitrasi shuts the door.Kanhaiya enters his room and looks at the photo of him and Sona together. Kanhaiya says you left me and went away. You took everything from me and left and only memory is left. I know that there is a meaning for it too. You must be happy to see me right? Look at how is your Kanhaiya suffering here without you. My heart is crying here and you must be happy elsewhere. You know i can’t live without you and yet you left me. I can’t stay without you. Keep smilling and feel happy and Kanhaiya looks at the photo and breaks it. Kanhaiya cries and wipes his tears looking back at the broken photo and recalls his moments with Sona. Kanhaiya tries to sleep.

Precap: Suhnaina asks Kanhaiya what happened? Who wrote the letter and Kanhaiya says Sona ji have left the house forever. I will always remember that the person who i loved and married have left forever. Sona ji now brings no meaning to us.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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