Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th June 2013 Written Update


Neelam gives chiku guava juice in the kitchen and sunaina enters. Chiku asks neelam to give some juice to sunaina and neelam says that mummyji has allergy with guava juice and drinking it she falls sick. Sunaina looks at the juice bottle. Neelam says that she is tired and that sonaiya would eat dinner at the party and leaves to her room while sunaina takes a glass of juice and still hating it drinks the juice. Sonaiya in the bike, kanhaiya happily says that their jodi will look the best in the party and if there will be a competition then only they are going to win. Suddenly kanhaiya gets the call of neelam(i badly laughed at kanny’s ringtone).Neelam tells kanhaiya that mummyji has suffered from allergy attack and if something will not be done then they will have to take her to hospital. Kanhaiya tensed says that he is coming to home back and sonaiya returns back home. Avinash calls julie and julie’s friend picks up the phone. He insists on his sorry and julie finally takes up the phone and avinash says that he wants to meet her within an hour and this time he will meet her. Julie agrees.


Sonaiya returns home and worries about sunaina. Sunaina says that is time for her to reach to god and that because of her sona and kanhaiya were not able to attend the party. Sona says that its ok and mummyji’s health is more important than anything.Sunaina gets happy that she succeeded in her plan.When kanhaiya asks, neelam says that mummyji has suffered from allergy attack and kanhaiya says then mummyji will be taken care off fully. Julie waits on the road when avinash comes and julie gets shocked to know that avinash was her unknown admirer and asks him if he did not had the courage to say her that he lover her then what was the need to do anything. Julie says that she is in love with avi from the day since he 1st time entered the house with kanny chachu. Avi tells that he didn’t had the courage to tell how much he loves her and the basic problem is that kanhaiya is his friend. Julie doesn’t listen to anything and leaves the place. Sonaiya along with renu and bindiya are sitting near sunaina and both renu and bindiya pretends to have their beauty parlour and chiku’s tutions work and leaves. Sunaina asks sona to take rest in her room and his son kanhaiya will take care of her. Sona says that even neelam is not here and there should be atleast one from neelam or her to take care of mummyji. Sunaina thinks to herself that sona never leaves her son for a single moment. Neelam sees julie returning home in anger.


Both sona and kanhaiya starts feeling sleepy while sunaina had already slept. Sona sees kanhaiya sleeping restless and removes his goggles and watch. Kanhaiya wakes up and sona asks him to go and sleep and she will take care of mummy. Kanny dear denies and sona says that she will wake up for 3 hours and then she will ask kanhaiya to look after mummyji. Kanny agrees and sona makes him sleep on the chair as till morning, fever of sunaina had to end.(god kanny looked so cute while sleeping and sona was playing with kanny’s hairs)..sona sees both kanhaiya and sunaina sleeping and smiles…Episode ends

Sunaina wakes up and everybody is in the room. Sona comes to offer sunaina a cup of tea and bindiya intentionally bumps into sona and tea falls on sona’s hand. Sona’s hand gets burnt and everybody is tensed.

Update Credit to: sonali

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